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xapi-project source packages Build Status

This project is superseded by xs-opam and no longer actively maintained as of 20. March 2017.

To build the xapi-project toolstack components from source:

First install common development tools and headers:

apt-get install build-essential libxen-dev libvirt-dev autoconf m4  blktap-dev libsystemd-dev

For some of the dependencies you may also need to install the following:

apt-get install libssl-ocaml-dev

Second install the opam source package manager.

Initialise an opam configuration and add this repo: (note this will install the OCaml compiler from source, so you don't need to worry about distro package versions)

opam init --comp=4.02.3
eval `opam config env`
opam remote add xapi-project git://

To build xapi:

opam depext xapi.xapi-project#master
opam install xapi

Testing a code change

If you want to change some library code, then you should recompile all the components that depend on that library -- opam handles this for you automatically.

Consider making a change to stdext. First clone the relevant branch and make your change:

git clone git://

Next tell opam to use the custom version:

opam remove stdext
opam pin add stdext stdext

Next install the component you want to test:

opam install xapi

After making new changes to stdext, it sufficies to:

opam update
opam upgrade

How does this relate to [xenserver/buildroot]?

The [xenserver/buildroot] repo creates binary packages of released software, easily installable via a distro's native package manager. These binary packages are intended for users.

Source packages built from this repo are intended for developers: quickly making changes, recompiling and testing.