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  • Feature: #63 adds support for EventMachine::HttpRequest. Additional information at #40.

  • Feature: Added support for custom HTTP methods to clients supporting this feature. It's limited to the :httpclient and :em_http adapter.

    HTTPI.request(:custom, request)
  • Improvement: #64 adds support for specifying the SSL version to use.

  • Improvement: Log to $stdout (instead of STDOUT) using a default log level of :debug (instead of :warn).

  • Improvement: In case an adapter doesn't support a general feature, we now raise an HTTPI::NotSupportedError.

  • Improvement: Added support for adding custom adapters.

  • Refactoring: Simplified the adapter interface.

1.1.1 (2012-07-01)

  • Fix: #56 ensures that the "Cookie" header is not set to nil.

1.1.0 (2012-06-26)

  • Refactoring: Moved code that sets the cookies from the last response for the next request from Savon to HTTPI::Request#set_cookies.

1.0.0 (2012-06-07)

  • Feature: #48 @jheiss added support for HTTP Negotiate/SPNEGO authentication (curb-specific).

  • Fix: #53 fixed an issue where HTTPI.log_level did not do anything at all.

0.9.7 (2012-04-26)

  • Fix: Merged pull request 49 so that cert and cert_key can be manually set.

  • Fix: Stop auto-detecting gzipped responses by inspecting the response body to allow response compression only.

0.9.6 (2012-02-23)

  • Feature: Merged pull request 46 to support request body Hashes. Fixes issue 45.

    request.body = { :foo => :bar, :baz => :foo }  # => "foo=bar&baz=foo"
  • Feature: Merged pull request 43 to allow proxy authentication with net/http.

  • Feature: Merged pull request 42 which sets up HTTP basic authentication if user information is present in the URL.

  • Fix: Merged pull request 44 to fix issue 26 and probably also issue 32 - SSL client authentication.

0.9.5 (2011-06-30)

  • Improvement: Moved support for NTLM authentication into a separate gem. Since NTLM support caused quite some problems for people who didn't even need it, I decided to move it into httpi-ntlm until it's stable.

0.9.4 (2011-05-15)

  • Fix: issues 34 and 29 - replaced the dependency on ntlm-http with a dependency on pyu-ntlm-http which comes with quite a few bugfixes.

  • Fix: Setting the default adapter did not always load the adapter's client library.

  • Improvement: Added a shortcut method to set the default adapter to use.

    HTTPI.adapter = :net_http

0.9.3 (2011-04-28)

  • Fix: issue 31 missing headers when using httpclient.

  • Fix: issue 30 fix for using SSL with Net::HTTP.

0.9.2 (2011-04-05)

0.9.1 (2011-04-04)

  • Fix: issue 25 problem with HTTPI using the Net::HTTP adapter [hakanensari].

0.9.0 (2011-03-08)

  • Feature: improved the adapter loading process (d4a091) [rubiii].

    Instead of using HTTPClient as the default and falling back to NetHTTP, the loading process now does the following:

    1. Check if either HTTPClient, Curb or NetHTTP are already defined. If any one of those is defined, use it.

    2. Try to require HTTPClient, Curb and NetHTTP at last. If any one of those can be required, use it.

    Of course you can still manually specify the adapter to use.

  • Fix: issue 22 argument error on logging adapter warning [rubiii].

  • Fix: issue 23 the HTTPI.log method now works as expected [rubiii].

0.8.0 (2011-03-07)

  • Feature: added support for NTLM authentication (96ceb1) [MattHall].

    You should now be able to use NTLM authentication by specifying your credentials via HTTPI::Auth::Config#ntlm:

    request =
    request.auth.ntlm "username", "password"
  • Improvement: changed the default log level to :warn (d01591) and log at appropriate levels (21ee1b) [ichverstehe].

  • Fix: issue 18 don't mask exceptions in decoded_gzip_body (f3811b) [fj].