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* Copyright (C) Citrix Systems Inc.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published
* by the Free Software Foundation; version 2.1 only. with the special
* exception on linking described in file LICENSE.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.
open Fun
open Xenops_interface
open Xmlrpc_client
module D = Debug.Debugger(struct let name = "xenops_client" end)
open D
module E = Debug.Debugger(struct let name = "mscgen" end)
let default_path = "/var/lib/xcp/xenopsd"
let forwarded_path = default_path ^ ".forwarded"
let default_uri = "file:" ^ default_path
let json_url = Printf.sprintf "file:%s.json" default_path |> Http.Url.of_string
(* Use HTTP to frame RPC messages *)
let http_rpc string_of_call response_of_string ~srcstr ~dststr url call =
E.debug "%s=>%s [label=\"%s\"];" srcstr dststr;
let req = string_of_call call in
let http_req =
Http.Request.make ~version:"1.1" ~frame:false ~keep_alive:false ?auth:(Http.Url.auth_of url) ~user_agent:"xenopsd" ~query:(Http.Url.get_query_params url) ~body:req Http.Post (Http.Url.get_uri url) in
Xmlrpc_client.with_transport (transport_of_url url)
(fun fd ->
Http_client.rpc ~use_fastpath:false fd http_req
(fun http_res fd ->
match http_res.Http.Response.content_length with
| Some l -> response_of_string (Unixext.really_read_string fd (Int64.to_int l))
| None -> failwith "Needs content-length"
let xml_http_rpc = http_rpc Xmlrpc.string_of_call Xmlrpc.response_of_string
let json_http_rpc = http_rpc Jsonrpc.string_of_call Jsonrpc.response_of_string
(* Use a binary 16-byte length to frame RPC messages *)
let binary_rpc string_of_call response_of_string ?(srcstr="unset") ?(dststr="unset") url (call: : Rpc.response =
E.debug "%s=>%s [label=\"%s\"];" srcstr dststr;
let transport = transport_of_url url in
with_transport transport
(fun fd ->
let msg_buf = string_of_call call in
let len = Printf.sprintf "%016d" (String.length msg_buf) in
Unixext.really_write_string fd len;
Unixext.really_write_string fd msg_buf;
let len_buf = Unixext.really_read_string fd 16 in
let len = int_of_string len_buf in
let msg_buf = Unixext.really_read_string fd len in
let (response: Rpc.response) = response_of_string msg_buf in
let marshal_binary_rpc = binary_rpc (fun x -> Marshal.to_string x []) (fun x -> Marshal.from_string x 0)
let json_binary_rpc = binary_rpc Jsonrpc.string_of_call Jsonrpc.response_of_string
module Client = Xenops_interface.Client(struct let rpc = json_binary_rpc ~srcstr:"xapi" ~dststr:"xenops" json_url end)
let query dbg url =
let module Remote = Xenops_interface.Client(struct let rpc = xml_http_rpc ~srcstr:"xenops" ~dststr:"dst_xenops" url end) in
Remote.query dbg ()
let print_delta d =
debug "Received update: %s" (Jsonrpc.to_string (Xenops_interface.Dynamic.rpc_of_id d))
let event_wait dbg ?from p =
let finished = ref false in
let event_id = ref from in
while not !finished do
debug "Calling UPDATES.get %s %s 30" dbg (Opt.default "None" ( string_of_int !event_id));
let deltas, next_id = Client.UPDATES.get dbg !event_id (Some 30) in
List.iter (fun d -> print_delta d) deltas;
event_id := Some next_id;
List.iter (fun d -> if p d then finished := true) deltas;
let task_ended dbg id =
match (Client.TASK.stat dbg id).Task.state with
| Task.Completed _
| Task.Failed _ -> true
| Task.Pending _ -> false
let success_task dbg id =
let t = Client.TASK.stat dbg id in
Client.TASK.destroy dbg id;
match t.Task.state with
| Task.Completed _ -> t
| Task.Failed x -> raise (exn_of_exnty (Exception.exnty_of_rpc x))
| Task.Pending _ -> failwith "task pending"
let wait_for_task dbg id =
debug "Waiting for task id=%s to finish" id;
let finished = function
| Dynamic.Task id' ->
id = id' && (task_ended dbg id)
| _ ->
false in
let from = Client.UPDATES.last_id dbg in
if not(task_ended dbg id) then event_wait dbg ~from finished;
let ignore_task (t: Task.t) = ()
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