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Welcome to Xapian's Learning to Rank Framework
Xapian's build system is built using GNU autoconf, automake, and libtool.
If you've installed other Open Source projects from source, you should
find yourself in familiar territory. Building and installing involves
the following 3 simple steps:
1) Run "./configure", possibly with some extra arguments
2) Run "make" to build Xapian
3) Run "make install" to install Xapian
You'll need to install the following prerequisites before you can
build xapian-letor:
* xapian-core: We recommend using matching versions of xapian-core and
xapian-letor. If you install xapian-core from a package, make sure you
also install the development files which are often packaged separately
(e.g. in libxapian-dev or xapian-core-devel).
* libsvm ( We developed
xapian-letor using libsvm version 3.1, but we've also tested with 3.0
and that seems to work fine too.
If you install libsvm from a package system, make sure you have the
headers and other files needed to actually build code that uses libsvm
(not just the runtime libraries) - if you have /usr/include/libsvm/svm.h
then you are probably good. Often these files are in a separate
package, which is probably named something like libsvm-dev or
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