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#!/usr/bin/env python
import os, subprocess, XenAPI, inventory, time, sys
# Script which monitors the domains running on a host, looks for
# paused domains which don't correspond to VMs which are running here
# or are about to run here, logs them and optionally destroys them.
# Return a list of (domid, uuid) tuples, one per paused domain on this host
def list_paused_domains():
results = []
all = subprocess.Popen(["@BINDIR@/list_domains"], stdout=subprocess.PIPE).communicate()[0]
lines = all.split("\n")
for domain in lines[1:]:
bits = domain.split()
if bits <> []:
domid = bits[0]
uuid = bits[2]
state = bits[4]
if 'P' in state:
results.append( (domid, uuid) )
return results
# Given localhost's uuid and a (domid, uuid) tuple, return True if the domain
# be somewhere else i.e. we think it may have leaked here
def should_domain_be_somewhere_else(localhost_uuid, (domid, uuid)):
x = XenAPI.xapi_local()
x.xenapi.login_with_password("root", "", "1.0", "")
vm = x.xenapi.VM.get_by_uuid(uuid)
resident_on = x.xenapi.VM.get_resident_on(vm)
current_operations = x.xenapi.VM.get_current_operations(vm)
result = current_operations == {} and resident_on <> localhost_uuid
if result:
log("domid %s uuid %s: is not being operated on and is not resident here" % (domid, uuid))
return result
except XenAPI.Failure, e:
if e.details[0] == "UUID_INVALID":
# VM is totally bogus
log("domid %s uuid %s: is not in the xapi database" % (domid, uuid))
return True
# fail safe for now
return False
return False
def log(str):
print str
# Destroy the given domain
def destroy_domain((domid, uuid)):
log("destroying domid %s uuid %s" % (domid, uuid))
all = subprocess.Popen(["@OPTDIR@/debug/destroy_domain", "-domid", domid], stdout=subprocess.PIPE).communicate()[0]
# Keep track of when a domain first looked like it should be here
domain_first_noticed = {}
# Number of seconds after which we conclude that a domain really shouldn't be here
threshold = 60
if __name__ == "__main__":
localhost_uuid = inventory.get_localhost_uuid ()
while True:
paused = list_paused_domains ()
# GC the domain_first_noticed map
for d in domain_first_noticed.keys():
if d not in paused:
log("domid %s uuid %s: looks ok now, forgetting about it" % d)
del domain_first_noticed[d]
for d in list_paused_domains():
if should_domain_be_somewhere_else(localhost_uuid, d):
if d not in domain_first_noticed:
domain_first_noticed[d] = time.time()
noticed_for = time.time() - domain_first_noticed[d]
if noticed_for > threshold:
log("domid %s uuid %s: has been in bad state for over threshold" % d)
if "-destroy" in sys.argv:
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