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* Copyright (C) Citrix Systems Inc.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published
* by the Free Software Foundation; version 2.1 only. with the special
* exception on linking described in file LICENSE.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.
open Xenops_utils
open Pervasiveext
open Fun
module D = Debug.Debugger(struct let name = Xenops_interface.service_name end)
open D
let name = "xenopsd"
let major_version = 0
let minor_version = 9
(* Server configuration. We have built-in (hopefully) sensible defaults,
together with command-line arguments and a configuration file. They
are applied in order: (latest takes precedence)
defaults < arguments < config file
let config_file = ref (Printf.sprintf "/etc/%s.conf" name)
let pidfile = ref (Printf.sprintf "/var/run/" name)
let log_destination = ref "syslog:daemon"
let simulate = ref false
let persist = ref true
let daemon = ref false
let worker_pool_size = ref 4
let config_spec = [
"pidfile", Config.Set_string pidfile;
"log", Config.Set_string log_destination;
"simulate", Config.Set_bool simulate;
"persist", Config.Set_bool persist;
"daemon", Config.Set_bool daemon;
"disable-logging-for", Config.String
(fun x ->
let open Stringext in
let modules = String.split_f String.isspace x in
List.iter Debug.disable modules
with e ->
error "Processing disabled-logging-for = %s: %s" x (Printexc.to_string e)
"worker-pool-size", Config.Set_int worker_pool_size;
"database-path", Config.Set_string Xenops_utils.root;
let read_config_file () =
let unknown_key k v = debug "Unknown key/value pairs: (%s, %s)" k v in
if Sys.file_exists !config_file then begin
(* Will raise exception if config is mis-formatted. It's up to the
caller to inspect and handle the failure.
*) !config_file config_spec unknown_key;
debug "Read global variables successfully from %s" !config_file
let dump_config_file () : unit =
debug "pidfile = %s" !pidfile;
debug "log = %s" !log_destination;
debug "simulate = %b" !simulate;
debug "persist = %b" !persist;
debug "daemon = %b" !daemon;
debug "worker-pool-size = %d" !worker_pool_size;
debug "database-path = %s" !Xenops_utils.root
let socket : Http_svr.socket option ref = ref None
let server = Http_svr.Server.empty (Xenops_server.make_context ())
let path = Filename.concat Fhs.vardir "xenopsd"
let forwarded_path = path ^ ".forwarded" (* receive an authenticated fd from xapi *)
let json_path = path ^ ".json"
module Server = Xenops_interface.Server(Xenops_server)
let srv_http_handler call_of_string string_of_response process req bio (context: Xenops_server.context) =
let handle bio =
let body = Http_svr.read_body req bio in
let rpc = call_of_string body in
(* debug "Request: %s %s" (Jsonrpc.to_string (List.hd rpc.Rpc.params)); *)
let result = process context rpc in
(* debug "Response: success:%b %s" result.Rpc.success (Jsonrpc.to_string result.Rpc.contents); *)
let str = string_of_response result in
Http_svr.response_str req (Buf_io.fd_of bio) str
match context.Xenops_server.transferred_fd with
| None ->
handle bio
| Some transferred_fd ->
handle (Buf_io.of_fd transferred_fd);
let response = Http.Response.make ~version:"1.1" "200" "OK" in
response |> Http.Response.to_wire_string |> Unixext.really_write_string (Buf_io.fd_of bio)
let raw_http_handler call_of_string string_of_response process s (context: Xenops_server.context) =
let bio = Buf_io.of_fd s in
match Http_svr.request_of_bio bio with
| None -> Http_svr.response_forbidden s
| Some req -> srv_http_handler call_of_string string_of_response process req bio context
(* Apply a binary message framing protocol where the first 16 bytes are an integer length
stored as an ASCII string *)
let binary_handler call_of_string string_of_response process (* no req *) this_connection (context: Xenops_server.context) =
(* Read a 16 byte length encoded as a string *)
let len_buf = Unixext.really_read_string this_connection 16 in
let len = int_of_string len_buf in
let msg_buf = Unixext.really_read_string this_connection len in
let (request: = call_of_string msg_buf in
let (result: Rpc.response) = process context request in
let msg_buf = string_of_response result in
let len_buf = Printf.sprintf "%016d" (String.length msg_buf) in
Unixext.really_write_string this_connection len_buf;
Unixext.really_write_string this_connection msg_buf
let accept_forever sock f =
let (_: Thread.t) = Thread.create
(fun () ->
while true do
let this_connection, _ = Unix.accept sock in
let (_: Thread.t) = Thread.create
(fun () ->
(fun () -> f this_connection)
(fun () -> Unix.close this_connection)
) () in
) () in
let get_handler req bio _ =
let s = Buf_io.fd_of bio in
Http_svr.response_str req s "<html><body>Hello there</body></html>"
(* Start accepting connections on sockets before we daemonize *)
let prepare_sockets path =
Unixext.mkdir_safe (Filename.dirname path) 0o700;
Unixext.unlink_safe path;
let domain_sock = Http_svr.bind (Unix.ADDR_UNIX(path)) "unix_rpc" in
(* Start receiving forwarded /file descriptors/ from xapi *)
Unixext.unlink_safe forwarded_path;
let forwarded_sock = Unix.socket Unix.PF_UNIX Unix.SOCK_STREAM 0 in
Unix.bind forwarded_sock (Unix.ADDR_UNIX forwarded_path);
Unix.listen forwarded_sock 5;
(* Start receiving local binary messages *)
Unixext.unlink_safe json_path;
let json_sock = Unix.socket Unix.PF_UNIX Unix.SOCK_STREAM 0 in
Unix.bind json_sock (Unix.ADDR_UNIX json_path);
Unix.listen json_sock 5;
domain_sock, forwarded_sock, json_sock
let start (domain_sock, forwarded_sock, json_sock) process =
Http_svr.Server.enable_fastpath server;
Http_svr.Server.add_handler server Http.Post "/" (Http_svr.BufIO (srv_http_handler Xmlrpc.call_of_string Xmlrpc.string_of_response process));
Http_svr.Server.add_handler server Http.Put "/services/xenops/memory" (Http_svr.FdIO Xenops_server.VM.receive_memory);
Http_svr.Server.add_handler server Http.Get "/" (Http_svr.BufIO get_handler);
Http_svr.start server domain_sock;
socket := Some domain_sock;
debug "Listening on %s" forwarded_path;
accept_forever forwarded_sock
(fun this_connection ->
let msg_size = 16384 in
let buf = String.make msg_size '\000' in
debug "Calling Unixext.recv_fd()";
let len, _, received_fd = Unixext.recv_fd this_connection buf 0 msg_size [] in
debug "Unixext.recv_fd ok (len = %d)" len;
(fun () ->
let req = String.sub buf 0 len |> Jsonrpc.of_string |> Http.Request.t_of_rpc in
debug "Received request = [%s]\n%!" (req |> Http.Request.rpc_of_t |> Jsonrpc.to_string);
req.Http.Request.close <- true;
let context = {
Xenops_server.transferred_fd = Some received_fd
} in
let (_: bool) = Http_svr.handle_one server this_connection context req in
) (fun () -> Unix.close received_fd)
debug "Listening on %s" json_path;
accept_forever json_sock
(fun this_connection ->
let context = { Xenops_server.transferred_fd = None } in
binary_handler Jsonrpc.call_of_string Jsonrpc.string_of_response process (* no req *) this_connection context
let _ =
Debug.set_facility Syslog.Local5;
debug "xenopsd version %d.%d starting" major_version minor_version;
Arg.parse (Arg.align [
"-daemon", Arg.Set daemon, "Create a daemon";
"-pidfile", Arg.Set_string pidfile, Printf.sprintf "Set the pid file (default \"%s\")" !pidfile;
"-simulate", Arg.Set simulate, "Use the simulator backend (default is the xen backend)";
"-config", Arg.Set_string config_file, Printf.sprintf "Read configuration from the specified config file (default \"%s\")" !config_file;
(fun _ -> failwith "Invalid argument")
(Printf.sprintf "Usage: %s [-daemon] [-pidfile filename]" name);
read_config_file ();
dump_config_file ();
Sys.set_signal Sys.sigpipe Sys.Signal_ignore;
(* Accept connections before we have daemonized *)
let sockets = prepare_sockets path in
if !daemon
then Unixext.daemonize ()
else Debug.log_to_stdout ();
Unixext.mkdir_rec (Filename.dirname !pidfile) 0o755;
Unixext.pidfile_write !pidfile;
(Some (if !persist
then (module Xenops_utils.FileFS: Xenops_utils.FS)
else (module Xenops_utils.MemFS: Xenops_utils.FS)));
(Some (if !simulate
then (module Xenops_server_simulator: Xenops_server_plugin.S)
else (module Xenops_server_xen: Xenops_server_plugin.S)));
Debug.with_thread_associated "main" (start sockets) Server.process;
Xenops_task.Updates.Scheduler.start ();
Xenops_server.WorkerPool.start !worker_pool_size;
while true do
Thread.delay 60.
with e ->
debug "Thread.delay caught: %s" (Printexc.to_string e)
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