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Opam Repository for Citrix Hypervisor

Build Status

This Opam repository contains the OCaml components of the Citrix Hypervisor toolstack and their upstream dependencies. This is just package metadata (not the actual source code) that tells Opam how to download source code, compile, and install packages.

Using this OPAM Repository for Dev Work

You can add this Git repository as a remote Opam repository to your local Opam setup in order to install Citrix Hypervisor packages. See below for an alternative using Docker when you don't want to use Opam natively. Please be aware that this is not giving you a working Citrix Hypervisor installation because this depends on other components. It is most useful for development outside a build system for the complete Citrix Hypervisor distribution.

opam repo add xs-opam

Installing packages

To install a package $PKG it's enough to run

opam depext $PKG
opam install $PKG

For development, it is often useful to clone the package sources and only install its dependencies, leaving the job to build the package and make changes to the developer. This can be done as follows:

opam depext $PKG
opam install --deps-only $PKG

After that, you can enter the folder containing the cloned sources and run the appropriate build command.

Layout of This Repository

Packages are organised into namespaces:

  • upstream: upstream packages for xs
  • upstream-extra: upstream packages required for xs-extra
  • xs: packages required for xs-extra
  • xs-extra: toolstack components - latest version

Continuous Integration

Github Actions builds the entire universe represented by this Opam repository.

Using xs-opam on github actions builds

To use the repository in github actions 3 steps are needed to set up the opam environment:

  • One to download the .env file
  • One to load it into the environment
  • One to initialize the opam environment

Here's an example template for the standard .github/workflows/main.yml, package should be change to include the opam packages available in the repository and the build and test steps adapted to the repository.

name: Build and test


    name: Ocaml tests
    runs-on: ubuntu-20.04

      - name: Checkout code
        uses: actions/checkout@v2

      - name: Pull configuration from xs-opam
        run: |
          curl --fail --silent | cut -f2 -d " " > .env

      - name: Load environment file
        id: dotenv
        uses: falti/dotenv-action@v0.2.4

      - name: Use ocaml
        uses: avsm/setup-ocaml@v1
          ocaml-version: ${{ steps.dotenv.outputs.ocaml_version_full }}
          opam-repository: ${{ steps.dotenv.outputs.repository }}

      - name: Install dependencies
        run: |
          opam pin add . --no-action
          opam depext -u ${{ env.package }}
          opam install ${{ env.package }} --deps-only --with-test -v

      - name: Build
        run: |
          opam exec -- ./configure
          opam exec -- make

      - name: Run tests
        run: opam exec -- make test