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# Copyright (c) 2008,2009,2011 Citrix Systems, Inc.
# Copyright (c) 2009,2010,2011 Nicira Networks.
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published
# by the Free Software Foundation; version 2.1 only. with the special
# exception on linking described in file LICENSE.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.
from InterfaceReconfigure import *
import os
import re
import subprocess
# Bare Network Devices -- network devices without IP configuration
def netdev_down(netdev):
"""Bring down a bare network device"""
if not netdev_exists(netdev):
log("netdev: down: device %s does not exist, ignoring" % netdev)
run_command(["/sbin/ifconfig", netdev, 'down'])
def netdev_up(netdev, mtu=None):
"""Bring up a bare network device"""
if not netdev_exists(netdev):
raise Error("netdev: up: device %s does not exist" % netdev)
if mtu:
mtu = ["mtu", mtu]
mtu = []
run_command(["/sbin/ifconfig", netdev, 'up'] + mtu)
# This is a list of drivers that do support VLAN tx or rx acceleration, but
# to which the VLAN bug workaround should not be applied. This could be
# because these are known-good drivers (that is, they do not have any of
# the bugs that the workaround avoids) or because the VLAN bug workaround
# will not work for them and may cause other problems.
# This is a very short list because few drivers have been tested.
def netdev_get_driver_name(netdev):
"""Returns the name of the driver for network device 'netdev'"""
symlink = '%s/sys/class/net/%s/device/driver' % (root_prefix(), netdev)
target = os.readlink(symlink)
except OSError, e:
log("%s: could not read netdev's driver name (%s)" % (netdev, e))
return None
slash = target.rfind('/')
if slash < 0:
log("target %s of symbolic link %s does not contain slash"
% (target, symlink))
return None
return target[slash + 1:]
def netdev_get_features(netdev):
"""Returns the features bitmap for the driver for 'netdev'.
The features bitmap is a set of NETIF_F_ flags supported by its driver."""
features = open("%s/sys/class/net/%s/features" % (root_prefix(), netdev)).read().strip()
return int(features, 0)
return 0 # interface prolly doesn't exist
def netdev_has_vlan_accel(netdev):
"""Returns True if 'netdev' supports VLAN acceleration, False otherwise."""
return (netdev_get_features(netdev) & NETIF_F_VLAN) != 0
# PIF miscellanea
def pif_currently_in_use(pif):
"""Determine if a PIF is currently in use.
A PIF is determined to be currently in use if
- PIF.currently-attached is true
- Any bond master is currently attached
- Any VLAN master is currently attached
rec = db().get_pif_record(pif)
if rec['currently_attached']:
log("configure_datapath: %s is currently attached" % (pif_netdev_name(pif)))
return True
for b in pif_get_bond_masters(pif):
if pif_currently_in_use(b):
log("configure_datapath: %s is in use by BOND master %s" % (pif_netdev_name(pif),pif_netdev_name(b)))
return True
for v in pif_get_vlan_masters(pif):
if pif_currently_in_use(v):
log("configure_datapath: %s is in use by VLAN master %s" % (pif_netdev_name(pif),pif_netdev_name(v)))
return True
return False
# Datapath Configuration
def pif_datapath(pif):
"""Return the datapath PIF associated with PIF.
A non-VLAN PIF is its own datapath PIF, except that a bridgeless PIF has
no datapath PIF at all.
A VLAN PIF's datapath PIF is its VLAN slave's datapath PIF.
if pif_is_vlan(pif):
return pif_datapath(pif_get_vlan_slave(pif))
pifrec = db().get_pif_record(pif)
nwrec = db().get_network_record(pifrec['network'])
if not nwrec['bridge']:
return None
return pif
def datapath_get_physical_pifs(pif):
"""Return the PIFs for the physical network device(s) associated with a datapath PIF.
For a bond master PIF, these are the bond slave PIFs.
For a non-VLAN, non-bond master PIF, the PIF is its own physical device PIF.
A VLAN PIF cannot be a datapath PIF.
if pif_is_tunnel(pif):
return []
elif pif_is_vlan(pif):
# Seems like overkill...
raise Error("get-physical-pifs should not get passed a VLAN")
elif pif_is_bond(pif):
return pif_get_bond_slaves(pif)
return [pif]
def datapath_deconfigure_physical(netdev):
return ['--', '--with-iface', '--if-exists', 'del-port', netdev]
def vsctl_escape(s):
if s.isalnum():
return s
def escape(match):
c =
if c == '\0':
raise Error("strings may not contain null bytes")
elif c == '\\':
return r'\\'
elif c == '\n':
return r'\n'
elif c == '\r':
return r'\r'
elif c == '\t':
return r'\t'
elif c == '\b':
return r'\b'
elif c == '\a':
return r'\a'
return r'\x%02x' % ord(c)
return '"' + re.sub(r'["\\\000-\037]', escape, s) + '"'
def datapath_configure_tunnel(pif):
def datapath_configure_bond(pif,slaves):
bridge = pif_bridge_name(pif)
pifrec = db().get_pif_record(pif)
interface = pif_netdev_name(pif)
argv = ['--', '--fake-iface', 'add-bond', bridge, interface]
for slave in slaves:
argv += [pif_netdev_name(slave)]
# Bonding options.
bond_options = {
"mode": "balance-slb",
"miimon": "100",
"downdelay": "200",
"updelay": "31000",
"use_carrier": "1",
"hashing-algorithm": "src_mac",
# override defaults with values from other-config whose keys
# being with "bond-"
oc = pifrec['other_config']
overrides = filter(lambda (key,val):
key.startswith("bond-"), oc.items())
overrides = map(lambda (key,val): (key[5:], val), overrides)
mode = None
halgo = None
argv += ['--', 'set', 'Port', interface]
if pifrec['MAC'] != "":
argv += ['MAC=%s' % vsctl_escape(pifrec['MAC'])]
for (name,val) in bond_options.items():
if name in ['updelay', 'downdelay']:
# updelay and downdelay have dedicated schema columns.
# The value must be a nonnegative integer.
value = int(val)
if value < 0:
raise ValueError
argv += ['bond_%s=%d' % (name, value)]
except ValueError:
log("bridge %s has invalid %s '%s'" % (bridge, name, value))
elif name in ['miimon', 'use_carrier']:
value = int(val)
if value < 0:
raise ValueError
if name == 'use_carrier':
if value:
value = "carrier"
value = "miimon"
argv += ["other-config:bond-detect-mode=%s" % value]
argv += ["other-config:bond-miimon-interval=%d" % value]
except ValueError:
log("bridge %s has invalid %s '%s'" % (bridge, name, value))
elif name == "mode":
mode = val
elif name == "hashing-algorithm":
halgo = val
# Pass other bond options into other_config.
argv += ["other-config:%s=%s" % (vsctl_escape("bond-%s" % name),
if mode == 'lacp':
argv += ['lacp=active']
if halgo == 'src_mac':
argv += ['bond_mode=balance-slb']
elif halgo == "tcpudp_ports":
argv += ['bond_mode=balance-tcp']
log("bridge %s has invalid bond-hashing-algorithm '%s'" % (bridge, halgo))
argv += ['bond_mode=balance-slb']
elif mode in ['balance-slb', 'active-backup']:
argv += ['lacp=off', 'bond_mode=%s' % mode]
log("bridge %s has invalid bond-mode '%s'" % (bridge, mode))
argv += ['lacp=off', 'bond_mode=balance-slb']
return argv
def datapath_deconfigure_bond(netdev):
return ['--', '--with-iface', '--if-exists', 'del-port', netdev]
def datapath_deconfigure_ipdev(interface):
return ['--', '--with-iface', '--if-exists', 'del-port', interface]
def datapath_modify_config(commands):
#log("modifying configuration:")
#for c in commands:
# log(" %s" % c)
rc = run_command(['/usr/bin/ovs-vsctl'] + ['--timeout=20']
+ [c for c in commands if not c.startswith('#')])
if not rc:
raise Error("Failed to modify vswitch configuration")
return True
# Toplevel Datapath Configuration.
def configure_datapath(pif):
"""Bring up the configuration for 'pif', which must not be a VLAN PIF, by:
- Tearing down other PIFs that use the same physical devices as 'pif'.
- Ensuring that 'pif' itself is set up.
- *Not* tearing down any PIFs that are stacked on top of 'pif' (i.e. VLANs
on top of 'pif'.
Returns a tuple containing
- A list containing the necessary vsctl command line arguments
- A list of additional devices which should be brought up after
the configuration is applied.
- A list containing flows to apply to the pif bridge, note that
port numbers may need to be substituted once ofport is known
vsctl_argv = []
extra_up_ports = []
bridge_flows = []
assert not pif_is_vlan(pif)
bridge = pif_bridge_name(pif)
physical_devices = datapath_get_physical_pifs(pif)
vsctl_argv += ['## configuring datapath %s' % bridge]
# Determine additional devices to deconfigure.
# Given all physical devices which are part of this PIF we need to
# consider:
# - any additional bond which a physical device is part of.
# - any additional physical devices which are part of an additional bond.
# Any of these which are not currently in use should be brought
# down and deconfigured.
extra_down_bonds = []
extra_down_ports = []
for p in physical_devices:
for bond in pif_get_bond_masters(p):
if bond == pif:
log("configure_datapath: leaving bond %s up" % pif_netdev_name(bond))
if bond in extra_down_bonds:
if db().get_pif_record(bond)['currently_attached']:
log("configure_datapath: implicitly tearing down currently-attached bond %s" % pif_netdev_name(bond))
extra_down_bonds += [bond]
for s in pif_get_bond_slaves(bond):
if s in physical_devices:
if s in extra_down_ports:
if pif_currently_in_use(s):
extra_down_ports += [s]
log("configure_datapath: bridge - %s" % bridge)
log("configure_datapath: physical - %s" % [pif_netdev_name(p) for p in physical_devices])
log("configure_datapath: extra ports - %s" % [pif_netdev_name(p) for p in extra_down_ports])
log("configure_datapath: extra bonds - %s" % [pif_netdev_name(p) for p in extra_down_bonds])
# Need to fully deconfigure any bridge which any of the:
# - physical devices
# - bond devices
# - sibling devices
# refers to
for brpif in physical_devices + extra_down_ports + extra_down_bonds:
if brpif == pif:
b = pif_bridge_name(brpif)
vsctl_argv += ['# remove bridge %s' % b]
vsctl_argv += ['--', '--if-exists', 'del-br', b]
for n in extra_down_ports:
dev = pif_netdev_name(n)
vsctl_argv += ['# deconfigure sibling physical device %s' % dev]
vsctl_argv += datapath_deconfigure_physical(dev)
for n in extra_down_bonds:
dev = pif_netdev_name(n)
vsctl_argv += ['# deconfigure bond device %s' % dev]
vsctl_argv += datapath_deconfigure_bond(dev)
for p in physical_devices:
dev = pif_netdev_name(p)
vsctl_argv += ['# deconfigure physical port %s' % dev]
vsctl_argv += datapath_deconfigure_physical(dev)
vsctl_argv += ['--', '--may-exist', 'add-br', bridge]
if len(physical_devices) > 1:
vsctl_argv += ['# deconfigure bond %s' % pif_netdev_name(pif)]
vsctl_argv += datapath_deconfigure_bond(pif_netdev_name(pif))
vsctl_argv += ['# configure bond %s' % pif_netdev_name(pif)]
vsctl_argv += datapath_configure_bond(pif, physical_devices)
extra_up_ports += [pif_netdev_name(pif)]
elif len(physical_devices) == 1:
iface = pif_netdev_name(physical_devices[0])
vsctl_argv += ['# add physical device %s' % iface]
vsctl_argv += ['--', '--may-exist', 'add-port', bridge, iface]
elif pif_is_tunnel(pif):
vsctl_argv += ['# configure Bridge MAC']
vsctl_argv += ['--', 'set', 'Bridge', bridge,
'other-config:hwaddr=%s' % vsctl_escape(db().get_pif_record(pif)['MAC'])]
pool = db().get_pool_record()
network = db().get_network_by_bridge(bridge)
network_rec = None
fail_mode = None
valid_fail_modes = ['standalone', 'secure']
if network:
network_rec = db().get_network_record(network)
fail_mode = network_rec['other_config'].get('vswitch-controller-fail-mode')
if (fail_mode not in valid_fail_modes) and pool:
fail_mode = pool['other_config'].get('vswitch-controller-fail-mode')
# Add default flows to allow management traffic if fail-mode
# transitions to secure based on pool fail-mode setting
if fail_mode == 'secure' and db().get_pif_record(pif).get('management', False):
prev_fail_mode = vswitchCfgQuery(['get-fail-mode', bridge])
if prev_fail_mode != 'secure':
tp = 'idle_timeout=0,priority=0'
host_mgmt_mac = db().get_pif_record(pif)['MAC']
# account for bond as management interface
if len(physical_devices) > 1:
bridge_flows += ['%s,in_port=local,arp,dl_src=%s,actions=NORMAL' % (tp, host_mgmt_mac)]
bridge_flows += ['%s,in_port=local,dl_src=%s,actions=NORMAL' % (tp, host_mgmt_mac)]
# we don't know slave ofports yet, substitute later
bridge_flows += ['%s,in_port=%%s,arp,nw_proto=1,actions=local' % (tp)]
bridge_flows += ['%s,in_port=%%s,dl_dst=%s,actions=local' % (tp, host_mgmt_mac)]
bridge_flows += ['%s,in_port=%%s,arp,nw_proto=1,actions=local' % (tp)]
bridge_flows += ['%s,in_port=local,arp,dl_src=%s,actions=%%s' % (tp, host_mgmt_mac)]
bridge_flows += ['%s,in_port=%%s,dl_dst=%s,actions=local' % (tp, host_mgmt_mac)]
bridge_flows += ['%s,in_port=local,dl_src=%s,actions=%%s' % (tp, host_mgmt_mac)]
if fail_mode not in valid_fail_modes:
fail_mode = 'standalone'
vsctl_argv += ['--', 'set', 'Bridge', bridge, 'fail_mode=%s' % fail_mode]
if network_rec:
dib = network_rec['other_config'].get('vswitch-disable-in-band')
if not dib:
vsctl_argv += ['--', 'remove', 'Bridge', bridge, 'other_config', 'disable-in-band']
elif dib in ['true', 'false']:
vsctl_argv += ['--', 'set', 'Bridge', bridge, 'other_config:disable-in-band=' + dib]
log('"' + dib + '"' "isn't a valid setting for other_config:disable-in-band on " + bridge)
vsctl_argv += set_br_external_ids(pif)
vsctl_argv += ['## done configuring datapath %s' % bridge]
return vsctl_argv,extra_up_ports,bridge_flows
def deconfigure_bridge(pif):
vsctl_argv = []
bridge = pif_bridge_name(pif)
log("deconfigure_bridge: bridge - %s" % bridge)
vsctl_argv += ['# deconfigure bridge %s' % bridge]
vsctl_argv += ['--', '--if-exists', 'del-br', bridge]
return vsctl_argv
def set_br_external_ids(pif):
pifrec = db().get_pif_record(pif)
dp = pif_datapath(pif)
dprec = db().get_pif_record(dp)
xs_network_uuids = []
for nwpif in db().get_pifs_by_device(pifrec['device']):
rec = db().get_pif_record(nwpif)
# When state is read from dbcache PIF.currently_attached
# is always assumed to be false... Err on the side of
# listing even detached networks for the time being.
#if nwpif != pif and not rec['currently_attached']:
# log("Network PIF %s not currently attached (%s)" % (rec['uuid'],pifrec['uuid']))
# continue
nwrec = db().get_network_record(rec['network'])
uuid = nwrec['uuid']
if pif_is_vlan(nwpif):
xs_network_uuids.insert(0, uuid)
vsctl_argv = []
vsctl_argv += ['# configure xs-network-uuids']
vsctl_argv += ['--', 'br-set-external-id', pif_bridge_name(pif),
'xs-network-uuids', ';'.join(xs_network_uuids)]
return vsctl_argv
class DatapathVswitch(Datapath):
def __init__(self, pif):
Datapath.__init__(self, pif)
self._dp = pif_datapath(pif)
self._ipdev = pif_ipdev_name(pif)
self._bridge_flows = []
if pif_is_vlan(pif) and not self._dp:
raise Error("Unbridged VLAN devices not implemented yet")
log("Configured for Vswitch datapath")
def rewrite(cls):
if not os.path.exists("/var/run/openvswitch/db.sock"):
# ovsdb-server is not running, so we can't update the database.
# Probably we are being called as part of system shutdown. Just
# skip the update, since the external-ids will be updated on the
# next boot anyhow.
vsctl_argv = []
for pif in db().get_all_pifs():
pifrec = db().get_pif_record(pif)
if not pif_is_vlan(pif) and pifrec['currently_attached']:
vsctl_argv += set_br_external_ids(pif)
if vsctl_argv != []:
def configure_ipdev(self, cfg):
def preconfigure(self, parent):
vsctl_argv = []
extra_ports = []
bridge_flows = []
pifrec = db().get_pif_record(self._pif)
dprec = db().get_pif_record(self._dp)
ipdev = self._ipdev
c,e,f = configure_datapath(self._dp)
bridge = pif_bridge_name(self._pif)
vsctl_argv += c
extra_ports += e
bridge_flows += f
dpname = pif_bridge_name(self._dp)
if pif_is_vlan(self._pif):
# In some cases XAPI may misguidedly leave an instance of
# 'bridge' which should be deleted.
vsctl_argv += ['--', '--if-exists', 'del-br', bridge]
# configure_datapath() set up the underlying datapath bridge.
# Stack a VLAN bridge on top of it.
vsctl_argv += ['--', '--may-exist', 'add-br',
bridge, dpname, pifrec['VLAN']]
vsctl_argv += set_br_external_ids(self._pif)
if ipdev != bridge:
vsctl_argv += ["# deconfigure ipdev %s" % ipdev]
vsctl_argv += datapath_deconfigure_ipdev(ipdev)
vsctl_argv += ["# reconfigure ipdev %s" % ipdev]
vsctl_argv += ['--', 'add-port', bridge, ipdev]
if ipdev != dpname:
vsctl_argv += ['# configure Interface MAC']
vsctl_argv += ['--', 'set', 'Interface', pif_ipdev_name(self._pif),
'MAC=%s' % vsctl_escape(dprec['MAC'])]
self._vsctl_argv = vsctl_argv
self._extra_ports = extra_ports
self._bridge_flows = bridge_flows
def bring_down_existing(self):
# interface-reconfigure is never explicitly called to down a
# bond master. However, when we are called to up a slave it
# is implicit that we are destroying the master. Conversely,
# when we are called to up a bond is is implicit that we are
# taking down the slaves.
# This is (only) important in the case where the device being
# implicitly taken down uses DHCP. We need to kill the
# dhclient process, otherwise performing the inverse operation
# later later will fail because ifup will refuse to start a
# duplicate dhclient.
bond_masters = pif_get_bond_masters(self._pif)
for master in bond_masters:
log("action_up: bring down bond master %s" % (pif_netdev_name(master)))
run_command(["/sbin/ifdown", pif_bridge_name(master)])
bond_slaves = pif_get_bond_slaves(self._pif)
for slave in bond_slaves:
log("action_up: bring down bond slave %s" % (pif_netdev_name(slave)))
run_command(["/sbin/ifdown", pif_bridge_name(slave)])
def configure(self):
# Bring up physical devices. ovs-vswitchd initially enables or
# disables bond slaves based on whether carrier is detected
# when they are added, and a network device that is down
# always reports "no carrier".
physical_devices = datapath_get_physical_pifs(self._dp)
if pif_is_bond(self._dp):
brec = db().get_pif_record(self._dp)
bond_mtu = mtu_setting(brec['network'], "PIF", brec['other_config'])
bond_mtu = None
for p in physical_devices:
prec = db().get_pif_record(p)
oc = prec['other_config']
dev = pif_netdev_name(p)
if bond_mtu:
mtu = bond_mtu
mtu = mtu_setting(prec['network'], "PIF", oc)
netdev_up(dev, mtu)
settings, offload = ethtool_settings(oc, PIF_OTHERCONFIG_DEFAULTS)
if len(settings):
run_command(['/sbin/ethtool', '-s', dev] + settings)
if len(offload):
run_command(['/sbin/ethtool', '-K', dev] + offload)
driver = netdev_get_driver_name(dev)
if 'vlan-bug-workaround' in oc:
vlan_bug_workaround = oc['vlan-bug-workaround'] == 'true'
vlan_bug_workaround = False
vlan_bug_workaround = netdev_has_vlan_accel(dev)
if vlan_bug_workaround:
setting = 'on'
setting = 'off'
run_command(['/usr/sbin/ovs-vlan-bug-workaround', dev, setting])
if self._bridge_flows:
ofports = []
physical_devices = datapath_get_physical_pifs(self._dp)
if len(physical_devices) > 1:
for slave in physical_devices:
name = pif_netdev_name(slave)
ofport = vswitchCfgQuery(['get', 'interface', name, 'ofport'])
name = pif_netdev_name(self._dp)
ofport = vswitchCfgQuery(['get', 'interface', name, 'ofport'])
dpname = pif_bridge_name(self._dp)
for flow in self._bridge_flows:
if flow.find('in_port=%s') != -1 or flow.find('actions=%s') != -1:
for port in ofports:
f = flow % (port)
run_command(['/usr/bin/ovs-ofctl', 'add-flow', dpname, f])
run_command(['/usr/bin/ovs-ofctl', 'add-flow', dpname, flow])
def post(self):
for p in self._extra_ports:
log("action_up: bring up %s" % p)
def bring_down(self):
vsctl_argv = []
dp = self._dp
ipdev = self._ipdev
bridge = pif_bridge_name(dp)
log("deconfigure ipdev %s on %s" % (ipdev,bridge))
vsctl_argv += ["# deconfigure ipdev %s" % ipdev]
vsctl_argv += datapath_deconfigure_ipdev(ipdev)
if pif_is_vlan(self._pif):
# Delete the VLAN bridge.
vsctl_argv += deconfigure_bridge(self._pif)
# If the VLAN's slave is attached, leave datapath setup.
slave = pif_get_vlan_slave(self._pif)
if db().get_pif_record(slave)['currently_attached']:
log("action_down: vlan slave is currently attached")
dp = None
# If the VLAN's slave has other VLANs that are attached, leave datapath setup.
for master in pif_get_vlan_masters(slave):
if master != self._pif and db().get_pif_record(master)['currently_attached']:
log("action_down: vlan slave has other master: %s" % pif_netdev_name(master))
dp = None
# Otherwise, take down the datapath too (fall through)
if dp:
log("action_down: no more masters, bring down slave %s" % bridge)
# Stop here if this PIF has attached VLAN masters.
masters = [db().get_pif_record(m)['VLAN'] for m in pif_get_vlan_masters(self._pif) if db().get_pif_record(m)['currently_attached']]
if len(masters) > 0:
log("Leaving datapath %s up due to currently attached VLAN masters %s" % (bridge, masters))
dp = None
if dp:
vsctl_argv += deconfigure_bridge(dp)
physical_devices = [pif_netdev_name(p) for p in datapath_get_physical_pifs(dp)]
log("action_down: bring down physical devices - %s" % physical_devices)
for p in physical_devices:
# utility methods
def vswitchCfgQuery(action_args):
cmd = ['%s/usr/bin/ovs-vsctl' % root_prefix(),
'--timeout=5', '-vANY:console:emer'] + action_args
output = subprocess.Popen(cmd, stdout=subprocess.PIPE).communicate()
if len(output) == 0 or output[0] == None:
output = ""
output = output[0].strip()
return output