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# Copyright (c) Citrix Systems 2008. All rights reserved.
set -e
# Insert a firewall rule to allow traffic to pass through the guest-installer network
IFACE=$1 # bridge name of guest installer network
OP=$2 # if == start, then start up the firewall, else stop it.
# Flush any rules that are already there:
iptables -F $CHAIN &> /dev/null || true
iptables -D INPUT -j $CHAIN &> /dev/null || true
iptables -X $CHAIN &> /dev/null || true
# Insert the new rule - anything coming from the
if [[ "${OP}" == "start" ]]; then
iptables -N $CHAIN
iptables -I INPUT 1 -j $CHAIN
iptables -A $CHAIN -i $IFACE -j ACCEPT