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Mirror of the Xapian repository. You're welcome to open pull requests on github (they'll just get merged indirectly).
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include/xapian/query.h,matcher/ Where posix_fadvise()
is available, use it to prefetch postlist Btree blocks from the
level below the root block which will be needed for postlists of
terms in the query, and similarly for the record/docdata table
when MSet::fetch() is called.  Based on patch by Will Greenberg
in #671.
latest commit b904d0e5ae
@ojwb ojwb authored


Welcome to the Xapian repository!

Xapian is split into several modules, which are held in sub-directories of
the directory containing this file.  The core code and documentation is in
the xapian-core module.

If you're new to hacking on Xapian, you should probably start by reading the
xapian-core/HACKING file.  If you're new to Xapian entirely, you should
probably read the xapian-core/README file, or you can find further information
on our website at

See the section "Building from git" in xapian-core/HACKING for details
on getting started.

Experimental: we have support for building an Ubuntu VM using Vagrant
and VirtualBox. `vagrant up` will start the process, although it can
currently take a long time to download and install all the relevant
packages. See "Using a Vagrant-driven Ubuntu virtual machine" in
xapian-core/HACKING for details.
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