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In this repo you will find various examples using WebSockets and Mojolicious
To check out the code using git:
git clone git://
cd mojo-websocket-examples
git submodule update --init
Running the examples
For non websocket native browsers, you need a flash policy server running
(port 843, so it needs to run as root)
sudo ./script/flash-policy-server &
then you can run the examples
Note, when running these examples, you shouldn't use http://localhost:3000/
Instead use or another ip local to your box. Chrome will just refuse to
connect to localhost (or used to?)
Example 1 - Simple echo server
Then open
Example 2 - Simple IRC Client
The server proxies to, and drops you in #test (you can /join #mojo if you'd like)
Then open
You might want to open multiple tabs or something to talk to yourself