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More bugfixes

@djs55 djs55 released this · 74 commits to master since this release

  • storage: plugging on a slave before a master is now an error
  • xenvmd is restarted over master transitions
  • preliminary support for SR-level RRDs
  • storage: a plugin can have cluster stack constraints
  • support for a windows VM drivers upgrade tool 'xenprep'
  • change queue prefix to org.xen.xapi
  • add XenAPI extension mechanism
  • add LVHD thin provisioning upgrade API
  • support polling modes for VBDs
  • storage: a plugin can report cluster/mirror health
  • storage: many updates to SMAPIv3
  • storage: generate an alert when a cluster/mirror is degraded
  • storage: add rawhba and lvmofcoe to the whitelist
  • fix sm-cli mirror-list


Lots of updates

@djs55 djs55 released this · 257 commits to master since this release

  • add originator for login_with_password
  • new API: VM.import
  • new CLI: VM import from URL
  • initial support for thin provisioning on block storage
  • lots of VGPU improvements
  • allow storage motion of halted VMs
  • support for TLS 1.2
  • initial support for FCoE
  • preliminary support for SMAPIv3
  • preliminary support for multiple cluster stacks
  • new CLI support for reading database dumps


Lots of updates

@djs55 djs55 released this · 650 commits to master since this release

  • fix release_version of get_SRs_required_for_recover
  • support SM backend-kind override via VDI.other_config key
  • support floppy disk drives
  • when performing a snapshot, set is_a_snapshot
  • update API version to 2.4
  • don't double-count HA-protected VMs when restarting them
  • don't create refs for snapshots that don't exist on import
  • expose RDP state, via guest agents, via VM guest metrics
  • read all paths from the config file
  • use 'ip' rather than 'ifconfig'
  • block the pool-join if the joining host has a network bond
  • use local force_state_reset after cross-pool SMX
  • correct error text for assert_no_shared_srs_on_me
  • allow ISO VBDs to be made from any SR
  • disallow resume while a checkpoint is ongoing
  • don't pause tapdisk
  • use oclock rather than Unix.time
  • import_raw_vdi: pass content-length to vhd-tool
  • update hostname when it changes
  • allow WLB servers to have an IPv6 address
  • make sure we return the task reference when cancelling a task
  • python: fix compatibility with python 2.7
  • add a plugin to install supplemental packs
  • create a PGPU for the system display device
  • allow PCI vendors to be whitelisted for GPU passthrough
  • allow passthrough of vga_arbiter device when appropriate
  • remove VM hooks which are now handled by xenopsd
  • set the content-length and close the tar header when exporting metadata
  • handle cancellation of cross-host VDI.copy
  • prevent VM.revert deleting all VDIs unconditionally
  • update VDI.snapshot_of links after a VM.revert
  • support for read-caching
  • check for enough disk space before installing hotfixes
  • VM.hard_reboot cancels VM.clean_reboot


Improved debugging

@djs55 djs55 released this · 907 commits to master since this release

  • examples: wrap task.destroy with an exception handler
  • add GC stats reporting
  • support a "feature-suspend" flag
  • fix HTTP requests with an empty cookie
  • add opam file
  • add documentation
  • update to new backtrace API
  • xe: add "--trace" option to print backtraces
  • add license check for vGPU
  • run migration pre-checks for VDI.pool_migrate
  • tidy up the internal database interface


RRD interface change release

@jonludlam jonludlam released this · 1032 commits to master since this release

  • Handle Rrdd_plugin interface change
  • Improved Storage Motion error reporting
  • Hard shutdown/reboot now override more in-progress operations
  • sparse_dd has moved
  • License code fixes and cleanups
  • WLB code fixes and cleanups


incremental improvements

@djs55 djs55 released this · 1060 commits to master since this release

  • configure: allow -warn-error to be disabled
  • use SMAPIv2 VDI.stat for XenAPI VDI.update
  • annotate startup tasks with extra debug information
  • examples: add a streaming export/import example
  • prevent the event queue from taking up too much memory


even more opam friendly

@djs55 djs55 released this · 1074 commits to master since this release

  • configure script works when ocamlfind is installed via opam


Increased opam-friendliness

@djs55 djs55 released this · 1078 commits to master since this release

  • re-add xenopsd plugin for xen-bugtool
  • don't break when system gpg binary is upgraded
  • set the right month for host crashdump records
  • allow the location of the inventory file to read from xapi.conf


Much more configurable release

@djs55 djs55 released this · 1089 commits to master since this release

  • revamped configuration handling and support of config file overrides
  • prevent timeouts when collecting bugtools
  • allow vCPU hotplug for HVM guests if feature-vcpu-hotplug is set
  • improve cancellation of VM migration
  • use busybox for DHCP on the host internal management network


Now builds with ocaml-4.00.1 again

@jonludlam jonludlam released this · 1166 commits to master since this release

  • Several bugfixes
  • Reinstate WLB code
  • Fix build on ocaml 4.00.1


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