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Merge pull request #2307 from sharady/CA-177424

CA-177424: SM "Unimplemented" error translates to "unimplemented_in_s…
latest commit ec69fe9616
@thomassa thomassa authored
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auth CP-12169: use Threadext.Mutex.execute to guard cache_of_pbis_common
autogen Use log module from xcp-idl rather than xen-api-libs-transitional
cdrommon CP-9401: Remove (now-)unused Fhs module
client_records CA-94283: Block VDI-Destroy while HA Enabling/Disabling is in progress
console Fix clean targets for OMakefiles
database CA-161590: make a little effort to ensure a stunnel connection is est…
db_process Database: fill the database with Schema.Value.t rather than strings
doc Remove broken ocamldoc infrastructure
events CP-9895: Added originator for xapi login_with_password
gpg CA-144941: Don't checksum the gpg binary
graph CP-9401: Remove (now-)unused Fhs module
idl CA-94283: Block VDI-Destroy while HA Enabling/Disabling is in progress
license Adding debug message stating license applied
mpathalert Remove broken ocamldoc infrastructure
perftest Remove broken ocamldoc infrastructure
rfb s/Stringext/Xstringext/g
test Remove test PCI databases
toplevel CI-44: update external components and tests with the new originator p…
util Remove broken ocamldoc infrastructure
vncproxy CP-9401: Remove (now-)unused Fhs module
xapi Merge pull request #2307 from sharady/CA-177424
xe-cli CP-12633 Set ssl_legacy like a normal param
xenops Database: rename MAP2 to MAP, Map2 to Make and extract a common signa…
xsh To make a more thorough clean when doing local build
xstest s/Stringext/Xstringext/g
xva s/Stringext/Xstringext/g
.merlin Add some packages and paths to merlin file
OMakefile Zap lvhdrt and multipathrt
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