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The most easy way to build yourself 4g proxy
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How to build youself 4g proxies

Allproxy provides a easy to make your 4g proxy, it suporrts most of platform, and easy to use.



  1. Download and Install allproxy app from google play.
  2. Click connect button, you will get a proxy address, your phone network is published with this address.


  1. In auditing

Windows/MacOs/Raspeberry/openWrt/Other Linux...

  1. Change the server address in conf_client.yaml or just use my free servers
  2. Open allproxyC

Notes for PC client

It will generate a file "" in the working directory, which contains the proxies infomation, the content likes:

{"d3a849f6c55ea765058bc72ded1cfd91":{"connectedAt":"2019-09-03 14:08:08 +0800","proxyUrl":""},"6d5ada3b1b0f9fadde94c6dc081dba69":{"connectedAt":"2019-09-03 14:08:08 +0800","proxyUrl":""}}}

Install PC client as server

  1. You need to assign [execute] permission for allproxyC in linux env
chmod +x allproxyC
  1. Install it as daemon service
allproxyC -i
  1. Check its status
allproxyC -q


You can get all valid parameters by:

allproxyC -h

Valid Options:

-h this help

-i install as deamon service

-q query the service status

-s signal send signal to IgerslikeProxy: stop, restart, start

-server string The server address

-u uninstall deamon service

-userId string The user id

-w string The working directory,default is the current directory

Advance usage

  • After build 20190902

If you have multiple network interfaces in your machine, and you want create proxy for each interface, you can set the local address in config file.


  • You can create at most 2 proxies in one free PC client.

Free Server

  • (China)
  • (US)
  • (My test env, so not stable)

Contact me

If you want to use your self allproxy server to make better security and speed, pls feel free to contact me by email/skype:

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