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[block]: forgot to actually commit the hotplug script change

Signed-off-by: David Scott <>
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1 parent d21b3d5 commit 75aa3bad1d2293f15856a5612a953b4f4d249c28 David Scott committed Nov 30, 2011
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2 scripts/xen-backend.rules
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
SUBSYSTEM=="xen-backend", KERNEL=="tap*", RUN+="/etc/xensource/scripts/tap $env{ACTION}"
-SUBSYSTEM=="xen-backend", KERNEL=="vbd*", RUN+="/opt/xensource/sm/ vbd.uevent"
+SUBSYSTEM=="xen-backend", KERNEL=="vbd*", RUN+="/opt/xensource/scripts/block $env{ACTION}"
SUBSYSTEM=="xen-backend", KERNEL=="vif*", RUN+="/etc/xensource/scripts/vif $env{ACTION} vif"
SUBSYSTEM=="net", KERNEL=="tap*", RUN+="/etc/xensource/scripts/vif $env{ACTION} tap"

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