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psafont python: fix typo in readme, add link to examples
It's not clear what the examples are when the readme is in PyPI as
there are no examples in the package.

Signed-off-by: Pau Ruiz Safont <>
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To install the package, enable the virtual environment where it's going to be used and run $ pip install XenAPI


The examples will not work unless they have been placed in the same directory as or XenAPI package from PyPI has been installed (pip install XenAPI)

Packaging is generated using an ocaml binary that fetches the api version string from xapi. An opam switch with the xs-opam repository is needed in order to build the binary.

To build the package setuptools>=38.6.0 and wheel need to be installed in the system or in the active python virtualenv.

To build, use the command make.

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