Opam repository for OCaml libraries to build XenServer toolstack components
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Opam Repository for XenServer

Build Status

This Opam repository contains the OCaml components of the XenServer toolstack and their upstream dependencies.

Adding the OPAM Repository

You can add this Git repository as a remote OPAM repository:

opam repo add xs-opam https://github.com/xapi-project/xs-opam.git

Building packages

To install a package $PKG it's enough to run

opam depext $PKG
opam install $PKG

For development, it is often useful to clone the package sources and only install its dependencies, leaving the job to build the package and make changes to the developer. This can be done as follows:

opam depext $PKG
opam install --deps-only $PKG

After that, you can enter the folder containing the cloned sources and run the appropriate build command.

Layout of This Repository

Packages are organised into namespaces:

  • upstream: upstream packages for xs
  • upstream-extra: upstream packages required for xs-extra
  • xs: packages required for xs-extra
  • xs-extra: toolstack components - latest version


Travis builds the entire universe represented by this Opam repository.