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Latest commit 64e16a5 Feb 20, 2017 @ojwb ojwb Fix gen-mimemap issues
If generation fails after mimemap.h is created, the rule wouldn't get

If there are no mime-types marked 'ignore' in the default list then
gen-mimemap would fail.  There are currently such entries, but it's
better to be robust about such things.


Welcome to the Xapian repository!

Xapian is split into several modules, which are held in sub-directories of
the directory containing this file.  The core code and documentation is in
the xapian-core module.

If you're new to hacking on Xapian, you should probably start by reading the
xapian-core/HACKING file.  If you're new to Xapian entirely, you should
probably read the xapian-core/README file, or you can find further information
on our website at https://xapian.org/

See the section "Building from git" in xapian-core/HACKING for details
on getting started.

Experimental: we have support for building an Ubuntu VM using Vagrant
and VirtualBox. `vagrant up` will start the process, although it can
currently take a long time to download and install all the relevant
packages. See "Using a Vagrant-driven Ubuntu virtual machine" in
xapian-core/HACKING for details.