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CA-91480: Cancel vm_import cleans up temporary objects

Xapi_vm_helpers.destroy would fail if a VM had a reference to a non-existant
blob, which would happen when the VM had been imported. This would prevent the
rest of the function from running, leaving ghost objects in the database after
an import was cancelled.

Signed-off-by: Mike McClurg <>
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1 parent 1fa3fb2 commit fc9a4bf586cd8570eaf73a628cd8ca9d69761c9d Mike McClurg committed Oct 26, 2012
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@@ -151,8 +151,12 @@ let destroy ~__context ~self =
(* given the call to 'assert_operation_valid' *)
debug "VM.destroy: deleting DB records";
+ (* Should we be destroying blobs? It's possible to create a blob and then
+ add its reference to multiple objects. Perhaps we want to just leave the
+ blob? Or only delete it if there is no other reference to it? Is that
+ even possible to know? *)
let blobs = Db.VM.get_blobs ~__context ~self in
- List.iter (fun (name,_ref) -> Xapi_blob.destroy ~__context ~self:_ref) blobs;
+ List.iter (fun (_,self) -> try Xapi_blob.destroy ~__context ~self with _ -> ()) blobs;
let other_config = Db.VM.get_other_config ~__context ~self in
if ((List.mem_assoc Xapi_globs.default_template_key other_config) &&

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