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2 parents e816cb6 + 11bc3c7 commit 49e24a7c44f0fee5d3925f82a6234b639b82fc30 xen-git committed Nov 20, 2012
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@@ -3193,15 +3193,14 @@ module Forward = functor(Local: Custom_actions.CUSTOM_ACTIONS) -> struct
Sm.assert_session_has_internal_sr_access ~__context ~sr;
Local.VDI.db_forget ~__context ~vdi
- let introduce ~__context ~uuid ~name_label ~name_description ~sR ~_type ~sharable ~read_only ~other_config ~location ~xenstore_data ~sm_config =
+ let introduce ~__context ~uuid ~name_label ~name_description ~sR ~_type ~sharable ~read_only ~other_config ~location ~xenstore_data ~sm_config ~managed ~virtual_size ~physical_utilisation ~metadata_of_pool ~is_a_snapshot ~snapshot_time ~snapshot_of=
info "VDI.introduce: SR = '%s'; name label = '%s'" (sr_uuid ~__context sR) name_label;
- let local_fn = Local.VDI.introduce ~uuid ~name_label ~name_description ~sR ~_type ~sharable ~read_only ~other_config ~location ~xenstore_data ~sm_config in
+ let local_fn = Local.VDI.introduce ~uuid ~name_label ~name_description ~sR ~_type ~sharable ~read_only ~other_config ~location ~xenstore_data ~sm_config ~managed ~virtual_size ~physical_utilisation ~metadata_of_pool ~is_a_snapshot ~snapshot_time ~snapshot_of in
with_sr_andor_vdi ~__context ~sr:(sR, `vdi_introduce) ~doc:"VDI.introduce"
(fun () ->
SR.forward_sr_op ~local_fn ~__context ~self:sR
(fun session_id rpc ->
- Client.VDI.introduce ~rpc ~session_id ~uuid ~name_label ~name_description ~sR ~_type ~sharable ~read_only ~other_config ~location ~xenstore_data ~sm_config))
+ Client.VDI.introduce ~rpc ~session_id ~uuid ~name_label ~name_description ~sR ~_type ~sharable ~read_only ~other_config ~location ~xenstore_data ~sm_config ~managed ~virtual_size ~physical_utilisation ~metadata_of_pool ~is_a_snapshot ~snapshot_time ~snapshot_of))
let update ~__context ~vdi =
let local_fn = Local.VDI.update ~vdi in

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