• Nov 11, 2016


    Merge pull request #226 from gaborigloi/ely-merge
    Merge commits from the (current) master branch that should go into Ely. Commits have been re-based and old merge commits have been removed.

v1.13.0: Merge pull request #2826 from sharady/CA-220506-new

@euanh euanh released this Nov 4, 2016 · 61 commits to master since this release

  • Rationalize packaging formats for supplemental packs and hotfixes
  • Mark PV-drivers-up-to-date as deprecated
  • Mark VDI.parent as deprecated
  • CA-220506: Update rbac role for SR.scan API call.
  • CA-226028 support vm-start --force for memory limits under nested-virt
  • CA-223505 detach a VM's network (PVS) when migrating away from a host
  • CA-227721: init-script: flush to log on xapi start
  • CA-220275: increase host evacuation timeout during host shutdown
  • CA-224335 re-start agetty only when IP addr changes
  • CA-226023 When using nested_virt, don't allow changing_dynamic_range op


  • CA-224975: PVS-cache: Handle cache VDIs on non-persistent SR
  • CP-18521: Added new field reference_label to the VM class.
  • CA-224327: Use https connection while calling import/export_raw_vdi to remote Host.
  • CA-224967: Don't remove proxy state from xenstore when OVS rules are removed
  • Only update PVS_proxy.state if OVS rules are present
  • CA-189725: support new systemd device naming
  • CA-224331: Detect PV drivers => vif|vbd hotpluggable
  • CA-217533: Make mark_host_as_dead idempotent


PVS and bugfixes. Some other stuff too, probably.

@jonludlam jonludlam released this Oct 7, 2016 · 195 commits to master since this release

Merge pull request #2788 from mseri/create-gm-on-start-refactored

Create VM guest metrics on VM start


  • CP-18860: Check memory range before VM.start when using nested virt
  • CA-222760: Add default list of accepted ciphers into xapi
  • CA-220610: Change host.get_vms_which_prevent_evacutation to return a map with unique keys
  • CP-18919: Restrict use of VM.set_VCPUs_number_live


v1.10.1: Merge pull request #2776 from Frezzle/CA-220170

@euanh euanh released this Sep 20, 2016 · 375 commits to master since this release

  • CA-220170: Fix ha-network-peers CLI field showing hosts as "not in database"
  • CA-182929: Raise an error if the storage backend type is unknown.
  • CA-206623: Close the input end of the pipe when data feeding is complete
  • CA-222060: Remove test for removed validation code
  • CA-222060: Only validate VCPUs_max against cores_per_socket, not VCPUs_at_startup
  • CA-122248: Avoid returning duplicate events in event.from
  • CA-122248: Add a test to search for duplicate events in event.from
  • Ignore memory and pif update for transient uuids
  • CA-203433: Raise an appropriate API error when we can't SXM a suspend image
  • CA-215175: Don't ever execute hooks when we only assume failures.
  • CA-220506: Update rbac roles for network.attach_for_vm and network.detach_for_vm API calls.


  • Use the correct vif device id in set_MTU or fail
  • Add force flag to VM.start
  • Fix an issue where VM_metrics were assumed to exist
  • Protect PIF.scan with a mutex to avoid duplicate PIFs
  • Fix xe-toolstack-restart for mpathalert
  • Rename mpathalert-daemon.service to mpathalert.service
  • Pick up hvm value from xenopsd, report it on CLI
  • Improve error messages in logs
  • Fix unknown key iscsi_iqn backtrace
  • Add 3 new fields to vm_metric: hvm, nested_virt, nomigrate


The Systemd Release

@euanh euanh released this Sep 1, 2016

Merge pull request #2750 from robhoes/v6deamonise

CA-218103: v6: don't daemonise



CAR-2259: add ocaml-sha-devel dependency to xapi


v1.9.91: Merge pull request #2727 from zli/CA-218221

@euanh euanh released this Aug 12, 2016 · 488 commits to master since this release

CA-218221: make sure SXM destination VDI has the same size as the source