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Xapi Project's XenAPI Management Toolstack

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Xen API (or xapi) is a management stack that configures and controls Xen-enabled hosts and resource pools, and co-ordinates resources within the pool. Xapi exposes the Xen API interface for many languages and is a component of the Citrix Hypervisor project. Xen API is written mostly in OCaml 4.07.

Xapi is the main component produced by the Linux Foundation's Xapi Project.

Build and Install

The build install instructions are currently being written. The Xapi Project contains a large list of dependencies and sub-projects, which are actually quite difficult to build independently. To build xen-api from source, we recommend using opam with the xs-opam remote (detailed explanation in readme).


To contribute patches to xen-api, please fork the repository on Github, and then submit a pull request. If for some reason you can't use Github to submit a pull request, then you may send your patch for review to the mailing list, with a link to a public git repository for review. We much prefer Github pull requests, however, and submitting a patch to the mailing list will take much more time for review.


Maintainers can be contacted via this mailing list:


This software is licensed under the GNU LGPLv2 license. Please see the LICENSE file for more information.

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