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Xapian-core 1.4.10 (2019-02-12):
* DatabaseClosedError: New exception class thrown instead of DatabaseError when
an operation is attempted which can't be completed because it involves a
database which close() was previously called on. DatabaseClosedError is a
subclass of DatabaseError so existing code catching DatabaseError will still
work as before. Fixes #772, reported by Germán M. Bravo. Patch from
Vaibhav Kansagara.
* DatabaseNotFoundError: New exception class thrown instead of
DatabaseOpeningError when the problem is the problem is "file not found" or
similar. DatabaseNotFoundError is a subclass of DatabaseOpeningError so
existing code catching DatabaseOpeningError will still work as before. Fixes
#773, reported by Germán M. Bravo. Patch from Vaibhav Kansagara.
* Query: Make &=, |= and ^= on Query objects opportunistically append to
an existing query with a matching query operator which has a reference
count of 1. This provides an easy way to incrementally build flatter query
* Query: Support `query &= ~query2` better - this now is handled exactly
equivalent to `query = query & ~query2` and gives `query AND_NOT query2`
instead of `query AND (<alldocuments> AND_NOT query2)`.
* QueryParser: Now uses &=, |= and ^= to produce flatter query trees. This
fixes problems with running out of stack space when handling Query object
trees built by abusing QueryParser to parse very large machine-generated
* Stopper: Fix incorrect accents in Hungarian stopword list. Patch from David
* Test MSet::snippet() with small and zero lengths. Fixes #759. Patch from
Vaibhav Kansagara.
* Fix testcase stubdb4 annotations - this testcase doesn't need a backend.
* Add PATH annotation for testcases needing get_database_path() to avoid having
to repeatedly list the backends where this is supported in testcase
* TEST_EXCEPTION helper macro now checks that the exact specified exception
type is thrown. Previously it would allow a subclass of the specified
exception type, but in testcases we really want to be able to test for an
exact type. Issue noted by Vaibhav Kansagara on IRC.
* Map OP_VALUE_GE/OP_VALUE_LE on an empty slot to EmptyPostList. We already do
this for OP_VALUE_RANGE, and it's a little more efficient than creating a
postlist object which checks the empty value slot.
glass backend:
* We no longer flush all pending positional changes when a postlist, termlist
or all-terms is opened on a modified WritableDatabase. Doing so was
incurring a significant performance cost, and the first of these happens
internally when `replace_document(term, doc)` is used, which is the usual way
to support non-numeric unique ids. We now only flush pending positional
changes when committing. Reported and diagnosed by Germán M. Bravo.
remote backend:
* Use poll() where available instead of select(). poll() is specified by
POSIX.1-2001 so should be widely available by now, and it allows watching any
fd (select() is limited to watching fds < FD_SETSIZE). For any platforms
which still lack poll() we now workaround this select() limitation when a
high numbered fd needs to be watched (for example, by trying a non-blocking
read or write and on EAGAIN sleeping for a bit before retrying).
* Stop watching fds for "exceptional conditions" - none of these are relevant
to our usage.
* Remove 0.1s timeout in ready_to_read(). The comment says this is to avoid a
busy loop, but that's out of date - the matcher first checks which remotes
are ready to read and then does a second pass to handle those which weren't
with a blocking read.
build system:
* Stop probing for header sys/errno.h which is no longer used - it was only
needed for Compaq C++, support for which was dropped in 1.4.8.
* docs/valueranges.html: Update to document RangeProcessor instead of
ValueRangeProcessor - the latter is deprecated and will be gone in the next
release series.
* Document RangeProcessor::operator()() returns OP_INVALID to signal it doesn't
recognise a range.
* Update some URLs for pages which have moved.
* Use https for URLs where available.
* HACKING: Update "empty()" section for changes in C++11.
* Suppress clang warnings for self-assignment tests. Some testcases trigger
this new-ish clang warning while testing that self-assignment works, which
seems a useful thing to be testing - at least one of these is a regression
* Add std::move to fix clang -Wreturn-std-move warning (which is enabled by
* Add casts to fix ubsan warnings. These cases aren't undefined behaviour, but
are reported by ubsan extra checks implicit-integer-truncation and/or
implicit-conversion which it is useful to be able to enable to catch
potential bugs.
* Fix check for when to use _byteswap_ulong() - in practice this would only
have caused a problem if a platform provided _byteswap_ushort() but not
_byteswap_ulong(), but we're not aware of any which do.
* Fix return values of do_bswap() helpers to match parameter types (previously
we always returned int and only supported swapping types up to 32 bits, so
this probably doesn't result in any behavioural changes).
* Only include <intrin.h> if we'll use it instead of always including it when
it exists. Including <intrin.h> can result in warnings about duplicate
declarations of builtin functions under mingw.
* Remove call to close()/closesocket() when the argument is always -1 (since
the change to use getaddrinfo() in 1.3.3).
Xapian-core 1.4.9 (2018-11-02):
* Document::add_posting(): Fix bugs with the change in 1.4.8 to more
efficiently handle insertion of a batch of extra positions in ascending
order. These could lead to missing positions and corrupted encoded
positional data.
remote backend:
* Avoid hang if remote connection shutdown fails by not waiting for the
connection to close in this situation. Seems to fix occasional hangs seen on
macOS. Patch from Germán M. Bravo.
Xapian-core 1.4.8 (2018-10-25):
* QueryParser,TermGenerator: Add new stemming mode STEM_SOME_FULL_POS.
This stores positional information for both stemmed and unstemmed terms,
allowing NEAR and ADJ to work with stemmed terms. The extra positional
information is likely to take up a significant amount of extra disk space so
the default STEM_SOME is likely to be a better choice for most users.
* Database::check(): Fetch and decompress the document data to catch problems
with the splitting of large data into multiple entries, corruption of the
compressed data, etc. Also check that empty document data isn't explicitly
stored for glass.
* Fix an incorrect type being used for term positions in the TermGenerator API.
These were Xapian::termcount but should be Xapian::termpos. Both are
typedefs for the same 32-bit unsigned integer type by default (almost always
"unsigned int") so this change is entirely compatible, except that if you
were configuring 1.4.7 or earlier with --enable-64bit-termcount you need to
also use the new --enable-64bit-termpos configure option with 1.4.8 and up or
rebuild your applications. This change was necessary to make
--enable-64bit-termpos actually useful.
* Add Document::remove_postings() method which removes all postings in a
specified term position range much more efficiently than by calling
remove_posting() repeatedly. It returns the number of postings removed.
* Fix bugs with handling term positions >= 0x80000000. Reported by Gaurav
* Document::add_posting(): More efficiently handle insertion of a batch of
extra positions in ascending order.
* Query: Simplify OP_SYNONYM with single OP_WILDCARD subquery by converting to
OP_WILDCARD with combiner OP_SYNONYM, which means such cases can take
advantage of the new matcher optimisation in this release to avoid needing
document length for OP_WILDCARD with combiner OP_SYNONYM.
* Catch and report std::exception from the test harness itself.
* apitest: Drop special case for not storing doc length in testcase postlist5 -
all backends have stored document lengths for a long time.
* test_harness: Create directories in a race-free way.
* Avoid needing document length for an OP_WILDCARD with combiner OP_SYNONYM.
We know that we can't get any duplicate terms in the expansion of a wildcard
so the sum of the wdf from them can't possibly exceed the document length.
* OP_SYNONYM: No longer tries to initialise weights for its subquery, which
should reduce the time taken to set up a large wildcard query.
* OP_SYNONYM: Fix frequency estimates when OP_SYNONYM is used with a
subquery containing OP_XOR or OP_MAX - in such cases the frequency
estimates for the first subquery of the OP_XOR/OP_MAX were used for
all its subqueries. Also the estimated collection frequency is
now rounded to the nearest integer rather than always being rounded
glass backend:
* Revert change made in 1.4.6:
Enable glass's "open_nearby_postlist" optimisation (which especially helps
large wildcard queries) for writable databases without any uncommitted
changes as well.
The amended check isn't conservative enough as there may be postlist changes
in the inverter while the table is unmodified. This breaks testcase in notmuch's testsuite, reported by David Bremner.
* When indexing a document without any terms we now avoid some unnecessary work
when storing its termlist.
build system:
* New --enable-64bit-termpos configure option which makes Xapian::termpos a
64-bit type and enables support for storing 64-bit termpos values in the
glass backend in an upwardly compatible way. Few people will actually want
to index documents more than 4 billion words long, but the extra numbering
space can be helpful if you want to use term positions in "interesting" ways.
* Hook up configure --disable-sse/--enable-sse=sse options for MSVC.
* Fix configure probes for builtin functions for clang. We need to specify the
argument types for each builtin since otherwise AC_CHECK_DECLS tries to
compile code which just tries to take a pointer to the builtin function
causing clang to give an error saying that's not allowed. If the argument
types are specified then AC_CHECK_DECLS tries to compile a call to the
builtin function instead.
* Fix documentation comment typo.
* xapian-delve: Test for all docs empty using get_total_length() which is
slightly simpler internally than get_avlength(), and avoids an exact floating
point equality check.
* quest: Support --weight=coord.
* xapian-pos: New tool to show term position info to help debugging when using
positional information in more complex ways.
* Fix undefined behaviour from C++ ODR violation due to using the same name
two different non-static inline functions. It seems that with current GCC
versions the desired function always ends up being used, but with current
clang the other function is sometimes used, resulting in database corruption
when using value slots in docid 16384 or higher with the default glass
backend. Patch from Germán M. Bravo.
* Suppress alignment cast warning on sparc Linux. The pointer being cast is to
a record returned by getdirentries(), so it should be suitable aligned.
* Drop special handling for Compaq C++. We never actually achieved a working
build using it, and I can find no evidence that this compiler still exists,
let alone that it was updated for C++11 which we now require.
* Create new database directories in race-free way.
* Avoid throwing and handling an exception in replace_document() when
adding a document with a specified docid which is <= last_docid but currently
* Use our portable code for handling UUIDs on all platforms, and only use
platform-specific code for generating a new UUID. This fixes a bug with
converting UUIDs to and from string representation on FreeBSD, NetBSD and
OpenBSD on little-endian platforms which resulted in reversed byte order in
the first three components, so the same database would report a different
UUID on these platforms compared to other platforms. With this fix, the
UUIDs of existing databases will appear to change on these platforms
(except in rare "palindronic" cases). Reported by Germán M. Bravo.
* Fix to build with a C++17 compiler. Previously we used a "byte" type
internally which clashed with "std::byte" in source files which use
"using namespace std;". Fixes #768, reported by Laurent Stacul.
* Adjust apitest testcase stubdb2 to allow for NetBSD oddity: NetBSD's
getaddrinfo() in IPv4 mode seems to resolve ::1 to an IPv4 address on the
local network.
* Avoid timer_create() on OpenBSD and NetBSD. On OpenBSD it always fails with
ENOSYS (and there's no prototype in the libc headers), while on NetBSD it
seems to work, but the timer never seems to fire, so it's useless to us (see
* Use SOCK_NONBLOCK if available to avoid a call to fcntl(). It's supported by
at least Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD.
* Use O_NOINHERIT for O_CLOEXEC on Windows. This flag has essentially the same
effect, and it's common in other codebases to do this.
* On AIX O_CLOEXEC may be a 64-bit constant which won't fit in an int. To
workaround this stupidity we now call the non-standard open64x() instead
of open() when the flags don't fit in an int.
* Add functions to add/multiply with overflow check. These are implemented
with compiler builtins or equivalent where possible, so the overflow check
will typically just require a check of the processor's overflow or carry
Xapian-core 1.4.7 (2018-07-19):
* Database::check(): Fix bogus error reports for documents with length zero
due to a new check added in 1.4.6 that the doclength was between the stored
upper and lower bounds, which failed to allow for the lower bound ignoring
documents with length zero (since documents indexed only by boolean terms
aren't involved in weighted searches). Reported by David Bremner.
* Query: Use of Query::MatchAll in multithreaded code causes problems because
the reference counting gets messed up by concurrent updates. Document that
Query(string()) should be used instead of MatchAll in multithreaded code, and
avoid using it in library code. Reported by Germán M. Bravo.
* Stem:
+ Stemming algorithms added for Irish, Lithuanian, Nepali and Tamil.
+ Merge Snowball compiler changes which improve code generation.
+ Merge optimisations to the Arabic and Turkish stemmers.
+ Fix duplicate test in apitest closedb10 testcase. Patch from Guruprasad
glass backend:
* A long-lived cursor on a table in a WritableDatabase could get into
an invalid state, which typically resulted in a DatabaseCorruptError
being thrown with the message:
Db block overwritten - are there multiple writers?
But in fact the on-disk database is not corrupted - it's just that
the cursor in memory has got into an inconsistent state. It looks
like we'll always detect the inconsistency before it can cause on-disk
corruption but it's hard to be completely certain.
The bug is in code to rebuild the cursor when the underlying table
changes in ways which require that, which is a fairly rare occurrence
to start with, and only triggers when a block in the cursor has been
released, reallocated, and we tried to load it in the cursor at the
same level - the cursor wrongly assumes it has the current version
of the block.
Reported with a reproducer by Sylvain Taverne. Confirmed by David
Bremner as also fixing a problem in notmuch for which he hadn't managed
to find a reduced reproducer.
* INSTALL: Document need to have MSVC command line tools on PATH.
* Cygwin: Work around oddity where unlink() sometimes seems to indicate failure
with errno set to ECHILD.
Xapian-core 1.4.6 (2018-07-02):
* API classes now support C++11 move semantics when using a compiler which
we are confident supports them (currently compilers which define
__cplusplus >= 201103 plus a special check for MSVC 2015 or later).
C++11 move semantics provide a clean and efficient way for threaded code to
hand-off Xapian objects to worker threads, but in this case it's very
unhelpful for availability of these semantics to vary by compiler as it
quietly leads to a build with non-threadsafe behaviour. To address this,
user code can #define XAPIAN_MOVE_SEMANTICS before #include <xapian.h> to
force this on, and will then get a compilation failure if the compiler lacks
suitable support.
* MSet::snippet():
+ We were only escaping output for HTML/XML in some cases, which would
potentially allow HTML to be injected into output (this has been assigned
+ Include certain leading non-word characters in snippets. Previously we
started the snippet at the start of the first actual word, but there are
various cases where including non-word characters in front of the actual
word adds useful context or otherwise aids comprehension. Reported by
Robert Stepanek in
* Add MSetIterator::get_sort_key() method. The sort key has always been
available internally, but wasn't exposed via the public API before, which
seems like an oversight as the collapse key has long been available.
Reported by 张少华 on xapian-discuss.
* Database::compact():
+ Allow Compactor::resolve_duplicate_metadata() implementations to delete
entries. Previously if an implementation returned an empty string this
would result in a user meta-data entry with an empty value, which isn't
normally achievable (empty meta-data values aren't stored), and so will
cause odd behaviour. We now handle an empty returned value by interpreting
it in the natural way - it means that the merged result is to not set a
value for that key in the output database.
+ Since 1.3.5 compacting a WritableDatabase with uncommitted changes throws
Xapian::InvalidOperationError when compacting to a single-file glass
database. This release adds similar checks for chert and when compacting
to a multiple-file glass database.
+ In the unlikely event that the total number of documents or the total
length of all documents overflow when trying to compact a multi-database,
we throw an exception. This is now a DatabaseError exception instead of a
const char* exception (a hang-over from before this code was turned into a
public API in the library).
* Document::remove_term(): Handle removing term at current TermIterator
position - previously the underlying iterator was invalidated, leading to
undefined behaviour (typically a segmentation fault). Reported by Gaurav
* TermIterator::get_termfreq() now always returns an exact answer. Previously
for multi-databases we approximated the result, which is probably either a
hang-over from when this method was used during Enquire::get_eset(), or else
due to a thinking that this method would be used in that situation (it
certainly is not now). If the user creates a TermIterator object and asks it
for term frequencies then we really should give them the correct answer - it
isn't hugely costly and the documentation doesn't warn that it might be
* QueryParser::parse_query():
+ Now adds a colon after the prefix when prefixing a boolean term which
starts with a colon. This means the mapping is reversible, and matches
what omega actually does in this case when it tries to reverse the mapping.
Thanks to Andy Chilton for pointing out this corner case.
+ The parser now makes use of newer features in the lemon parser generator to
make parsing faster and use less memory.
* Enquire::get_mset(): Fix bug with get_mset(0, 0, X) when X > 0 which was
causing an attempt to access an element in an empty vector. Reported by
sielicki in #xapian.
* Stem:
+ Add Indonesian stemming algorithm.
+ Small optimisations to almost all stemming algorithms.
* Stopper:
+ Add Indonesian stopword list.
+ The installed version of the Finnish stopword list now has one word per
line. Previously it had several space-separated words on some lines, which
works with C++'s std::istream_iterator but may be inconvenient for use from
some other languages.
+ The installed versions of stopword lists are now sorted in byte order
rather than whatever collation order is specified by LC_COLLATE or similar
at build time. This makes the build more reproducible, and also may be
more efficient for loading into some data structures.
* WritableDatabase::replace_document(term, doc): Check for last_docid wrapping
when used on a sharded database.
* Database::locked(): Consistently throw FeatureUnavailableError on platforms
where we can't test for a database lock without trying to take it.
Previously GNU Hurd threw DatabaseLockError while platforms where we don't
use fcntl() locking at all threw UnimplementedError.
* Database and WritableDatabase constructors: Fix handling of entries for
disabled backends in stub database files to throw FeatureUnavailableError
instead of DatabaseError.
* Database::get_value_lower_bound() now works correctly for sharded databases.
Previously it returned the empty string if any shard had no values in the
specified slot.
* PostingIterator was failing to keep an internal reference to the parent
Database object for sharded databases.
* ValueIterator::skip_to() and check() had an off-by-one error in their docid
calculations in some cases with sharded databases.
* apitest:
+ Enable testcases flagged metadata, synonym and/or writable to run on
sharded databases.
+ Enable testcases flagged writable to run on sharded databases. Writing to
a sharded WritableDatabase has been supported since 1.3.2, but the test
harness wasn't running many of the tests that could be with a sharded
WritableDatabase. This uncovered three bugs which are fixed in this
+ Support "generated" testcases for the inmemory backend, which uncovered a
bug which is fixed in this release.
+ Skip testcase testlock1 on platforms that don't allow us to implement
Database::locked() (which notably include GNU Hurd and Microsoft Windows).
+ Disable testlock2 on sharded databases as it fails for platforms which
don't actually support testing the lock.
+ Extend tests of behaviour after database close. Patch from Guruprasad
Hegde. Fixes
+ Enable testcase closedb5 for remote backends. This testcase failed for
remote backends when it was added and the cause wasn't clear, but it turns
out it was actually a bug in the disk based backends, which was fixed way
back in 2010. Reported by Guruprasad Hegde.
+ Check for select() failing in retrylock1 testcase. Retry on EINTR or
EAGAIN, and report other errors rather than trying the read() anyway.
Previously the read() would likely fail for the same reason the select()
did, but at best this is liable to make what's going on less clear if the
testcase fails.
* Report bool values as true/false not 1/0.
* Assorted minor testcase improvements.
* The test harness now supports testcases which are expected to fail (XFAIL).
Based on patch from Richard Boulton in
* Fix demangling of std::exception subclass names which wasn't happening due
to a typo in the preprocessor check for the required header. This was broken
by changes in 1.4.2.
* Make TEST_EQUAL() arguments side-effect free. The TEST_EQUAL() macro
evaluates its arguments a second time if the test fails in order to report
their values. This isn't ideal and really ought to be addressed, but for now
fix uses where the argument has side-effect (e.g. *i++) such that the
reported value should match the tested value.
* runtest: Show usage if first option starts '-'. Previously we ended up
passing such options to libtool, so putting -v on runtest instead of apitest
would run the tests but -v would effectively do nothing (it would make
libtool verbose, but that doesn't make any difference in this case):
./runtest -v ./apitest
* Suppress output from xcopy on MS Windows.
* The test harness machinery for detecting file descriptor leaks should now
work on any platform which has /dev/fd.
* Implement recursive delete of a database directory in the test harness
using nftw() if available (and not buggy like mingw64's seems to be), rather
than running "rm -rf" as an external command. This avoids the overhead of
starting a new process each time we clean up a test database, which happens a
lot during a test run.
* Speed up generated test databases a little by adding a stat() check to avoid
throwing and catching an exception when the database doesn't yet exist.
* Skip timed tests when configured with --enable-log. The logging can easily
turn O(1) operations into O(n), and that's hard to avoid. Fixes, reported by Guruprasad Hegde.
* OP_VALUE_*: When a value slot's lower and upper bound are equal, we know
that exactly how many documents the subquery can match (either 0 or those
bounds). This also avoids a division by zero which previously happened
when trying to calculate the estimate.
* Speed up sorting by keys. Use string::compare() to avoid having to call
operator< if operator> returns false.
* Fix clamping of maxitems argument to get_mset() - it was being clamped
to db.get_doccount(), now it's clamped to db.get_doccount() - first. In
practice this doesn't actually seem to cause any issues.
* If a match time limit is in effect, when it expires we now clamp
check_at_least to first + maxitems instead of to maxitems. In practice this
also doesn't seem to actually cause any issues (at least we've failed to
construct a testcase where it actually makes an observable difference).
* Fix percentages when only some shards have positions. If the final shard
didn't have positions this would lead to under-counting the total number leaf
of subqueries which would lead to incorrect positional calculations (and a
division by zero if the top level of the query was positional. This bug was
introduced in 1.4.3.
* OP_NEAR: Fix "phantom positions", where OP_NEAR would think a term without
positional information occurred at position 1 if it had the lowest term
frequency amongst the OP_NEAR's subqueries.
* Fix termfreq used in weight calculations for a term occurring more than once
in the query. Previously the termfreq for such terms was multiplied by the
number of different query positions they appeared at.
* OP_SYNONYM: We use the doclength upper bound for the wdf upper bound of a
synonym - now we avoid fetching it twice when the doclength upper bound is
explicitly needed.
* Short-cut init() when factor is 0 in most Weight subclasses. This indicates
the object is for the term-independent weight contribution, which is always 0
for most schemes, so there's no point fetching any stats or doing any
calculations. This fixes a divide by zero for TfIdfWeight, detected by
* OP_OR: Fix bug which caused orcheck1 to fail once hooked up to run with the
inmemory backend.
glass backend:
* Fix glass freelist bug when changes to a new database which didn't modify the
termlist table were committed. In this corner case, a block which had been
allocated to be the root block in the termlist table was leaked. This was
largely harmless, except that it was detected by Database::check() and caused
it to report an error. Reported by Antoine Beaupré and David Bremner.
* Fix glass freelist bug with cancel_transaction(). The freelist wasn't
reset to how it was before the transaction, resulting in leaked blocks.
This was largely harmless, except that it was detected by Database::check()
and caused it to report an error.
* Improve the per-term wdf upper bound. Previously we used min(cf(term),
wdf_upper_bound(db)) which is tight for any terms which attain that
upper bound, and also for terms with termfreq == 1 (the latter are common
in the database (e.g. 66% for a database of wikipedia), but probably
much less common in searches). When termfreq > 1 we now use
max(first_wdf(term), cf(term) - first_wdf(term)), which means terms with
termfreq == 2 will also attain their bound (another 11% for the same
database) while terms with higher termfreq but below the global bound will
get a tighter bound.
* Fix Database::locked() on single-file glass db to just return false (such
databases can't be opened as a WritableDatabase so there can't be a write
lock). Previously this failed with: "DatabaseLockError: Unable to get write
lock on /flintlock: Testing lock"
* Fix compaction when both the input and output are specified as a file
descriptor. Previously this threw an exception due to an overeager check
that destination != source.
* Use O_TRUNC when compacting to single file. If the output already exists but
is larger than our output we don't want to just overwrite the start of it.
This case also used to result in confusing compaction percentages.
* Enable glass's "open_nearby_postlist" optimisation (which especially helps
large wildcard queries) for writable databases without any uncommitted
changes as well.
* Make get_unique_terms() more efficient for glass. We approximate
get_unique_terms() by the length of the termlist (which counts boolean terms
too) but clamp this to be no larger than the document length. Since we need
to open the termlist to get its length, it makes more sense to get the
document length from that termlist for no extra cost rather than looking it
up in the postlist table.
* Database::check() now checks document lengths against the stored document
length lower and upper bounds. Patch from Uppinder Chugh. Fixes
* Fix bogus handling of most-recently-read value slot statistics. It seems
that we get lucky and this can't actually cause a problem in practice due
to another layer of caching above, but if nothing else it's a bug waiting to
* If we fail to create the directory for a new database because the path
already exists, the exception now reports EEXIST as the errno value rather
than whatever errno value happened to be set from an earlier library call.
remote backend:
* xapian-tcpsrv --one-shot no longer forks. We need fork to handle multiple
concurrent connections, but when handling a single connection forking just
adds overhead and potentially complicates process management for our caller.
This aligns with the behaviour under __WIN32__ where we use threads instead
of forking, and service the connection from the main thread with --one-shot.
* Fix repeat call to ValueIterator::check() on the same docid to not always
set valid to true for remote backend.
inmemory backend:
* Fix repeat call to ValueIterator::check() on the same docid to not always
set valid to true for inmemory backend.
build system:
* configure: Fix potentially confusing messages suggesting snprintf was added
in C90 - it was actually standardised in C99.
* Eliminate configure probes related to off_t by using C++11 features.
* The installed xapian-config script is now cleaned up by removing code to
handle use before installation. This extra code contained build paths
which meant the build wasn't bit-for-bit reproducible unless the same
build directory name was used. This change also eliminates use of
automake's $(transform) (which seems to be intended an internal mechanism)
and fixes "make uninstall" to remove xapian-config when a program-prefix or
-suffix is in use (e.g. there's a default -1.5 suffix for git master
* Directory separator knowledge is now factored out into configure, based on
$host_os and __WIN32__ (it seems hard to probe for this in a way which works
when cross-compiling).
* Fix build with --disable-backend-remote.
* In an out-of-tree build configured with --enable-maintainer-mode
and --disable-dependency-tracking we would fail to create the
"tests/soaktest" and "unicode" directories in the build directory.
Patch from Gaurav Arora.
* Improve handling of multitarget rule stamp files. Clean them on "make
maintainer-clean" and ship them so that --enable-maintainer-mode when
building from a tarball doesn't needlessly rerun the multitarget rules.
* Split out allsnowballheaders.h again to avoid include path issues with
unittest in out-of-tree maintainer-mode builds.
* xapian-core.pc: Both the Name and Description were too long compared to
pkg-config norms, and the Description was trying to be multi-line which it
seems pkg-config doesn't support. Fixes, reported by orbea.
* Stop describing Xapian as "Probabilistic" - we've also had non-probabilistic
weighting schemes since 1.3.2.
* Improve API docs for MSet::snippet().
* Correct some class names in doxygen file documentation comments.
* Mark up shell command as code-block:: sh.
* xapian-delve:
+ Document values can contain binary data, so escape them by default for
output. Other options now supported are to decode as a packed integer
(like omindex uses for last modified), decode using
Xapian::sortable_unserialise(), and to show the raw form (which was the
previous behaviour).
+ Report current database revision.
* xapian-inspect:
+ Report entry count when opening table
+ Support inspecting single file DBs via a new --table option (which can also
be used with a non-single-file DB instead of specifying the path to the
+ Add "first" and "last" commands which jump to the first/last entry in the
current table respectively.
+ "until" now counts and reports the number of entries advanced by.
+ Document "until" with no arguments - this advances to the end of the table,
but wasn't mentioned in the help.
+ Commands "goto" and "until" which take a key as an argument now expect the
key in the same escaped form that's used for display. This makes it much
simpler to interact with tables with binary keys.
+ Fix to expect .glass not .DB extension of glass tables.
* Sort out building using MSVC with the standard build system, and fix assorted
problems. MSVC 2015 or later is required for decent C++11 support. Both 32-
and 64-bit builds are now supported.
* Remove code specific to old MSVC nmake build system. The latter has been
removed already.
* Don't use WIN32 API to parse/unparse UUIDs. So much glue code is needed that
it's simpler to just do the parsing and unparsing ourselves, and we already
have an implementation which is used when generating UUIDs using /proc on
Linux. We still use UuidCreate() to generate a new UUID.
* Improve compiler visibility attribute detection to check that using the
attributes doesn't result in a warning - previously we'd enable them even on
platforms which don't support them, which would result in a compiler warning
for every file compiled. We now probe for -fvisibility=hidden and
-fvisibility-inlines-hidden together as it seems all compilers implement both
or neither, and it's faster to do one probe instead of two.
* Don't pass the same FDSET twice in same select() - this appears not to be
allowed by current POSIX, and causes warnings with GCC8.
* Fix compacttofd testcases to specify O_BINARY so they pass on platforms
where O_BINARY matters.
* configure: Probe for declaration of _putenv_s. It seems that the symbol is
always present in the MSVCRT DLL, but older mingw may not provide a
declaration for it.
* Fix "may be used uninitialised" warning with GCC 4.9.2 and -Os.
* Suppress mingw32 deprecation warning for useconds_t. We've already switched
away from useconds_t on git master, but it's not easy to do for 1.4.x without
ABI breakage.
* Fix signed vs unsigned warnings with assertions on.
* Use $(SED) instead of hard-coding "sed". The rules concerned are all ones
that only maintainers currently need to run, but we're likely to enable
maintainer-mode by default at some point and then portability here will
matter more.
* Add missing explicit <algorithm> for std::max()/std::min().
* Check for EAGAIN as well as EINTR from select(). The Linux select(2) man
page says: "Portable programs may wish to check for EAGAIN and loop, just as
with EINTR" and that seems to be necessary for Cygwin at least.
* Probe for exp10() declaration as Cygwin seems to have the symbol but lacks a
declaration in the headers. Just ignoring it is simplest and we'll use GCC's
__builtin_exp10() instead.
* Fix warnings when building Snowball compiler with recent GCC.
* Fix Perl script used during maintainer builds to work with Perl < 5.10. Such
old perl versions shouldn't really be relevant for maintainer builds at this
point, but appveyor's mingw install has such a Perl version.
* Remove unused macro STATIC_ASSERT_TYPE_DOMINATES (unused, except by
internaltest unit test for it, since the flint backend was removed in 2011)
and replace uses of STATIC_ASSERT_UNSIGNED_TYPE with C++11 features
static_assert and std::is_unsigned instead.
* Don't retry on (errno == EINTR) when read() or pread() indicates end-of-file.
This could potentially have put us into an infinite loop if we encountered
this situation and errno happened to be EINTR from a previous library call.
* Make read-only data arrays consistently static and const.
* Avoid casting invalid value to enum reply_type if an invalid reply code is
received from a remote server. This is technically undefined behaviour,
though in practice probably not a problem.
* Eliminate an array of function pointers and some char* array members in
library, reducing the number of relocations needed at shared library load
time, which reduces the total time to load the library.
* Use https for tarball URLs in .spec files. This provides protection against
MITM attacks on people building packages using these spec files, and is also
slightly more efficient as the http: URLs redirect to the https: versions
debug code:
* Fix build when configured with --enable-log due to bugs in debug logging
annotations. Patch from Uppinder Chugh.
* Fix assertion for value range on empty slot.
* Use AssertEq() rather than Assert with ==, the former reports the two
values if the assertion fails.
Xapian-core 1.4.5 (2017-10-16):
* Add Database::get_total_length() method. Previously you had to calculate
this from get_avlength() and get_doccount(), taking into account rounding
issues. But even then you couldn't reliably get the exact value when total
length is large since a double's mantissa has more limited precision than an
unsigned long long.
* Add Xapian::iterator_rewound() for bidirectional iterators, to test if the
iterator is at the start (useful for testing whether we're done when
iterating backwards).
* DatabaseOpeningError exceptions now provide errno via get_error_string()
rather than turning it into a string and including it in the exception
* WritableDatabase::replace_document(): when passed a Document object which
came from a database and has unmodified values, we used to always read
those values into a memory structure. Now we only do this if the document
is being replaced to the same document ID which it came from, which should
make other cases a bit more efficient.
* Enquire::get_eset(): When approximating term frequencies we now round to the
nearest integer - previously we always rounded down.
* Improve Xapian::Document test coverage.
* Pass --child-silent-after-fork=yes to valgrind which stops us creating a
.valgrind.log.* file for every remote testcase run. This option was added in
valgrind 3.3.0 which is already the minimum version we support.
* Open and unlink valgrind log before option parsing so we no longer leave a
log file behind if there's an error parsing options or for options like
--help which report and exit.
* Delete .valgrind.log.* on "make clean" - if tests are run under valgrind and
the test is killed at just the wrong moment then a log file may be left
* Fix the NetworkError with ECHILD check added in 1.4.4 - this will no longer
segfault if the test harness catches a NetworkError without an error string.
* Iterating of positions has been sped up, which means phrase matching is now
faster (by a little over 5% in some simple tests).
* Fix use after free of QueryOptimiser hint in certain cases involving
multiple databases only some of which have positional information.
This bug was introduced by changes in xapian-core 1.4.3. Fixes #752,
reported and analysed by Robert Stepanek.
* An unweighted OP_AND_MAYBE is now optimised to just its left branch - the
other branch or branches only contribute weight, so can be completely ignored
when the operator is unweighted.
inmemory backend:
* Use binary chop instead of linear search in all places where we're searching
for a term or document - we weren't taking advantage of the sorted order
build system:
* xapian-core.pc: Specify Libs.private in pkgconfig file, which is needed for
static linking, and probably also for shared libraries on platforms without
DT_NEEDED or something equivalent. Fixes #751, reported by Matthieu Gautier.
* Document that QueryParser::set_default_op() supports OP_MAX - this
has been the case since OP_MAX was added, but the API docs for
set_default_op() weren't updated to reflect this.
* Document OP_MAX and OP_WILDCARD.
* Fix documentation of TermGenerator stop_strategy values STOP_ALL and
STOP_STEMMED. Reported by Matthieu Gautier in #750. Thanks to Gaurav Arora
for additional investigation.
* net/remote_protocol.rst: Update the current version of the remote protocol
version (39 not 38). The differences between the two are only in the Query
and MSet serialisations which aren't documented in detail here.
* Link get_unique_terms_begin() and get_terms_begin() API documentation -
the cross-referencing is useful in itself, but also helps to highlight
the difference between the two.
* Fix "IPv5" -> "IPv6" comment typo. Noted by James Clarke
* deprecation.html:
+ Add deprecated Enquire::get_eset() overload - this was marked as deprecated
in the header file, but hadn't been added here.
+ Move deprecated typedefs to the "to be removed" list - they'd been
accidentally added to the "removed" list.
+ Improve descriptions of several deprecated features.
* QueryParser::set_max_expansion() is now discussed in the API documentation
instead of the deprecated set_max_wildcard_expansion().
* Clarify PostList::check() API documentation: If valid is set to false, then
NULL must be returned (pruning in this situation doesn't make sense) and
at_end() shouldn't be called (because it implicitly depends on the current
position being valid).
+ Update re -Wold-style-cast which we enabled and then had to disable again.
+ Update links to C++ FAQ and libstdc++'s debug mode.
+ Update several URLs to use https.
+ The 1.2 release branch has now been retired, so remove 1.2-specific
backporting tips.
* Also check <errno.h> for sys_nerr and sys_errlist. This is probably a more
common location for them than Linux's <stdio.h> (even on Linux the man page
says they're in <errno.h> but that doesn't match reality).
* Use $(CC) not $(CC_FOR_BUILD) to build The test for whether we
need it is based on the host OS, so it makes more sense to use the host
compiler to build it when cross compiling.
* On Hurd F_GETLK currently always fails with errno set to ENOSYS - treat this
the same way as ENOLCK. This fixes the testsuite on GNU Hurd, broken since
the addition on Database::locked() in 1.4.3.
* Add missing #include "safesyssocket.h", needed on at least FreeBSD to get
AF_INET and SOCK_STREAM defined. Fixes, reported by Po-Chuan Hsieh
(alternative fix applied was suggested by James Aylett).
* configure: Fixed the probe for whether the test harness can use RTTI with
IBM's xlC compiler (which defaults to not generating RTTI). Previously the
probe would always think RTTI was available.
debug code:
* Fix some incorrect class/method names in debug logging.
* Stop disabling ccache for coverage builds as ccache 3.2.2 now supports
caching compilations with --coverage, and they work as far back as ccache 3.0
(caching is automatically disabled by these older versions).
* Drop --enable-quiet from in COVERAGE_CONFIGURE - this option no longer does
anything since 1.3.1.
Xapian-core 1.4.4 (2017-04-19):
* Database::check():
+ Fix checking a single table - changes in 1.4.2 broke such checks unless you
specified the table without any extension.
+ Errors from failing to find the file specified are now thrown as
DatabaseOpeningError (was DatabaseError, of which DatabaseOpeningError is
a subclass so existing code should continue to work). Also improved the
error message when the file doesn't exist is better.
Query constructor. These operators always return weight 0 so OP_SCALE_WEIGHT
over them has no effect. Eliminating it at query construction time is cheap
(we only need to check the type of the subquery), eliminates the confusing
"0 * " from the query description, and means the OP_SCALE_WEIGHT Query object
can be released sooner. Inspired by Shivanshu Chauhan asking about the query
description on IRC.
* Drop OP_SCALE_WEIGHT on the right side of OP_AND_NOT in the Query
constructor. OP_AND_NOT takes no weight from the right so OP_SCALE_WEIGHT
has no effect there. Eliminating it at query construction time is cheap
(just need to check the subquery's type), eliminates the confusing "0 * "
from the query description, and means the OP_SCALE_WEIGHT object can be
released sooner.
* Add more tests of Database::check(). Fixes #238, reported by Richard
* Make apitest testcase nosuchdb1 fail if we manage to open the DB.
* Skip testcases which throw NetworkError with errno value ECHILD - this
indicates system resource starvation rather than a Xapian bug. Such failures
are seen on Debian buildds from time to time, see:
* Fix incorrect results due to uninitialised memory. The array holding max
weight values in MultiAndPostList is never initialised if the operator is
unweighted, but the values are still used to calculate the max weight to pass
to subqueries, leading to incorrect results. This can be observed with an OR
under an unweighted AND (e.g. OR under AND on the right side of AND_NOT).
The fix applied is to simply default initialise this array, which should lead
to a max weight of 0.0 being passed on to subqueries. Bug reported in
notmuch by Kirill A. Shutemov, and forwarded by David Bremner.
* Correct "Query::feature_flag" -> "QueryParser::feature_flag". Fixes #747,
reported by James Aylett.
* Rename set_metadata() `value` parameter to `metadata`. This change is
particularly motivated by making it easier to map this case specially in SWIG
bindings, but the new name is also clearer and better documents its purpose.
* Rename value range parameters. The new names (`range_limit` instead of
`limit`, `range_lower` instead of `begin` and `range_upper` instead of `end`)
are particularly motivated by making it easier to map them specially in SWIG
bindings, but they're also clearer names which better document their
* Change "(key, tag)" to "(key, value)" in user metadata docs. The user
metadata is essentially what's often called a "key-value store" so users
are likely to be familiar with that terminology.
* Consistently name parameter of Weight::unserialise() overridden forms.
In xapian/weight.h it was almost always named `serialised`, but LMWeight
named it `s` and CoordWeight omitted the name.
* Fix various minor documentation comment typos.
* Fix configure probe for __builtin_exp10() to work around bug on mingw - there
GCC generates a call to exp10() for __builtin_exp10() but there is no exp10()
function in the C library, so we get a link failure. Use a full link test
instead to avoid this issue. Reported by Mario Emmenlauer on xapian-devel.
* Fix configure probe for log2() which was failing on at least some platforms
due to ambiguity between overloaded forms of log2(). Make the probe
explicitly check for log2(double) to avoid this problem.
* Workaround the unhelpful semantics of AI_ADDRCONFIG on platforms which follow
the old RFC instead of POSIX (such as Linux) - if only loopback networking is
configured, localhost won't resolve by name or IP address, which causes
testsuites using the remote backend over localhost to fail in auto-build
environments which deliberately disable networking during builds. The
workaround implemented is to check if the hostname is "::1", "" or
"localhost" and disable AI_ADDRCONFIG for these. This doesn't catch all
possible ways to specify localhost, but should catch all the ways these might
be specified in a testsuite. Fixes, reported
by Daniel Schepler and the root cause uncovered by James Clarke.
debug code:
* Adjust assertion in InMemoryPostList. Calling skip_to() is fine when the
postlist hasn't been started yet (but the assertion was failing for a term
not in the database). Latent bug, triggered by testcases complexphrase1 and
complexnear1 as updated for addition of support for OP_OR subqueries of
Xapian-core 1.4.3 (2017-01-25):
* MSet::snippet(): Favour candidate snippets which contain more of a diversity
of matching terms by discounting the relevance of repeated terms using an
exponential decay. A snippet which contains more terms from the query is
likely to be better than one which contains the same term or terms multiple
times, but a repeated term is still interesting, just less with each
additional appearance. Diversity issue highlighted by Robert Stepanek's
patch in - testcases taken from his
* MSet::snippet(): New flag SNIPPET_EMPTY_WITHOUT_MATCH to get an empty snippet
if there are no matches in the text passed in. Implemented by Robert
* Round MSet::get_matches_estimated() to an appropriate number of significant
figures. The algorithm used looks at the lower and upper bound and where the
estimate sits between them, and then picks an appropriate number of
significant figures. Thanks to Sébastien Le Callonnec for help sorting out a
portability issue on OS X.
* Add Database::locked() method - where possible this non-invasively checks if
the database is currently open for writing, which can be useful for
dashboards and other status reporting tools.
* Use terms that exist in the database for most snippet tests. It's good to
test that snippet highlighting works for terms that aren't in the database,
but it's not good for all our snippet tests to feature such terms - it's
not the common usage.
* Improve value range upper bound and estimated matches. The value slot
frequency provides a tighter upper bound than Database::get_doccount().
The estimate is now calculated by working out the proportion of possible
values between the slot lower and upper bounds which the range covers
(assuming a uniform distribution). This seems to work fairly well in
practice, and is certainly better than the crude estimate we were using:
Database::get_doccount() / 2
* Handle arbitrary combinations of OP_OR under OP_NEAR/OP_PHRASE, partly
addressing #508. Thanks to Jean-Francois Dockes for motivation and testing.
* Only convert OP_PHRASE to OP_AND if full DB has no positions. Until now the
conversion was done independently for each sub-database, but being consistent
with the results from a database containing all the same documents seems more
* Avoid double get_wdf() call for first subquery of OP_NEAR and OP_PHRASE,
which will speed them up by a small amount.
* INSTALL: Update section about -Bsymbolic-functions which is not a new
GNU ld feature at this point.
* xapian-delve: Uses new Database::locked() method to report if the database
is currently locked.
* Fix build failure cross-compiling for android due to not pulling in header
for errno.
* Fix compiler warnings.
Xapian-core 1.4.2 (2016-12-26):
* Add XAPIAN_AT_LEAST(A,B,C) macro.
* MSet::snippet(): Optimise snippet generation - it's now ~46% faster in a
simple test.
* Add Xapian::DOC_ASSUME_VALID flag which tells Database::get_document() that
it doesn't need to check that the passed docid is valid. Fixes #739,
reported by Germán M. Bravo.
* TfIdfWeight: Add support for the L wdf normalisation. Patch from Vivek Pal.
* BB2Weight: Fix weights when database has just one document. Our existing
attempt to clamp N to be at least 2 was ineffective due to computing
N - 2 < 0 in an unsigned type.
* DPHWeight: Fix reversed sign in quadratic formula, making the upper bound a
tiny amount higher.
* DLHWeight: Correct upper bound which was a bit too low, due to flawed logic
in its derivation. The new bound is slightly less tight (by a few percent).
* DLHWeight,DPHWeight: Avoid calculating log(0) when wdf is equal to the
document length.
* TermGenerator: Handle stemmer returning empty string - the Arabic stemmer
can currently do this (e.g. for a single tatweel) and user stemmers can too.
Fixes #741, reported by Emmanuel Engelhart.
* Database::check(): Fix check that the first docid in each doclength chunk is
more than the last docid in the previous chunk - this code was in the wrong
place so didn't actually work.
* Database::get_unique_terms(): Clamp returned value to be <= document length.
Ideally get_unique_terms() ought to only count terms with wdf > 0, but that's
expensive to calculate on demand.
glass backend:
* When compacting we now only write the iamglass file out once, and we write it
before we sync the tables but sync it after, which is more I/O friendly.
* Database::check(): Fix in SEGV when out == NULL and opts != 0.
* Fix potential SEGV with corrupt value stats.
chert backend:
* Fix potential SEGV with corrupt value stats.
build system:
* Add XO_REQUIRE autoconf macro to provide an easy way to handle version checks
in user configure scripts.
* quest: Support BM25+, LM and PL2+ weighting schemes.
* xapian-check: Fix when ellipses are shown in 't' mode. They were being shown
when there were exactly 6 entries, but we only start omitting entries when
there are *more* than 6. Fix applies to both glass and chert.
* Avoid using opendir()/readdir() in our closefrom() implementation as these
functions can call malloc(), which isn't safe to do between fork() and exec()
in a multi-threaded program, but after fork() is exactly where we want to
use closefrom(). Instead we now use getdirentries() on Linux and
getdirentriesattr() on OS X (OS X support bugs shaken out with help from
Germán M. Bravo).
* Support reading UUIDs from /proc/sys/kernel/random/uuid which is especially
useful when building for Android, as it avoids having to cross-build a UUID
* Disable volatile workaround for excess precision SEGV for SSE - previously it
was only being disabled for SSE2.
* When building for x86 using a compiler where we don't know how to disable
use of 387 FP instructions, we now run remote servers for the testsuite under
valgrind --tool=none, like we do when --disable-sse is explicitly specified.
* Add alignment_cast<T> which has the same effect as reinterpret_cast<T> but
avoids warnings about alignment issues.
* Suppress warnings about unused private members. DLHWeight and DPHWeight
have an unused lower_bound member, which clang warns about, but we need to
keep them there in 1.4.x to preserve ABI compatibility.
* Remove workaround for g++ 2.95 bug as we require at least 4.7 now.
* configure: Probe for <cxxabi.h>. GCC added this header in GCC 3.1, which
is much older than we support, so we've just assumed it was available if
__GNUC__ was defined. However, clang lies and defines __GNUC__ yet doesn't
seem to reliably provide <cxxabi.h>, so we need to probe for it.
* Fix "unused assignment" warning.
* configure: Probe for __builtin_* functions. Previously we just checked for
__GNUC__ being defined, but it's cleaner to probe for them properly -
compilers other than GCC and those that pretend to be GCC might provide these
* Use __builtin_clz() with compilers which support it to speed up encoding
and especially decoding of positional data. This speeds up phrase searching
by ~0.5% in a simple test.
* Check signed right shift behaviour at compile time - we can use a test on a
constant expression which should optimise away to just the required version
of the code, which means that on platforms which perform sign-extension
(pretty much everything current it seems) we don't have to rely on the
compiler optimising a portable idiom down to the appropriate right shift
* Improve configure check for log2(). We include <cmath> so the check really
should succeed if only std::log2() is declared.
* Enable win32-dll option to LT_INIT.
debug code:
* xapian-inspect:
+ Support glass instead of chert.
+ Allow control of showing keys/tags.
+ Use more mnemonic letters than X for command arguments in help.
Xapian-core 1.4.1 (2016-10-21):
* Constructing a Query for a non-reference counted PostingSource object will
now try to clone the PostingSource object (as happened in 1.3.4 and
earlier). This clone code was removed as part of the changes in 1.3.5 to
support optional reference counting of PostingSource objects, but that breaks
the case when the PostingSource object is on the stack and goes out of scope
before the Query object is used. Issue reported by Till Schäfer and analysed
by Daniel Vrátil in a bug report against Akonadi:
* Add BM25PlusWeight class implementing the BM25+ weighting scheme, implemented
by Vivek Pal (
* Add PL2PlusWeight class implementing the PL2+ weighting scheme, implemented
by Vivek Pal (
* LMWeight: Implement Dir+ weighting scheme as DIRICHLET_PLUS_SMOOTHING.
Patch from Vivek Pal.
* Add CoordWeight class implementing coordinate matching. This can be useful
for specialised uses - e.g. to implement sorting by the number of matching
* DLHWeight,DPHWeight,PL2Weight: With these weighting schemes, the formulae
can give a negative weight contribution for a term in extreme cases. We
used to try to handle this by calculating a per-term lower bound on the
contribution and subtracting this from the contribution, but this idea
is fundamentally flawed as the total offset it adds to a document depends on
what combination of terms that document matches, meaning in general the
offset isn't the same for every matching document. So instead we now clamp
each term's weight contribution to be >= 0.
* TfIdfWeight: Always scale term weight by wqf - this seems the logical
approach as it matches the weighting we'd get if we weighted every non-unique
term in the query, as well as being explicit in the Piv+ formula.
* Fix OP_SCALE_WEIGHT to work with all weighting schemes - previously it was
ignored when using PL2Weight and LMWeight.
* PL2Weight: Greatly improve upper bound on weight:
+ Split the weight equation into two parts and maximise each separately as
that gives an easily solvable problem, and in common cases the maximum is
at the same value of wdfn for both parts. In a simple test, the upper
bounds are now just over double the highest weight actually achieved -
previously they were several hundred times. This approach was suggested by
Aarsh Shah in:
+ Improve upper bound on normalised wdf (wdfn) - when wdf_upper_bound >
doclength_lower_bound, we get a tighter bound by evaluating at
wdf=wdf_upper_bound. In a simple test, this reduces the upper bound on
wdfn by 36-64%, and the upper bound on the weight by 9-33%.
* PL2Weight: Fix calculation of upper_bound when P2>0. P2 is typically
negative, but for a very common term it can be positive and then we should
use wdfn_lower not wdfn_upper to adjust P_max.
* Weight::unserialise(): Check serialised form is empty when unserialising
parameter-free schemes BoolWeight, DLHWeight and DPHWeight.
* TermGenerator::set_stopper_strategy(): New method to control how the Stopper
object is used. Patch from Arnav Jain.
* QueryParser: Fix handling of CJK query over multiple prefixes. Previously
all the n-gram terms were AND-ed together - now we AND together for each
prefix, then OR the results. Fixes #719, reported by Aaron Li.
* Add Database::get_revision() method which provides access to the database
revision number for chert and glass, intended for use by xapiand. Marked
as experimental, so we don't have to go through the usual deprecation cycle
if this proves not to be the approach we want to take. Fixes #709,
reported by Germán M. Bravo.
* Mark RangeProcessor constructor as `explicit`.
* OP_SCALE_WEIGHT: Check top weight is non-zero - if it is zero, tests which
try to check that OP_SCALE_WEIGHT works will always pass.
* testsuite: Check SerialisationError descriptions from Xapian::Weight
subclasses mention the weighting scheme name.
* Fix stats passed to Weight with OP_SYNONYM. Previously the number of
unique terms was never calculated, and a term which matched all documents
would be optimised to an all-docs postlist, which fails to supply the
correct wdf info.
* Use floating point calculation for OR synonym freq estimates. The division
was being done as an integer division, which means the result was always
getting rounded down rather than rounded to the nearest integer.
glass backend:
* Fix allterms with prefix on glass with uncommitted changes. Glass aims to
flush just the relevant postlist changes in this case but the end of the
range to flush was wrong, so we'd only actually flush changes for a term
exactly matching the prefix. Fixes #721.
remote backend:
* Improve handling of invalid remote stub entries: Entries without a colon now
give an error rather than being quietly skipped; IPv6 isn't yet supported,
but entries with IPv6 addresses now result in saner errors (previously the
colons confused the code which looks for a port number).
build system:
* XO_LIB_XAPIAN: Check for user trying to specify configure for XAPIAN_CONFIG
and give a more helpful error.
* Fix XO_LIB_XAPIAN to work without libtool. Modern versions of GNU m4 error
out when defn is used on an undefined macro. Uncovered by Amanda Jayanetti.
* Clean build paths out of installed xapian-config, mostly in the interests of
facilitating reproducible builds, but it is also a little more robust as the
"uninstalled tree" case can't then accidentally be triggered.
* Drop compiler options that are no longer useful:
+ -fshow-column is the default in all GCC versions we now support
(checked as GCC 4.6).
+ -Wno-long-long is no longer necessary now that we require C++11 where
"long long" is a standard type.
* Add API documentation comments for all classes, methods, constants, etc which
were lacking them, and improve the content of some existing comments.
* Stop hiding undocumented classes and members. Hiding them silences doxygen's
warnings about them, so it's hard to see what is missing, and the stub
documentation produced is perhaps better than not documenting at all.
Fixes #736, reported by James Aylett.
* xapian-check: Make command line syntax consistent with other tools.
* Note when MSet::snippet() was added.
* deprecation.rst: Recommend unsigned over useconds_t for timeout values (but
leave the API using useconds_t for 1.4.x for ABI compatibility. The type
useconds_t is now obsolete and anyway was intended to represent a time in
microseconds (confusing when Xapian's timeouts are in milliseconds). The
Linux usleep man page notes: "Programs will be more portable if they never
mention this type explicitly."
* Suppress compiler warnings about pointer alignment on some architectures.
We know the data is aligned in these cases.
* Fix replicate7 under Cygwin.
debug code:
* Add missing forward declaration needed by --enable-log build.
Xapian-core 1.4.0 (2016-06-24):
* Update to Unicode 9.0.0.
* Fix build on big-endian architectures. The new unaligned word access
functions expect WORDS_BIGENDIAN to be set, but wasn't invoking
AC_C_BIGENDIAN to arrange for this to be set.
* Suppress compiler warnings about pointer alignment. We know the data is
suitably aligned, because the whole point of these functions is to allow
reading an aligned word.
Xapian-core 1.3.7 (2016-06-01):
* Reimplement ESet and ESetIterator as we did for MSet and MSetIterator in
1.3.5. ESetIterator internally now counts down to the end of the ESet, so
the end test is now against 0, rather than against eset.size(). And more of
the trivial methods are now inlined, which reduces the number of relocations
needed to load the library, and should give faster code which is a very
similar size to before.
* MSetIterator and ESetIterator are now STL-compatible random_access_iterators
(previously they were only bidirectional_iterators).
* Merge queryparsertest and termgentest into apitest. Their testcases now use
the backend manager machinery in the testharness, so we don't have to
hard-code use of inmemory and chert backends, but instead run them under all
backends which support the required features. This fixes some test failures
when both chert and glass are disabled due to trying to run spelling tests
with the inmemory backend.
* Avoid overflowing collection frequency in totaldoclen1. We're trying to test
total document length doesn't wrap, so avoid collection freq overflowing in
the process, as that triggers errors when running the testsuite under ubsan.
We should handle collection frequency overflow better, but that's a separate
* Add some test coverage for ESet::get_ebound().
* Fix upper bound on matches for OP_XOR. Due to a reversed conditional, the
estimate could be one too low in some cases where the XOR matched all the
documents in the database.
* Improve lower bound on matches for OP_XOR. Previously the lower bound was
always set to 0, which is valid, but we can often do better.
glass backend:
* Fix Database::check() parsing of glass changes file header. In practice this
was unlikely to actually cause problems.
build system:
* --disable-backend-remote now disables replication too which makes it
actually usable (currently replication and the remote backend share most of
their network code, so disabling them together probably makes sense anyway).
* Improve builds with various combinations of backends disabled (see #361).
* Revert change to handle a self-initialised PIMPL object (e.g. Xapian::Query
q(q);), added in 1.3.6. It seems this case is actually undefined behaviour,
so there's not much point trying to do anything about it. Clang warns about
the testcase for it (tested with 3.5), but sadly current GCC doesn't (tested
with 6.1).
* Use <cstdint> for integer types of known widths now we require C++11.
* Replace unaligned word access functions with optimised versions which use
memcpy() and (on little-endian platforms) a byte-swap (via compiler builtins
where available). Access revision numbers in database blocks with an aligned
load, since we know they are suitably aligned.
* Simplify handling of platforms where timer_create() exists but isn't
suitable for our needs - AIX and GNU Hurd both have timer_create() but it
always seems to fail (on Hurd this is because there's a dummy implementation
in glibc which always fails with ENOSYS). Trying a call at runtime which
will never succeed is a waste of time, so we want to avoid defining
HAVE_TIMER_CREATE in such cases. Probing for this properly in configure
would need us to compile and run a test program, which is unhelpful when
cross-compiling, so for now just test against a blacklist of platforms we
know don't provide a suitable timer_create() function.
* Check _POSIX_MONOTONIC_CLOCK and if it's not defined, use CLOCK_REALTIME
instead of CLOCK_MONOTONIC. The existing hard-coded platform checks still
seem to be needed, as on these platforms CLOCK_MONOTONIC is available for
some functions, but doesn't work with timer_create() for one reason or
another. But the new check should avoid failures on platforms without any
monotonic clock support.
* Make opt_intrusive_base symbols visible to avoid UBSAN warnings.
* Avoid potential set-but-unused warning - with both chert and glass disabled,
last_docid's final set value isn't used, which GCC doesn't warn about, but
other compilers might.
* Avoid explicit recursive return of void - we've had warnings for such cases
from some compilers in the past, and it's an odd thing to do outside of a
Xapian-core 1.3.6 (2016-05-09):
* TfIdfWeight: Support freq and squared IDF normalisations. Patch from Vivek
* New Xapian::Query::OP_INVALID to provide an "invalid" query object.
* Reject OP_NEAR/OP_PHRASE with non-leaf subqueries early to avoid a
potential segmentation fault if the non-leaf subquery decayed at
just the wrong moment. See #508.
* Reduce positional queries with a MatchAll or PostingSource subquery to
MatchNothing (since these subqueries have no positional information, so
the query can't match).
* Deprecate ValueRangeProcessor and introduce new RangeProcessor class as
a replacement. RangeProcessor()::operator()() method returns Xapian::Query,
so a range can expand to any query. OP_INVALID is used to signal that
a range is not recognised. Fixes #663.
* Combining of ranges over the same quantity with OP_OR is now handled by
an explicit "grouping" parameter, with a sensible default which works
for value range queries. Boolean term prefixes and FieldProcessor now
support "grouping" too, so ranges and other filters can now be grouped
* Formally deprecate WritableDatabase::flush(). The replacement commit()
method was added in 1.1.0, so code can be switched to use this and still
work with 1.2.x.
* Fix handling of a self-initialised PIMPL object (e.g. Xapian::Query q(q);).
Previously the uninitialised pointer was copied to itself, resulting in
undefined behaviour when the object was used. This isn't something you'd see
in normal code, but it's a cheap check which can probably be optimised away
by the compiler (GCC 6 does).
* Fix testcase notermlist1 to check correct table extension - ".glass" not
".DB" (chert doesn't support DB_NO_TERMLIST).
build system:
* Bootstrap with autoconf 2.69. This requires GNU m4 >= 4.6, but that should
no longer be an issue on developer machines.
* Fix build with --enable-log. Debug logging was trying to log
compress_strategy parameter which was removed recently. Reported by Ankit
Paliwal on xapian-devel.
* Fix misfiled deprecation notes. Various things marked as deprecated and
removed in 1.3.x have in fact been deprecated but not removed (they were just
added to the wrong list). One instance queried by David Bremner on #xapian,
and a review found several more.
* Improve docs for lcov makefile targets - say that these are targets in the
xapian-core directory (noted by poe_ on #xapian), document
coverage-reconfigure-maintainer-mode target, and clarify what the example of
how to use GENHTML_ARGS actually does.
* Note that Java bindings use xapian/iterator.h.
* Update release checklist. The script to build the release tarballs now
automates some of the changes needed in trac.
* Fix build with Android NDK which declares sys_errlist and sys_nerr in the
C library headers, but doesn't actually define them in the library itself.
The configure test now tries to link a trivial program which uses these
symbols. Patch from Tejas Jogi.
Xapian-core 1.3.5 (2016-04-01):
This release includes all changes from 1.2.23 which are relevant.
* The Snipper class has been replaced with a new MSet::snippet() method.
The implementation has also been redone - the existing implementation was
slower than ideal, and didn't directly consider the query so would sometimes
selects a snippet which doesn't contain any of the query terms (which users
quite reasonably found surprising). The new implementation is faster, will
always prefer snippets containing query terms, and also understands exact
phrases and wildcards. Fixes #211.
* Add optional reference counting support for ErrorHandler, ExpandDecider,
KeyMaker, PostingSource, Stopper and TermGenerator. Fixes #186, reported
by Richard Boulton. (ErrorHandler's reference counting isn't actually used
anywhere in xapian-core currently, but means we can hook it up in 1.4.x if
ticket #3 gets addressed).
* Deprecate public member variables of PostingSource. The new getters and/or
setters added in 1.2.23 and 1.3.5 are preferred. Fixes #499, reported by
Joost Cassee.
* Reimplement MSet and MSetIterator. MSetIterator internally now counts down
to the end of the MSet, so the end test is now against 0, rather than against
mset.size(). And more of the trivial methods are now inlined, which reduces
the number of relocations needed to load the library, and should give faster
code which is a very similar size to before.
* Only issue prefetch hints for documents if MSet::fetch() is called. It's not
useful to send the prefetch hint right before the actual read, which was
happening since the implementation of prefetch hints in 1.3.4. Fixes #671,
reported by Will Greenberg.
* Fix OP_ELITE_SET selection in multi-database case - we were selecting
different sets for each subdatabase, but removing the special case check for
termfreq_max == 0 solves that.
* Remove "experimental" marker from FieldProcessor, since we're happy with the
API as-is. Reported by David Bremner on xapian-discuss.
* Remove "experimental" marker from Database::check(). We've not had any
negative feedback on the current API.
* Databse::check() now checks that doccount <= last_docid.
* Database::compact() on a WritableDatabase with uncommitted changes could
produce a corrupted output. We now throw Xapian::InvalidOperationError in
this case, with a message suggesting you either commit() or open the database
from disk to compact from. Reported by Will Greenberg on #xapian-discuss
* Add Arabic stemmer. Patch from Assem Chelli in
* Improve the Arabic stopword list. Patch from Assem Chelli.
* Make functions defined in xapian/iterator.h 'inline'.
* Don't force the user to specify the metric in the geospatial API -
GreatCircleMetric is probably what most users will want, so a sensible
* Xapian::DBCHECK_SHOW_BITMAP: This was added in 1.3.0 (so has never been in
a stable release) and was superseded by Xapian::DBCHECK_SHOW_FREELIST in
1.3.2, so just remove it.
* Make setting an ErrorHandler a no-op - this feature is deprecated and we're
not aware of anyone using it. We're hoping to rework ErrorHandler in 1.4.x,
which will be simpler without having to support the current behaviour as well
as the new. See #3.
* unittest: We can't use Assert() to unit test noexcept code as it throws an
exception if it fails. Instead set up macros to set a variable and return if
an assertion fails in a unittest testcase, and check that variable in the
glass backend:
* Make glass the default backend. The format should now be stable, except
perhaps in the unlikely event that a bug emerges which requires a format
change to address.
* Don't explicitly store the 2 byte "component_of" counter for the first
component of every Btree entry in leaf blocks - instead use one of the upper
bits of the length to store a "first component" flag. This directly saves 2
bytes per entry in the Btree, plus additional space due to fewer blocks and
fewer levels being needed as a result. This particularly helps the position
table, which has a lot of entries, many of them very small. The saving would
be expected to be a little less than the saving from the change which shaved
2 bytes of every Btree item in 1.3.4 (since that saved 2 bytes multiple times
for large entries which get split into multiple items). A simple test
suggests a saving of several percent in total DB size, which fits that. This
change reduces the maximum component size to 8194, which affects tables
with a 64KB blocksize in normal use and tables with >= 16KB blocksize with
full compaction.
* Refactor glass backend key comparison - == and < operations are replaced by
a compare() function returns negative, 0 or positive (like strcmp(), memcmp()
and std::string::compare()). This allows us to avoid a final compare to
check for equality when binary chopping, and to terminate early if the binary
chop hits the exact entry.
* If a cursor is moved to an entry which doesn't exist, we need to step back to
the first component of previous entry before we can read its tag. However we
often don't actually read its tag (e.g. if we only wanted the key), so make
this stepping back lazy so we can avoid doing it when we don't want to read
the tag.
* Avoid creating std::string objects to hold data when compressing and
decompressing tags with zlib.
* Store minimum compression length per table in the version file, with 0
meaning "don't compress". Currently you can only change this setting with a
hex editor on the file, but now it is there we can later make use of it
without needing a database format change.
* Database::check() now performs additional consistency checks for glass.
Reported by Jean-Francois Dockes and Bob Cargill via xapian-discuss.
* Database::check(): check docids don't exceed db_last_docid when checking
a single glass table.
* We now throw DatabaseCorruptError in a few cases where it's appropriate
but we didn't previously, in particular in the case where all the files in a
DB have been truncated to zero size (which makes handling of this case
consistent with chert).
* Fix compaction to a single file which already exists. This was hanging.
Noted by Will Greenberg on #xapian.
chert backend:
* When using 64-bit Xapian::docid, consistently use the actual maximum valid
docid value rather instead of the maximum value the type can hold.
build system:
* Default to only building shared libraries. Building both shared and static
means having to compile the files which make up the library twice on most
platforms. Shared libraries are the better option for most users, and if
anyone really wants static libraries they can configure with --enable-static
(or --enable-static=xapian-core if configuring a combined tree with the
* Fix XAPIAN_TEST_LINKER_FLAG macro to actually test if it's possible to link
with the option in LDFLAGS - previously we attempted to guess based on
whether the error message from $CXX $flag contained the option name, which
doesn't actually work very well.
* Document that OP_WILDCARD expansion limits currently work per sub-db.
* Remove reference to ChangeLog files, as we are no longer updating them.
* Remove link to apidoc.pdf which we no longer generate this by default.
* Clarify LatLongCoord::operator< purpose in API documentation.
* Fix documentation comment typo - LatLongDistancePostingSource is a posting
source, not a match decider!
* HACKING: Recommend lcov 1.11 as it uses much less memory
* xapian-replicate: Obviously corrupt replicas now self-heal. If a replica
database fails to open with DatabaseCorruptError then a full copy is now
* Eliminate arrays of C strings, which result in relocations at library load
time, slowing startup and making pages containing them unsharable.
* Refactor MSet::fetch() to reduce load time relocations.
debug code:
* Fix to build when configured with --enable-assertions.
* Fix to build when configured with --enable-log. Reported by Tim McNamara
on #xapian-discuss.
Xapian-core 1.3.4 (2016-01-01):
This release includes all changes from 1.2.22 which are relevant.
* Update to Unicode 8.0.0. Fixes #680.
* Overhaul database compaction API. Add a Xapian::Database::compact() method,
with the Database object specifying the source database(s).
Xapian::Compactor is now just a functor to use if you want to control
progress reporting and/or the merging of user metadata. The existing API
has been reimplemented using the new one, but is marked as deprecated.
* Add support for a default value when sorting. Fixes #452, patch from
Richard Boulton.
* Make all functor objects non-copyable. Previously some were, some weren't,
but it's hard to correctly make use of this ability. Fixes #681.
* Fix use after free with WILDCARD_LIMIT_MOST_FREQUENT. If we tried to open a
postlist after processing such a wildcard, the postlist hint could be
pointing to a PostList object which had been deleted. Fixes #696, reported
by coventry.
* Add support for optional reference counting of MatchSpy objects.
* Improve Document::get_description() - the output is now always valid UTF-8,
doesn't contain implementation details like "Document::Internal", and more
clearly reports if the document is linked to a database.
* Remove XAPIAN_CONST_FUNCTION marker from sortable_serialise_() helper, as it
writes to the passed in buffer, so it isn't const or pure. Fixes
decvalwtsource2 testcase failure when compiled with clang.
* Make PostingSource::set_maxweight() public - it's hard to wrap for the
bindings as a protected method. Fixes #498, reported by Richard Boulton.
* Add unit test for internal C_isupper(), etc functions.
* Optimise value range which is a superset of the bounds. If the value
frequency is equal to the doccount, such a range is equivalent to MatchAll,
and we now avoid having to read the valuestream at all.
* Optimise OP_VALUE_RANGE when the upper bound can't be exceeded. In this
case, we now use ValueGePostList instead of ValueRangePostList.
glass backend:
* Shave 2 bytes of every Btree item (which will probably typically reduce
database size by several percent).
* More compact item format for branch blocks - 2 bytes per item smaller. This
means each branch block can branch more ways, reducing the number of Btree
levels needed, which is especially helpful for cold-cache search times.
* Track an upper bound on spelling word frequency. This isn't currently used,
but will be useful for improving the spelling algorithm, and we want to
stabilise the glass backend format. See #225, reported by Philip Neustrom.
* Support 64-bit docids in the glass backend on-disk format. This changes the
encoding used by pack_uint_preserving_sort() to one which supports 64 bit
values, and is a byte smaller for values 16384-32767, and the same size for
all other 32 bit values. Fixes #686, from original report by James Aylett.
* Use memcpy() not memmove() when no risk of overlap.
* Store length of just the key data itself, allowing keys to be up to 255 bytes
long - the previous limit was 252.
* Change glass to store DB stats in the version file. Previously we stored
them in a special item in the postlist table, but putting them in the version
file reduces the number of block reads required to open the database, is
simpler to deal with, and means we can potentially recalculate tight upper
and lower bounds for an existing database without having to commit a new
* Add support for a single-file variant for glass. Currently such databases
can only be opened for reading - to create one you need to use
xapian-compact (or its API equivalent). You can embed such databases within
another file, and open them by passing in a file descriptor open on that file
and positioned at the offset the database starts at). Database::check() also
supports them. Fixes #666, reported by Will Greenberg (and previously
suggested on xapian-discuss by Emmanuel Engelhart).
* Avoid potential DB corruption with full-compaction when using 64K blocks.
* Where posix_fadvise() is available, use it to prefetch postlist Btree blocks
from the level below the root block which will be needed for postlists of
terms in the query, and similarly for the docdata table when MSet::fetch() is
called. Based on patch by Will Greenberg in #671.
chert backend:
* Where posix_fadvise() is available, use it to prefetch postlist Btree blocks
from the level below the root block which will be needed for postlists of
terms in the query, and similarly for the record table when MSet::fetch() is
called. Based on patch by Will Greenberg in #671.
remote backend:
* Fix hook for remote support of user weighting schemes. The commented-out
code used entirely the wrong class - now we use the server object we have
access to, and forward the method to the class which needs it.
build system:
* New configure options --enable-64bit-docid and --enable-64bit-termcount,
which control the size of these types. Because these types are used in
the API, libraries built with different combinations of them won't be ABI
compatible. Based heavily on patch from James Aylett and Dylan Griffith.
Fixes #385.
* Sort out hiding most of the internal symbols which had public visibility
for various reason. Mostly addresses #63.
* xapian-inspect: We no longer install this - it's really an aid to Xapian
development rather than a user tool.
* Minimum supported GCC version is now documented as GCC 4.7, for C++11
support. Previously we documented 4.7 as the oldest known to work.
* Use CLOCK_REALTIME with timer_create() on Cygwin.
* Don't include winsock headers on Cygwin. Instead include <arpa/inet.h> for
htons() and htonl().
* Handle AI_ADDRCONFIG not being defined by some mingw versions.
* Fix to handle mingw now providing a nanosleep() function.
* Use WSAAddressToString instead of inet_ntop under __WIN32__ - at least under
mingw we don't seem to have inet_ntop().
* Fix testsuite to compile when S_ISSOCK() isn't defined.
debug code:
* Add missing parameters to debug logging for a few methods.
Xapian-core 1.3.3 (2015-06-01):
This release includes all changes from 1.2.20-1.2.21 which are relevant.
* Database:
+ Add new flag Xapian::DB_RETRY_LOCK which allows opening a database for
writing to wait until it can get a write lock. (Fixes #275, reported by
Richard Boulton).
+ Fix Database::get_doclength_lower_bound() over multiple databases when some
are empty or consist only of zero-length documents. Previously this would
report a lower bound of zero, now it reports the same lowest bound as a
single database containing all the same documents.
+ Database::check(): When checking a single table, handle the ".glass"
extension on glass database tables, and use the extension to guide the
decision of which backend the table is from.
* Query:
+ Add new OP_WILDCARD query operator, which expands wildcards lazily, so now
we create the PostList tree for a wildcard directly, rather than creating
an intermediate Query tree. OP_WILDCARD offers a choice of ways to limit
wildcard expansion (no limit, throw an exception, use the first N by term
name, or use the most frequent N). (See tickets #48 and #608).
* QueryParser:
+ Add new set_max_expansion() method which provides access to OP_WILDCARD's
choice of ways to limit expansion and can set limits for partial terms as
well as for wildcards. Partial terms now default to the 100 most frequent
matching terms. (Completes #608, reported by boomboo).
+ Deprecate set_max_wildcard_expansion() in favour of set_max_expansion().
* Add support for optional reference counting of FieldProcessor and
ValueRangeProcessor objects.
* If command line option --verbose/-v isn't specified, set the verbosity level
from environmental variable VERBOSE.
* Re-enable replicate3 for glass, as it no longer fails.
* Add more test coverage for get_unique_terms().
* Don't leave an extra fd open when starting xapian-tcpsrv for remotetcp tests.
glass backend:
* When reporting freelist errors during a database check, distinguish between a
block in use and in the freelist, and a block in the freelist more than once.
* Fix compaction and database checking for the change to the format of keys
in the positionlist table which happened in 1.3.2.
* After splitting a block, we always insert the new block in the parent right
after the block it was split from - there's no need to binary chop.
* Avoid infinite recursion when we hit the end of the freelist block we're
reading and the end of the block we're writing at the same time.
* Fix freelist handling to allow for the newly loaded first block of the
freelist being already used up.
chert backend:
* Fix problems with get_unique_terms() on a modified chert database.
* Fix xapian-check on a single chert table, which seg faulted in 1.3.2.
remote backend:
* Avoid dividing zero by zero when calculating the average length for an empty
build system:
* Merge generate-allsnowballheaders script into collate-sbl.
* A compiler with good support for C++11 is now required to build Xapian.
Most of the actively developed C++ compilers already have decent support,
or are close to having it, and it makes development easier and more
efficient. Currently known to work: GCC >= 4.7, recent versions of clang
(3.5 works). Solaris Studio 12.4 compiles the code, but tests currently
fail. IBM's xlC doesn't support enough of C++11 yet. HP's aCC hasn't
been tested, but its documentation suggests it also doesn't support enough
of C++11 yet.
* Drop workarounds and special cases for old versions of various compilers
which don't support C++11.
* Use C++11's static_assert() and unique_ptr instead of custom implementations
of equivalent functionality.
* Building on OS/2 with EMX is no longer supported - EMX was last updated in
2001 and comes with GCC 3.2.1, which is much too old to support C++11.
* Building with SGI's and Compaq's C++ compilers is no longer supported -
both seem to have ceased development, and don't support C++11.
* Building with STLport is no longer supported - STLport was last released in
2008, so it's no longer actively developed and won't support C++11.
* Building on IRIX is no longer supported, because IRIX has reached end of
* Disable "<FUNCTION> is expected to return a value" warning from Sun's C++
compiler, as it fires for functions which end in a "throw" statement.
Genuine instances of missing return values will be caught by compilers with
superior warning machinery.
* Fix warning from GCC 5.1 where template expansion leads to the comparison
(bool_value < 255) which is always true. Warning introduced by changes in
* Use getaddrinfo() instead of gethostbyname(), since the latter may not be
thread-safe, and as a step towards IPv6 support (see #374), but currently we
still only look for IPv4 addresses.
* timer_create() seems to always fail on AIX with EAGAIN, so just skip the
matchtimelimit1 testcase there.
* Under __WIN32__, we need to specify Vista as the minimum supported version to
get the AI_ADDRCONFIG flag. Older versions seem to all be out of support
* Change configure probe for log2() to check for a declaration in <cmath>
to get it to fix build on Solaris with Sun C++. C++11 compilers should all
provide log2(), but let's not rely on that just yet as it's easy to provide a
fallback implementation.
* Use scalbn() instead of ldexp() where possible (which we can in all cases
when FLT_RADIX == 2, as it is on pretty much all current platforms). On
overflow and underflow ldexp() sets errno, which it seems better to avoid
* The list of stemmers is now in the same static const struct as the version
info, and Stem::get_available_languages() is just an inlined wrapper which
fetches this structure and returns the appropriate member. This saves a
relocation, reducing library load time a little.
* Remove "pure" attribute from API functions which could throw an exception.
These functions aren't really pure, and while we're happy for calls to them
to be CSE-ed or eliminated entirely, the compiler might make more assumptions
than that about a pure function - clang seems to assume pure => nothrow and
an exception from such a function can't be caught.
* Remove "pure" attribute from sortable_unserialise(), which can raise floating
point exceptions FE_OVERFLOW and FE_UNDERFLOW.
* Add "nothrow" attribute to more API functions which will never throw an
* Make sortable_serialise() an inlined wrapper around a function which won't
throw and can be flagged with attribute 'const'.
* Tweak sortable_unserialise() not to compare with a fixed string by
constructing a temporary std::string object (which could throw
std::bad_alloc), and mark it as XAPIAN_NOTHROW.
debug code:
* Only enable assertions in sortable_serialise() and sortable_unserialise() in
the testsuite (since these functions shouldn't throw exceptions), and move
the tests of these functions from queryparsertest to unittest to facilitate
* Add more assertions to the glass backend code.
Xapian-core 1.3.2 (2014-11-24):
This release includes all changes from 1.2.16-1.2.19 which are relevant.
* Update Unicode character database to Unicode 7.0.0.
* New Xapian::Snipper class from Mihai Bivol's GSOC 2012 project. (mostly
fixes #211)
* Fix all get_description() methods to always return UTF-8 text. (fixes #620)
* Database::check():
+ Alter to take its "out" parameter as a pointer to std::ostream instead of a
reference, and make passing NULL mean "do not produce output", and make
the second and third parameters optional, defaulting to a quiet check.
+ Escape invalid UTF-8 data in keys and tags reported by xapian-check, using
the same code we use to clean up strings returned by get_description()
+ Correct failure message which talks above the root block when it's actually
testing a leaf key.
provided for now, but flagged as deprecated - DBCHECK_SHOW_BITMAP was new
in 1.3.0, so will likely be removed before 1.4.0).
* Methods and functions which take a string to unserialise now consistently
call that parameter "serialised".
* Weight: Make number of distinct terms indexing each document and the
collection frequency of the term available to subclasses. Patch from
Gaurav Arora's Language Modelling branch.
* WritableDatabase: Add support for multiple subdatabases, and support opening
a stub database containing multiple subdatabases as a WritableDatabase.
* WritableDatabase can now be constructed from just a pathname (defaulting to
opening the database with DB_CREATE_OR_OPEN).
* WritableDatabase: Add flags which can be bitwise OR-ed into the second
argument when constructing:
+ Xapian::DB_NO_SYNC: to disable use of fsync, etc
+ Xapian::DB_DANGEROUS: to enable in-place updates
+ Xapian::DB_BACKEND_CHERT: if creating, create a chert database
+ Xapian::DB_BACKEND_GLASS: if creating, create a glass database
+ Xapian::DB_NO_TERMLIST: create a database without a termlist (see #181)
+ Xapian::DB_FULL_SYNC flag - if this is set for a database, we use the Mac
OS X F_FULL_SYNC instead of fdatasync()/fsync()/etc on the version file
when committing.
* Database: Add optional flags argument to constructor - the following can be
bitwise OR-ed into it:
+ Xapian::DB_BACKEND_CHERT (only open a chert database)
+ Xapian::DB_BACKEND_GLASS (only open a glass database)
+ Xapian::DB_BACKEND_STUB (only open a stub database)
* Xapian::Auto::open_stub() and Xapian::Chert::open() are now deprecated in
favour of these new flags.
* Add LMWeight class, which implements the Unigram Language Modelling weighting
scheme. Patch from Gaurav Arora.
* Add implementations of a number of DfR weighting schemes (BB2, DLH, DPH,
IfB2, IneB2, InL2, PL2). Patches from Aarsh Shah.
* Add support for the Bo1 query expansion scheme. Patch from Aarsh Shah.
* Add Enquire::set_time_limit() method which sets a timelimit after which
check_at_least will be disabled.
* Database: Trying to perform operations on a database with no subdatabases now
throws InvalidOperationError not DocNotFoundError.
* Query: Implement new OP_MAX query operator, which returns the maximum weight
of any of its subqueries. (see #360)
* Query: Add methods to allow introspection on Query objects - currently you
can read the leaf type/operator, how many subqueries there are, and get a
particular subquery. For a query which is a term, Query::get_terms_begin()
allows you to get the term. (see #159)
* Query: Only simplify OP_SYNONYM with a single subquery if that subquery is a
term or MatchAll.
* Avoid two vector copies when storing term positions in most common cases.
* Reimplement version functions to use a single function in libxapian which
returns a pointer to a static const struct containing the version
information, with inline wrappers in the API header which call this. This
means we only need one relocation instead of 4, reducing library load time a
* Make TermGenerator flags an anonymous enum, and typedef TermGenerator::flags
to int for backward compatibility with existing user code which uses it.
* Stem: Fix incorrect Unicode codepoints for o-double-acute and u-double-acute
in the Hungarian Snowball stemmer. Reported by Tom Lane to snowball-discuss.
* Stem: Add an early english stemmer.
* Provide the stopword lists from Snowball plus an Arabic one, installed in
${prefix}/share/xapian-core/stopwords/. Patch from Assem Chelli, fixes #269.
* Improve check for direct inclusion of Xapian subheaders in user code to
catch more cases.
* Add simple API to help with creating language-idiomatic iterator wrappers
in <xapian/iterator.h>.
* Extend checkstatsweight1 to check that Weight::get_collection_freq() returns
the same number as Database::get_collection_freq().
* queryparsertest: Add testcase for FieldProcessor on boolean prefix with
quoted contents.
* queryparsertest: Enable some disabled cases which actually work (in some
cases with slightly tweaked expected answers which are equivalent to those
that were shown).
* Make use of the new writable multidatabase feature to simplify the
multi-database handling in the test harness.
* Change querypairwise1_helper to repeat the query build 100 times, as with a
fast modern machine we were sometimes trying with so many subqueries that we
would run out of stack.
* apitest: Use Xapian::Database::check() in cursordelbug1. (partly addresses
* apitest: Test Query ops with a single MatchAll subquery.
* apitest: New testcase readonlyparentdir1 to ensure that commit works with a
read-only parent directory.
* Streamline collation of statistics for use by weighting schemes - tests show
a 2% or so increase in speed in some cases.
* If a term matches all documents and its weight doesn't depend on its wdf, we
can optimise it to MatchAll (the previous requirement that maxpart == 0 was
unnecessarily strict).
* Fix the check for a term which matches all documents to use the sub-db
termfreq, not the combined db termfreq.
* When we optimise a postlist for a term which matches all documents to use
MatchAll, we still need to set a weight object on it to get percentages
calculated correctly.
glass backend:
* 'brass' backend renamed to 'glass' - we decided to use names in ascending
alphabetical order to make it easier to understand which backend is newest,
and since 'flint' was used recently, we skipped over 'd', 'e' and 'f'.
* Change positionlist keys to be ordered by term first rather than docid first,
which helps phrase searching significantly. For more efficient indexing,
positionlist changes are now batched up in memory and written out in key
* Use a separate cursor for each position list - now we're ordering the
position B-tree by term first, phrase matching would cause a single cursor
to cycle between disparate areas of the B-tree and reread the same blocks
* Reference count blocks in the btree cursor, so cursors can cheaply share
blocks. This can significantly reduce the amount of memory used by cursors
for queries which contain a lot of terms (e.g. wildcards which expand to a
lot of terms).
* Under glass, optimise the turning of a query into a postlist to reuse the
cursor blocks which are the same as the previous term's postlist. This is
particularly effective for a wildcard query which expands to a lot of terms.
* Keep track of unused blocks in the Btrees using freelists rather than
bitmaps. (fixes #40)
* Eliminate the base files, and instead store the root block and freelist
pointers in the "iamglass" file.
* When compacting, sync all the tables together at the end.
* In DB_DANGEROUS mode, update the version file in-place.
* Only actually store the document data if it is non-empty. The table which
holds the document data is now lazily created, so won't exist if you never
set the document data.
chert backend:
* Improve DBCHECK_FIX:
+ if fixing a whole database, we now take the revision from the first table
we successfully look at, which should be correct in most cases, and is
definitely better than trying to determine the revision of each broken
table independently.
+ handle a zero-sized .DB file.
+ After we successfully regenerate baseA, remove any empty baseB file to
prevent it causing problems. Tracked down with help from Phil Hands.
remote backend:
* Bump remote protocol version to 38.0, due to extra statistics being tracked
for weighting.
* Make Weight::Internal track if any max_part values are set, so we don't need
to serialise them when they've not been set.
build system:
* Fix conditional for enabling replication code - if chert is disabled but
glass isn't, we should still enable it.
* configure: Add hint for which package to install for rst2html
* Don't build, ship or install PDF versions of the API docs by default, but
provide an easy way for people to build it for themselves if they want it.
* Convert equations in rst docs to use LaTeX via the math role and directive.
* Actually ship, process and install geospatial.rst.
* postingsource.rst: Use a modern class in postingsource example. (Noted by
James Aylett)
* Move the protocol docs for the remote and replication protocols into the net/
* Remove the dir_contents files and all the machinery to handle them.
* HACKING: Note we now use doxygen 1.8.8 for 1.3.x snapshots and releases.
* HACKING: Now using libtool 2.4.3 to bootstrap snapshots and 1.3.x releases.
* HACKING: Now using automake 1.14.1 to bootstrap snapshots and 1.3.x releases.
* HACKING: Drop note about needing git-svn if you're using git - bootstrap now
only uses git-svn if your Xapian tree was checked out using git-svn.
* HACKING: Need sphinx-doc to generate API docs for Python and Python 3 bindings.
* HACKING: Note that MacTeX seems to be the best option if using homebrew.
* Don't pass an integer argument to log(), to avoid ambiguity errors with xlC
and Sun's C++ compiler. (fixes #627)
* Fix compilations issues with Sun's C++ compiler (mostly missing library
* Implement RealTime::now() using clock_gettime() where it's available, since
it can provide nanosecond resolution.
* Implement RealTime::sleep() using nanosleep() where it's available, since it
has a simpler API and a finer resolution than select().
* Use lround() instead of round() in geospatial code, since we want the result
as an int. GCC 4.4.3 seems to optimise to use lround() anyway, but other
compilers may not.
* Include <math.h> for lround()/round(). (fixes #628)
* Drop code supporting Microsoft Windows 9x which reached EOL in 2006.
* Under C++11, use unique_ptr for AutoPtr.
* Stop using a reference where we may end up passing *NULL, as that's invalid.
Thanks Nick Lewycky and ubsan for helping track this down.
* In DLHWeight and DPHWeight, avoid dividing by zero when the collection size
is 0.
debug code:
* Fix assertion failure when built with --enable-assertions. The behaviour
when built without assertions happened to be correct.
* Fix assertion in BitReader::decode(), and remove 'Assert(rd);' in two places
where rd is no longer a pointer.
Xapian-core 1.3.1 (2013-05-03):
This release includes all changes from 1.2.10-1.2.15 which are relevant.
* Give an compilation error if user code tries to include API headers other
than xapian.h directly - these other headers are an internal implementation
detail, but experience has shown that some people try to include them
directly. Please just use '#include <xapian.h>' instead.
* Update Unicode character database to Unicode 6.2.0.
* Add FieldProcessor class (ticket#128) - currently marked as an experimental
API while we sort out how best to sort out exactly how it interacts with
other QueryParser features.
* Add implementation of several TF-IDF weighting schemes via a new TfIdfWeight
* Add ExpandDeciderFilterPrefix class which only return terms with a particular
prefix. (fixes #467)
* QueryParser: Adjust handling of Unicode opening/closing double quotes - if a
quoted boolean term was started with ASCII double quote, then only ASCII
double quote can end it, as otherwise it's impossible to quote a term
containing Unicode double quotes.
* Database::check(): If the database can't be opened, don't emit a bogus
warning about there being too many documents to cross-check doclens.
* TradWeight,BM25Weight: Throw SerialisationError instead of NetworkError if
unserialise() fails.
* QueryParser: Change the default stemming strategy to STEM_SOME, to eliminate
the API gotcha that setting a stemmer is ignored until you also set a
* Deprecate Xapian::ErrorHandler. (ticket#3)
* Stem: Generate a compact and efficient table to decode language names. This
is both faster and smaller than the approach we were using, with the added
benefit that the table is auto-generated.
* xapian.h:
+ Add check for Qt headers being included before us and defining
'slots' as a macro - if they are, give a clear error advising how to work
around this (previously compilation would fail with a confusing error).
+ Add a similar check for Wt headers which also define 'slots' as a macro
by default.
* tests/generate-api_generated: Test that the string returned by a
get_description() method isn't empty.
* Use git commit hash in title of test coverage reports generated from a git
* Drop MatchNothing subqueries in OR-like situations in add_subquery() rather
than adding them and then handling it later.
* Handle the left side of AND_NOT and AND_MAYBE being MatchNothing in
add_subquery() rather than in done().
* Handle QueryAndLike with a MatchNothing subquery in add_subquery() rather
than done().
* Query: Multi-way operators now store their subquery pointers in a custom
class rather than std::vector<Xapian::Query>. The custom class take the
same amount of space, or often less. It's particularly efficient when
there are two subqueries, which is very desirable as we no longer flatten a
subtree of the same operator as we build the query.
* Optimise an unweighted query term which matches all the documents in a
subdatabase to use the "MatchAll" postlist. (ticket#387)
brass backend:
* Iterating positional data now decodes it lazily, which should speed up
phrases which include common words.
* Compress changesets in brass replication. Increments the changeset version.
Ticket #348
* Restore two missing lines in database checking where we report a block with
the wrong level.
* When checking if a block was newly allocated in this revision, just look
at its revision number rather than consulting the base file's bitmap.
chert backend:
* Iterating positional data now decodes it lazily, which should speed up
phrases which include common words.
remote backend:
* Prefix compress list of terms and metadata keys in the remote protocol.
This requires a remote protocol major version bump.
build system:
* Fix the 'libxapian' to be 'libxapian-1.3' and 'xapian.m4' to be
'xapian-1.3.m4' (this was supposed to be the case for 1.3.0, but the
change wasn't made correctly).
* Remove support for 'configure --enable-quiet', 'make QUIET=' and 'make
QUIET=y' - automake now supports 'configure --enable-silent-rules', 'make
V=1' and 'make V=0' which are broadly equivalent and more standard.
* configure: If we fail to find a function needed for the remote backend, don't
autodisable it - it's more helpful to error out so the use can decide if they
want to pass --disable-backend-remote to disable it, or work out what values
to pass for LIBS, etc to make it work. This also matches what we do for the
disk based backends.
* automake 1.13.1 is now used to generate snapshots and releases.
* Add check-syntax make target to support editor syntax checks.
* Fix to build when configured with --disable-backend-brass
--disable-backend-chert. (ticket#586)
* Generate a check for compatible _DEBUG settings if built with MSVC.
* If you run "make coverage-check" by hand, the previous default of compressed
HTML is unhelpful, so don't default to passing --html-gzip to genhtml, but
instead add support for GENHTML_ARGS.
* API methods and functions are now marked as 'const', 'pure', or 'nothrow'
allowing compilers which support such annotations to generate more efficient
code. (tickets #151, #454)
* HACKING: Note which MacPorts are needed for development work.
* docs/remote_protocol.rst: Correct error in documentation of REPLY_DOCDATA
* xapian-check: Add "fix" option, which currently will regenerate iamchert if
it isn't valid, and will regenerate base files from the .DB files (only
really tested on databases which have just been compacted).
* Fix warning with GCC in build with assertions enabled.
* common/ Add safeunistd.h for mkdir, required by GCC 4.7
(reported by Gaurav Arora).
* backends/brass/ Use new/delete to avoid variable
length array gcc extension and comply with c++98
* Mark file descriptors as close-on-exec where supported.
* api/ Need <functional> for mem_fun().
* Work around Apple's OS X SDK defining a check() macro.
* Add an option to use a flock() based locking implementation for brass and
chert - this is much simpler than using fcntl() due to saner semantics around
releasing locks when closing other descriptors on the same file (at least on
platforms where flock() isn't just a compatibility wrapper around fcntl()).
Sadly we can't simply switch to this without breaking locking compatibility
with previous releases, but it's useful for platforms without fcntl()
locking (it's enabled for DJGPP) and may be useful for custom builds for
special purposes.
* xapian-core.spec: Remove xapian-chert-update.
debug code:
* Building with --enable-log works once again.
Xapian-core 1.3.0 (2012-03-14):
* Update Unicode character database to Unicode 6.1.0. (ticket#497)
* TermIterator returned by Enquire::get_matching_terms_begin(),
Query::get_terms_begin(), Database::synonyms_begin(),
QueryParser::stoplist_begin(), and QueryParser::unstem_begin() now stores the
list of terms to iterate much more compactly.
* QueryParser:
+ Allow Unicode curly double quote characters to start and/or end phrases.
+ The set_default_op() method will now reject operators which don't make
sense to set. The operators which are allowed are now explicitly
documented in the API docs.
* Query: The internals have been completely reimplemented (ticket#280). The
notable changes are:
+ Query objects are smaller and should be faster.
+ More readable format for Query::get_description().
+ More compact serialisation format for Query objects.
+ Query operators are no longer flattened as you build up a tree (but the
query optimiser still combines groups of the same operator). This means
that Query objects are truly immutable, and so we don't need to copy Query
objects when composing them. This should also fix a few O(n*n) cases when
building up an n-way query pair-wise. (ticket#273)
+ The Query optimiser can do a few extra optimisations.
* There's now explicit support for geospatial search (this API is currently
marked as experimental). (ticket#481)
* There's now an API (currently experimental) for checking the integrity of
databases (partly addresses ticket#238).
* Database::reopen() now returns true if the database may have been reopened
(previously it returned void). (ticket#548)
* Deprecate Xapian::timeout in favour of POSIX type useconds_t.
* Deprecate Xapian::percent and use int instead in the API and our own code.
* Deprecate Xapian::weight typedef in favour of just using double and change
all uses in the API and our own code. (ticket#560)
* Rearrange members of Xapian::Error to reduce its size (from 48 to 40 bytes on
x86-64 Linux).
* Assignment operators for PositionIterator and TermIterator now return *this
rather than void.
* PositionIterator, PostingIterator, TermIterator and ValueIterator now
handle their reference counts in hand-crafted code rather than using
intrusive_ptr/RefCntPtr, which means the compiler can inline the destructor
and default constructor, so a comparison to an end iterator should now
optimise to a simple NULL pointer check, but without the issues which the
ValueIteratorEnd_ proxy class approach had (such as not working in templates
or some cases of overload resolution).
* Enquire:
+ Previously, Enquire::get_matching_terms_begin() threw InvalidArgumentError
if the query was empty. Now we just return an end iterator, which is more
consistent with how empty queries behave elsewhere.
+ Remove the deprecated old-style match spy approach of using a MatchDecider.
* Remove deprecated Sorter class and MultiValueSorter subclass.
* Xapian::Stem:
+ Add stemmers for Armenian (hy), Basque (eu), and Catalan (ca).
+ Stem::operator= now returns a reference to the assigned-to object.
* Make unittest use the test harness, so it gets all the valgrind and fd leak
checks, and other handy features all the other tests have.
* Improve test coverage in several places.
* Compress generated HTML files in coverage report.
flint backend:
* Remove flint backend.
remote backend:
* When propagating exceptions from a remote backend server, the protocol now
sends a numeric code to represent which exception is being propagated, rather
than the name of the type, as a number can be turned back into an exception
with a simple switch statement and is also less data to transfer.
* Remote protocol (these changes require a protocol major version bump):
+ Send (last_docid - doccount) instead of last_docid and (doclen_ubound -
doclen_lbound) instead of doclen_ubound.
* Remove special check which gives a more helpful error message when a modern
client is used against a remote server running Xapian <= 0.9.6.
build system:
* Various changes allow us to now remove XAPIAN_VISIBILITY_DEFAULT from a
number of functions which aren't in the public API (partly addresses
* configure: For this development series, the library gets a -1.3 suffix and
include files are installed with an extra /xapian-1.3 component to make
parallel installs easier.
* configure: Enable -fshow-column for GCC - things like vim's quickfix mode
will then jump to the appropriate column for a compiler error or warning, not
just the appropriate line.
* Snowball compiler now reports "FILE:LINE:" before each error so tools like
vim's quickfix mode can parse this and bring up the line with the error
* docs/ Don't generate XML from doxygen for the bindings -
the bindings now do this for themselves. (ticket#262)
* INSTALL: Update GCC details - we now recommend 4.3 or newer (was 4.1), and
note that while 3.1 is the hard minimum requirement, the oldest we've tested
with at all recently was 3.3.
* docs/deprecation.rst: Updated.
* delve:
+ Move delve from examples to bin and rename to xapian-delve.
+ Send errors to stderr not stdout.
* xapian-check: Now reports useful descriptions rather than cryptic numeric
codes for B-tree errors.
debug code:
* Add assertions that the index is in range when dereferencing MSetIterator and
* Fix various errors in debug logging statements.
* Add QUERY category for debug logging.
Xapian-core 1.2.23 (2016-03-28):
* PostingSource: Public member variables are now wrapped by methods (mostly
getters and/or setters, depending on whether they should be readable,
writable or both). In 1.3.5, the public members variables have been
deprecated - we've added the replacement methods in 1.2.23 as well to make
it easier for people to migrate over.
chert backend:
* xapian-check now performs additional consistency checks for chert. Reported
by Jean-Francois Dockes and Bob Cargill via xapian-discuss.
* Update links to Xapian website and trac to use https, which is now supported,
thanks to James Aylett.
* On older Linux kernels, rename() of a file within a directory on NFS can
sometimes erroneously fail with EXDEV. This should only happen if you
try to rename a file across filing systems, so workaround this issue by
retrying up to 5 times on EXDEV (which should be plenty to avoid this
bug, and we don't want to risk looping forever). Fixes #698, reported by
Mark Dufour.
Xapian-core 1.2.22 (2015-12-29):
* Add FLAG_CJK_NGRAM for QueryParser and TermGenerator. Has the same effect as
setting the environment variable XAPIAN_CJK_NGRAM. Fixes #180, reported by
Richard Boulton, with contributions from Pavel Strashkin, Mikkel Kamstrup
Erlandsen and Brandon Schaefer.
* Fix bug parsing multiple non-exclusive filter terms - previously this could
result in such filters effectively being ignored.
* Fix Database::get_doclength_lower_bound() over multiple databases when some
are empty or consist only of zero-length documents. Previously this would
report a lower bound of zero, now it reports the same lowest bound as a
single database containing all the same documents.
* Make Database::get_wdf_upper_bound("") return 0.
* Mark constructors taking a single argument as "explicit" to avoid unwanted
implicit conversions.
* If command line option --verbose/-v isn't specified, set the verbosity level
from environmental variable VERBOSE.
* Skip timed tests if $AUTOMATED_TESTING is set. Fixes #553, reported by
Dagobert Michelsen.
* Don't leave an extra fd open when starting xapian-tcpsrv for remotetcp tests.
* apitest: Revert disabling of part of adddoc5 for clang - the test failure was
in fact due to a bug in 1.3.x, and 1.2.x was never affected.
* apitest: Tweak bounds checks in dbstats1 testcase - multi backends should
give tight bounds.
brass backend:
* Format limit on docid now correctly imposed when sizeof(int) > 4.
* Avoid potential DB corruption with full-compaction when using 64K blocks.
chert backend:
* Format limit on docid now correctly imposed when sizeof(int) > 4.
* Avoid potential DB corruption with full-compaction when using 64K blocks.
flint backend:
* Format limit on docid now correctly imposed when sizeof(int) > 4.
* Avoid potential DB corruption with full-compaction when using 64K blocks.
remote backend:
* Fix to handle total document length exceeding 34,359,738,368. (Fixes #678,
reported by matf).
* Avoid dividing by zero when getting the average length for an empty database.
* Stop apparent error from remote server when read-only client disconnects. A
read-only client just closes the connection when done, but the server
previously reported "Got exception NetworkError: Received EOF", which sounds
like there was a problem. Now we just say "Connection closed" here, and
"Connection closed unexpectedly" if the client connects in the middle of an
exchange. Possibly fixes #654, reported by Germán M. Bravo.
* Give a clearer error message when the client and server remote protocol
versions aren't compatible.
* Check length of key in MSG_SETMETADATA.
build system:
* pkg-config: Fix library name in .pc file to say "xapian" not "xapian-core".
Reported by Eric Lindblad to the xapian-devel list.
* Private symbol decode_length() is no longer visible outside the library.
* Stop maintaining ChangeLog files. They make merging patches harder, and stop
'git cherry-pick' from working as it should. The git repo history should be
sufficient for complying with GPLv2 2(a).
* Strip out "quickstart" examples which are out of date and rather redundant
with the "simple" examples.
* Correct documentation of Enquire::get_query(). If no query has been set,
the documentation said Xapian::InvalidArgumentError was thrown, but in
fact we just return a default initialised Query object (i.e. Query()). This
seems reasonable behaviour and has been the case since Xapian 0.9.0.
* Document xapian-compact --blocksize takes an argument.
* Update snowball website link to
* xapian-replicate: Fix replication for files > 4GB on 32-bit platforms.
Previously replication would fail to copy a file whose size didn't fit in
size_t. Fixes #685, reported by Josh Elsasser.
* xapian-tcpsrv: Better error if -p/--port not specified
* quest: Support `-f cjk_ngram`.
* xapian-metadata: Extend "list" subcommand to take optional key prefix.
* Fix new warnings from recent versions of GCC and clang.
* Add spaces between literal strings and macros which expand to literal strings
for C++11 compatibility in __WIN32__-specific code.
* Need <unistd.h> for unlink() on FreeBSD, reported by Germán M. Bravo via
github PR 72.
* Fix testsuite to build when S_ISSOCK() isn't defined.
* Don't provide our own implementation of sleep() under __WIN32__ if there
already is one - mingw provides one, and in some situations it seems to clash
with ours. Reported to xapian-discuss by John Alveris.
* Add missing '#include <arpa/inet.h>' to htons(). Seems to be implicitly
included on most platforms, but Interix needs it. Reported by Eric Lindblad
on xapian-discuss.
* Disable "<FUNCTION> is expected to return a value" warning from Sun's C++
compiler, as it fires for functions ending in a "throw" statement. Genuine
instances will be caught by compilers with superior warning machinery.
* Prefer scalbn() to ldexp() where possible, since the former doesn't ever set
* '#include <config.h>' in the "simple" examples, as when compiling with xlC on
AIX, _LARGE_FILES gets defined by AC_SYS_LARGEFILE to enable large file
support, and defining this changes the ABI of std::string, so it also needs
to be defined when compiling code using Xapian.
* On cygwin, include <arpa/inet.h> instead of winsock headers for htons() and
* Include <cygwin/version.h> for CYGWIN_VERSION_API_MAJOR.
* Avoid referencing static members via an object in that object's own
definition, as this doesn't work with all compilers (noted with GCC 3.3), and
is a bit of an odd construct anyway. Reported by Eric Lindblad on
* GCC < 3.4.2 lacks operator<< overloads for unsigned long long on some
platforms, so simply work around this by using str(), as this isn't
performance sensitive code. Reported by Eric Lindblad on xapian-discuss.
* Fix delete which should be delete[] in brass backend cursor code.
Xapian-core 1.2.21 (2015-05-20):
* QueryParser: Extend the set of characters allowed in the start of a range to
be anything except for '(' and characters <= ' '. This better matches what's
accepted for a range end (anything except for ')' and characters <= ' ').
Reported by Jani Nikula.
* Reimplement OP_PHRASE for non-exact phrases. The previous implementation was
buggy, giving both false positives and false negatives in rare cases when
three or more terms were involved. Fixes #653, reported by Jean-Francois
* Reimplement OP_NEAR - the new implementation consistently requires the terms
to occur at different positions, and fixes some previously missed matches.
* Fix a reversed check for picking the shorter position list for an exact
phrase of two terms. The difference this makes isn't dramatic, but can be
measured (at least with cachegrind). Thanks to kbwt for spotting this.
* When matching an exact phrase, if a term doesn't occur where we want, use
its actual position to advance the anchor term, rather than just checking
the next position of the anchor term.
brass backend:
* Fix cursor versioning to consider cancel() and reopen() as events where
the cursor version may need incrementing, and flag the current cursor version
as used when a cursor is rebuilt. Fixes #675, reported by Germán M. Bravo.
* Avoid using file descriptions < 3 for writable database tables, as it risks
corruption if some code in the same process tries to write to stdout or
stderr without realising it is closed. (Partly addresses #651)
chert backend:
* Fix cursor versioning to consider cancel() and reopen() as events where
the cursor version may need incrementing, and flag the current cursor version
as used when a cursor is rebuilt. Fixes #675, reported by Germán M. Bravo.
* Avoid using file descriptions < 3 for writable database tables, as it risks
corruption if some code in the same process tries to write to stdout or
stderr without realising it is closed. (Partly addresses #651)
flint backend:
* Fix cursor versioning to consider cancel() and reopen() as events where
the cursor version may need incrementing, and flag the current cursor version
as used when a cursor is rebuilt. Fixes #675, reported by Germán M. Bravo.
remote backend:
* Fix sort by value when multiple databases are in use and one or more are
remote. This change necessitated a minor version bump in the remote
protocol. Fixes #674, reported by Dylan Griffith. If you are upgrading a
live system which uses the remote backend, upgrade the servers before the
build system:
* The compiler ABI check in the public API headers now issues a warning
(instead of an error) for an ABI mismatch for ABI versions 2 and later
(which means GCC >= 3.4). The changes in these ABI versions are bug fixes
for corner cases, so there's a good chance of things working - e.g. building
xapian-bindings with GCC 5.1 (which defaults to ABI version 8) against
xapian-core built with GCC 4.9 (which defaults to ABI version 2) seems to
work OK. A warning is still useful as a clue to what is going on if linking
fails due to a missing symbol.
* xapian-config,xapian-core.pc: When compiling with xlC on AIX, the reported
--cxxflags/--cflags now include -D_LARGE_FILES=1 as this is defined for the
library, and defining it changes the ABI of std::string with this compiler,
so it must also be defined when building code using the Xapian API.
* xapian-core.pc: Include --enable-runtime-pseudo-reloc in --libs output for
mingw and cygwin, like xapian-config does.
* xapian-core.pc: Fix include directory reported by `pkg-config --cflags`.
This bug was harmless if xapian-core was installed to a directory which was
on the default header search path (such as /usr/include).
* xapian-config: Fix typo so cached result of test in is_uninstalled() is
actually used on subsequent calls. Fixes #676, reported (with patch) by Ryan
* configure: Changes in 1.2.19 broke the custom macro we use to probe for
supported compiler flags such that the flags never got used. This release
fixes this problem.
* configure: Set default value for AUTOM4TE before AC_OUTPUT so the default
will actually get used. Only relevant when building in maintainer mode
(e.g. from git).
* soaktest: Link with libtool's '-no-install' or '-no-fast-install', like we
already do for other test programs, which means that libtool doesn't need to
generate shell script wrappers for them on most platforms.
* API documentation: Minor wording tweaks and formatting improvements.
* docs/deprecation.rst: Add deprecation of omindex --preserve-nonduplicates
which happened in 1.2.4.
* HACKING: Update URL.
* HACKING: libtool 2.4.6 is now used for bootstrapping snapshots and releases.
* xapian-compact: Make sure we open all the tables of input databases at the
same revision. (Fixes #649)
* xapian-metadata: Add 'list' subcommand to list all the metadata keys.
* xapian-replicate: Fix connection timeout to be 10 seconds rather than 10000
seconds (the incorrect timeout has been the case since 1.2.3).
* xapian-replicate: Set SO_KEEPALIVE for xapian-replicate's connection to the
master, and add command line option to allow setting socket-level timeouts
(SO_RCVTIMEO and SO_SNDTIMEO) on platforms that support them. Fixes #546,
reported by nkvoll.
* xapian-replicate-server: Avoid potentially reading uninitialised data if a
changeset file is truncated.
* Add spaces between literal strings and macros which expand to literal strings
for C++11 compatibility.
* ValueCountMatchSpy::top_values_begin(): Fix the comparison function not to
return true for two equal elements, which manifests as incorrect sorting in
some cases when using clang's libc++ (which recent OS X versions do).
* apitest: The adddoc5 testcase fails under clang due to an exception handling
bug, so just #ifdef out the problematic part of the testcase when building
with clang for now.
* Fix clang warnings on OS X. Reported by Germán M. Bravo.
* Fix examples to build with IBM's xlC compiler on AIX - they were failing due
to _LARGE_FILES being defined for the library build but not for the examples,
and defining this changes the ABI of std::string with this compiler.
* configure: Improve the probe for whether the test harness can use RTTI to
work for IBM's xlC compiler (which defaults to not generating RTTI).
* Fix to build with Sun's C++ compiler.
* Use F_DUPFD where available to dup to a file descriptor which is >= 2, rather
than calling dup() until we get one.
* When unserialising a double, avoid reading one byte past the end of the
serialised value. In practice this was harmless on most platforms, as
dbl_max_mantissa is 255 for IEEE-754 format doubles, and at least GCC's
std::string keeps the buffer nul-terminated. Reported by Germán M. Bravo in
github PR#67.
* When unserialising a double, add missing cast to unsigned char when we check
if the value will fit in the double type. On machines with IEEE-754 doubles
(which is most current platforms) this happened to work OK before. It would
also have been fine on machines where char is unsigned by default.
* Fix incorrect use of "delete" which should be "delete []". This is
undefined behaviour in C++, though the type is POD, so in practice this
probably worked OK on many platforms.
debug code:
* Fix some overly strict assertions in flint, which caused apitest's
cursordelbug1 to fail with assertions on.
Xapian-core 1.2.20 (2015-03-04):
chert backend:
* After splitting a block, we always insert the new block in the parent right
after the block it was split from - there's no need to binary chop.
build system:
* Generate and install a file for pkg-config. (Fixes#540)
* configure: Update link to cygwin FAQ in error message.
* include/xapian/weight.h: Document the enum stat_flags values.
* docs/postingsource.rst: Use a modern class in postingsource example. (Noted
by James Aylett)
* docs/deprecation.rst,docs/replication.rst: Fix typos.
* Update doxygen configuration files to avoid warnings about obsolete tags from
newer doxygen versions.
* HACKING: Update details of building Xapian packages.
* xapian-check: For chert and brass, cross-check the position and postlist
tables to detect positional data for non-existent documents.
* When locking a database for writing, use F_OFD_SETLK where available, which
avoids having to fork() a child process to hold the lock. This currently
requires Linux kernel >= 3.15, but it has been submitted to POSIX so
hopefully will be widely supported eventually. Thanks to Austin Clements for
pointing out this now exists.
* Fix detection of fdatasync(), which appears to have been broken practically
forever - this means we've probably been using fsync() instead, which
probably isn't a big additional overhead. Thanks to Vlad Shablinsky for
helping with Mac OS X portability of this fix.
* configure: Define MINGW_HAS_SECURE_API under mingw to get _putenv_s()
declared in stdlib.h.
* Use POSIX O_NONBLOCK in preference to O_NDELAY - the semantics of the latter
differ between BSD and System V.
* According to POSIX, strerror() may not be thread safe, so use alternative
thread-safe ways to translate errno values where possible.
* On Microsoft Windows, avoid defining EADDRINUSE, etc if they're already
defined, and use WSAE* constants un-negated - they start from a high value
so won't collide with E* constants.
debug code:
* Add more assertions to the chert backend code.
Xapian-core 1.2.19 (2014-10-21):
* Xapian::BM25Weight:
+ Improve BM25 upper bound in the case when our wdf upper bound > our
document length lower bound. Thanks to Craig Macdonald for pointing out
this trick.
+ Pre-multiply termweight by (param_k1 + 1) rather than doing it for
every weighted term in every document considered.
* Don't report apparent leaks of fds opened on /dev/urandom - at least on
Linux, something in the C library seems to lazily open it, and the report of
a possible leak followed by assurance that it's OK really is just noise we
can do without.
* Fix false matches reported for non-exact phrases in some cases. Fixes the
reduced testcase in #657, reported by Jean-Francois Dockes.
brass backend:
* Only full sync after writing the final base file (only affects Max OS X).
chert backend:
* Only full sync after writing the final base file (only affects Max OS X).
flint backend:
* Only full sync after writing the final base file (only affects Max OS X).
build system:
* For Sun's C++ compiler, pass -library=Crun separately since libtool looks for
" -library=stlport4 " (with the spaces). (fixes#650)
* Remove .replicatmp (created by the test suite) upon "make clean".
* include/xapian/compactor.h: Fix formatting of doxygen comment.
* HACKING: freecode no longer accepts updates, so drop that item from the
release checklist.
* docs/overview.rst: Add missing database path to example of using
xapian-progsrv in a stub database file.
* Suppress unused typedef warnings from debugging logging macros, which occur
in functions which always exit via throwing an exception when compiling with
recent versions of GCC or clang.
* Fix debug logging code to compile with clang. (fixes #657, reported by
Germán M. Bravo)
debug code:
* Add missing RETURN() markup for debug logging in a few places, highlighted by
warnings from recent GCC.
* Fix incorrect return types in debug logging annotations so that code compiles
when configured with --enable-log.
Xapian-core 1.2.18 (2014-06-22):
* Document: Fix get_docid() to return the docid for the sub-database (as it
is explicitly documented to) for Document objects passed to functors like
KeyMaker during the match. (fixes#636, reported by Jeff Rand).
* Document: Don't store the termname in OmDocumentTerm - we were only using it
in get_description() output and an exception message. Speeds up indexing
etext.txt using simpleindex by 0.4%, and should reduce memory usage a bit
too. (Change inspired by comments from Vishesh Handa on xapian-devel).
* Database: Iterating the values in a particular slot is now a bit more
efficient for inmemory and remote backends (but still slow compared to
flint, chert and brass).
* apitest: Expand crashrecovery1 to check that the expected base files exist
and ones which shouldn't exist don't.
* queryparsertest: Fix testcase for empty wildcard followed by negation to
enable FLAG_LOVEHATE so the negation is actually parsed. Fortunately the
fixed testcase passes.
* OP_SYNONYM: avoid fetching the doclength if the weighting scheme doesn't
need it and the calculated wdf for the synonym is <= doclength_lower_bound
for the current subdatabase. (fixes #360)
build system:
* Releases are now bootstrapped with libtool 2.4.2 instead of 2.4, and with
config.guess and config.sub updated to the latest versions.
* Add an example of initializing SimpleStopper using a file listing stopwords.
(Patch from Assem Chelli)
* Improve the descriptions of the stem_strategy values in the API docs.
(Reported by "oilap" on #xapian)
* docs/sorting.rst: Fix incorrect parameter types in Xapian::Weight
subclass example.
* docs/glossary.rst: Add definition of "collection frequency".
+ makeindex is now in Debian package texlive-binaries.
+ Replace a link to the outdated autotools "goat book" with a link to the
"Portable Shell" chapter of the autoconf manual.
* include/xapian/base.h: Remove very out of date comments talking about atomic
assignment and locking - since 0.5.0 we've adopted a "user locks" policy.
(Reported by Jean-Francois Dockes)
* delve:
+ Add -A <prefix> option to list all terms with a particular prefix.
+ Send errors to stderr not stdout.
+ If -v is specified more than once, show even more info in some cases.
(NEWS file claimed this was backported in 1.2.15, but it actually wasn't).
* quest:
+ Add --default-op option.
+ Add --weight option to allow the weighting scheme to be specified.
* Explicitly '#include <algorithm>' for std::max(), fixing build with VS2013.
(Fixes#641, reported by "boomboo").
* Fix testcase blocksize1 not to try to delete an open database, which isn't
possible under Windows. (Fixes #643, reported by Chris Olds)
* docs/quickstart.rst: Split --cxxflags and --libs for portability (noted by
"Hurricane Tong" on xapian-devel).
* Fix warnings with clang 5.0.
debug code:
* Add assertions that weighting scheme upper bounds aren't exceeded.
Xapian-core 1.2.17 (2014-01-29):
* Enquire::set_sort_by_relevance_then_value() and
Enquire::set_sort_by_relevance_then_key(): Fix sense of reverse parameter.
Reported by "boomboo" on IRC.
* BM25Weight: Fix case where (k1 == 0 || b == 0) but k2 != 0. Reported by
"boomboo" on IRC.
* Unicode::tolower(): Fix to give correct results for U+01C5, U+01C8, U+01CB,
and U+01F2 (previously these were left unchanged).
* Automatically probe for and hook in eatmydata to the testsuite using the
wrapper script it now includes.
* Fix apitest to build when brass, chert or flint are disabled.
brass backend:
* Fix handling of invalid block sizes passed to Xapian::Brass::open() - the
size gets fixed as documented, but the uncorrected size was passed to the
base file (and abort() was called if 0 was passed).
* Validate "dir_end" when reading a block. (fixes #592)
chert backend:
* Fix handling of invalid block sizes passed to Xapian::Chert::open() - the
size gets fixed as documented, but the uncorrected size was passed to the
base file (and abort() was called if 0 was passed).
* Validate "dir_end" when reading a block. (fixes #592)
flint backend:
* Fix handling of invalid block sizes passed to Xapian::Flint::open() - the
size gets fixed as documented, but the uncorrected size was passed to the
base file (and abort() was called if 0 was passed).
* Validate "dir_end" when reading a block. (fixes #592)
build system:
* configure: Improve reporting of GCC version.
* Use -no-fast-install on platforms where -no-install causes libtool to emit a
* docs/ Fix handling of MAINTAINER_NO_DOCS.
* Include UnicodeData.txt and the script to generate the unicode tables from
* postingsource.rst: Clarify a couple of points (reported by "vHanda" on IRC).
* Protect the ValueIterator::check() method against Mac OS X SDK headers
which define a check() macro.
* Fix warning from xlC compiler.
* Avoid use of grep -e in configure, as /usr/bin/grep on Solaris doesn't
support -e.
* Fix check for flags which might be needed for ANSI mode for compilers called
* configure: Improve handling of Sun's C++ compiler - trick libtool into not
adding -library=Cstd, and prefer -library=stdcxx4 if supported. Explicitly
add -library=Crun which seems to be required, even though the documentation
suggests otherwise.
Xapian-core 1.2.16 (2013-12-04):
* PositionIterator,PostingIterator,TermIterator,ValueIterator: Don't segfault
if skip_to() or check() is called on an iterator which is already at_end().
Reported by David Bremner.
* ValueCountMatchSpy: get_description() on a default-constructed
ValueCountMatchSpy object no longer fails when xapian-core is built with
* ValueCountMatchSpy: get_total() on a default-constructed ValueCountMatchSpy
object now returns 0 rather than segfaulting.
* If -v/--verbose is specified more than once to a test program, show the
diagnostic output for passing tests as well as failing/skipped ones.
* queryparsertest: Change qp_scale1 to time 5 repetitions of the large query to
help average out variations.
* queryparsertest: Add test coverage for explicit synonym of a term with a
prefix (e.g. ~foo:search).
* apitest: Remove code from registry* testcases which tries to test the
consequences of throwing an exception from a destructor - it's complex to
ensure we don't leak memory while doing this (it seems GCC doesn't release
the object in this case, but clang does), and it's generally frowned upon,
plus C++11 makes destructors noexcept by default.
* Fix "make check" to actually removed cached databases first, as is
brass backend:
* When moving a cursor on a read-only table, check if the block we want is in
the internal cursor. We already do this for a writable table, as it is
necessary for correctness, but it's a cheap check and may avoid asking the
OS for a block we actually already have.
* Correctly report the database as closed rather than 'Bad file descriptor'
in certain cases.
* Reuse a cursor for reading values from valuestreams rather than creating
a new one each time. This can dramatically reduce the number of blocks
redundantly reread when sorting by value. The rereads will generally get
served from VM cache, but there's still an overhead to that.
chert backend:
* When moving a cursor on a read-only table, check if the block we want is in
the internal cursor. We already do this for a writable table, as it is
necessary for correctness, but it's a cheap check and may avoid asking the
OS for a block we actually already have.
* Correctly report the database as closed rather than 'Bad file descriptor'
in certain cases.
* Reuse a cursor for reading values from valuestreams rather than creating
a new one each time. This can dramatically reduce the number of blocks
redundantly reread when sorting by value. The rereads will generally get
served from VM cache, but there's still an overhead to that.
flint backend:
* When moving a cursor on a read-only table, check if the block we want is in
the internal cursor. We already do this for a writable table, as it is
necessary for correctness, but it's a cheap check and may avoid asking the
OS for a block we actually already have.
* Correctly report the database as closed rather than 'Bad file descriptor'
in certain cases.
build system:
* Compress source tarballs with xz instead of gzip.
* Split XAPIAN_LIBS out of XAPIAN_LDFLAGS so that -l flags for libraries
configure detects are needed appear after -L flags specified by the user
that may be needed to find such libraries. (fixes#626)
* XO_LIB_XAPIAN now handles the user specifying a relative path in
XAPIAN_CONFIG, e.g.: "./configure XAPIAN_CONFIG=../xapian-core/xapian-config"
* Adjust XO_LIB_XAPIAN to strip _gitNNN suffix from snapshot versions.
* configure: Handle git snapshot naming when calculating REVISION.
* configure: Enable -fshow-column for GCC - things like vim's quickfix mode
will then jump to the appropriate column for a compiler error or warning, not
just the appropriate line.
* configure: Report GCC version in configure output.
* The API documentation shipped with the release is now generated with
doxygen 1.8.5 instead of 1.5.9, which is most evident in the different
HTML styling newer doxygen uses.
* Document how Utf8Iterator handles invalid UTF-8 in API documentation.
* Improve how descriptions of deprecated features appear in the API
* docs/remote_protocol.rst: Correct error in documentation of REPLY_DOCDATA
* docs/overview.rst: Correct documentation for how to specify "prog" remote
databases in stub files.
* Direct users to git in preference to SVN - we'll be switching entirely in
the near future.
* xapian-chert-update: Fix -b to work rather than always segfaulting (reported
* xapian-chert-update: The documented alias --blocksize for -b has never
actually been supported, so just drop mentions of it from --help and the man
* xapian-check:
+ Fix chert database check that first docid in each doclength chunk is more
than the last docid in the previous chunk - previously this didn't actually
+ Fix database check not to falsely report "position table: Junk after
position data" whenever there are 7 unused bits (7 is OK, *more* than 7
+ Fix to report block numbers correctly for links within the B-tree.
+ If the METAINFO key is missing, only report it once per table.
+ Fix database consistency checking to always open all the tables at the same
revision - not doing this could lead to false errors being reported after a
commit interrupted by the process being killed or the machine crashing.
Reported by Joey Hess in
* quest: Add --check-at-least option.
* configure: clang doesn't support -Wstrict-null-sentinel or -Wlogical-op, so
don't pass it these options.
* Fix build errors and warnings with mingw.
* Suppress "unused local typedef" warnings from GCC 4.8.
* If the compiler supports C++11, use static_assert to implement
* tests/zlib-vg.c: Fix two warnings when compiled with clang.
* Fix failure when built with -D_GLIBCXX_DEBUG - we were modifying the top()
element of a heap before calling pop(), such that the heap comparison
operation (which is called when -D_GLIBCXX_DEBUG is on to verify the heap is
valid) would read off the end of the data. In a normal build, this issue
would likely never manifest.
* configure: When generating ABI compatibility checks in xapian/version.h, pass
$CXXFLAGS and $CPPFLAGS to $CXXCPP as they could contain options which affect
the ABI (such as -fabi-version for GCC). (Fixes #622)
* Microsoft GUIDs in binary form have reversed byte order in the first three
components compared to standard UUIDs, so the same database would report a
different UUID on Windows to on other platforms. We now swap the bytes to
match the standard order. With this fix, the UUIDs of existing databases
will appear to change on Windows (except in rare "palindronic" cases).
* Fix a couple of issues to get Xapian to build and work on AIX.
* common/safeuuid.h: Remove bogus take-address-of from uuid handling code for
NetBSD and OpenBSD.
* Under cygwin, use cygwin_conv_path() if using a new enough cygwin version,
rather than the now deprecated cygwin_conv_to_win32_path(). Reported by
"Haroogan" on the xapian-devel mailing list.
* common/safeuuid.h: Add missing '#include <cstdlib>' and qualify free with std.
* Fix 'unused label' warning when chert backend is disabled.
* xapian.h: Add check for Wt headers being included before us and defining
'slots' as a macro - if they are, give a clear error advising how to work
around this (previously compilation would fail with a confusing error).
debug code:
* Fix assertion failure for when an OrPostList decays to an AndPostList - the
ordering of the subqueries by estimated termfreq may not be the same as it
was when the OrPostList was constructed, as the subqueries may themselves
have decayed. Reported by Michel Pelletier.
* Fix -Wcast-qual warning from GCC 4.7 when configured with --enable-log.
Xapian-core 1.2.15 (2013-04-16):
* QueryParser/TermGenerator: Don't include CJK codepoints which are
punctuation in N-grams.
* TermGenerator: Fix bug where we failed to generate the first bigram
from the second sequence of N-grammable CJK characters in a piece of text.
brass backend:
* Call fdatasync()/fsync() when creating the "iambrass" file.
chert backend:
* Call fdatasync()/fsync() when creating the "iamchert" file.
flint backend:
* Call fdatasync()/fsync() when creating the "iamflint" file.
build system:
* XO_LIB_XAPIAN now handles the user specifying XAPIAN_CONFIG without a path,
for example: ./configure XAPIAN_CONFIG=xapian-config-1.3
* delve: If -v is specified more than once, show even more info in some cases.
* Fix warning due to needlessly casting away const-ness in debug logging.
* Fix pointer truncation bug in lemon parser generator, which probably affects
regenerating the query parser on WIN64.
debug code:
* Fix to build when configured with --enable-log.
Xapian-core 1.2.14 (2013-03-14):
* MSet::get_document(): Don't cache retrieved Document objects unless they
were requested with fetch(). This avoids using a lot of memory when many
MSet entries are retrieved. (Fixes #604)
* apitest: Improved test coverage.
* Check if a candidate document has at least the minimum weight needed
before checking positional information, which speeds up slow phrase
searches (partly addresses #394).
brass backend:
* Fix multipass compaction not to damage document values, and to merge the
database stats correctly. (fixes #615)
chert backend:
* Fix multipass compaction not to damage document values, and to merge the
database stats correctly. (fixes #615)
flint backend:
* Fix multipass compaction bug. (fixes #615)
* xapian-replicate:
+ Fix handling of delays between replication events - the subtraction of the
target time and the current time was reversed, so we wouldn't sleep when
before the deadline, but would sleep after it for the amount we'd missed it
+ On Microsoft Windows, we no longer sleep for more than 43 years if the
target time for a replication event had already passed. (Fixes #472)
* matcher/ Need <functional> for mem_fun().
* tests/harness/ Don't provide explicit template types to
make_pair - it isn't useful, and breaks with C++11. Fixes build error with
* examples/ Fix to build with Sun Studio 12 compiler. (ticket#611)
Xapian-core 1.2.13 (2013-01-09):
* TermGenerator: Add new method TermGenerator::set_max_word_length() to allow
this limit to be adjusted by the user.
* QueryParser: Implicitly close any unclosed brackets at the end of the query
string. Patch from Sehaj Singh Kalra.
* DateValueRangeProcessor: Add extra constructor overloaded form so that in
DateValueRangeProcessor(1, "date:"), the const char * gets interpreted as
std::string rather than bool.
* apitest: Assorted test coverage improvements.
* When reporting valgrind errors, skip any warnings before the error in the
valgrind log.
* Improved fix for #590 - count all matching LeafPostList objects with a Weight
object rather than trying to prune at the MultiAndPostList level based on
max_wt (if wdf is always zero for a term, BM25 gives max_wt of 0, which lead
to us never counting that subquery.
* Fix calculation of 0.0/0.0 in some cases. This then got used as a minimum
weight, but it seems this gives -nan (at least on x86-64 Linux) so it may
have been harmless in practice.
* We no longer use the highest weighted MSet entry to calculate percentages, so
remove code which finds it.
brass backend:
* Close excess file handles before we get the fcntl lock, which avoids the
lock being released again if one is open on the lock file. Notably this
avoids a situation where multiple threads in the same process could succeed
in locking a database concurrently.
chert backend:
* Close excess file handles before we get the fcntl lock, which avoids the
lock being released again if one is open on the lock file. Notably this
avoids a situation where multiple threads in the same process could succeed
in locking a database concurrently.
flint backend:
* Close excess file handles before we get the fcntl lock, which avoids the
lock being released again if one is open on the lock file. Notably this
avoids a situation where multiple threads in the same process could succeed
in locking a database concurrently.
remote backend:
* Improve the UnimplementedError message for a MatchSpy subclass which doesn't
implement name() so it's clearer that it is this particular subclass which
can't be used remotely, rather than all MatchSpy objects.
build system:
* The build system is now generated with automake 1.11.6 rather than 1.11.1,
which fixes a security issue in "make distcheck" (not something users will
usually run, but it seems worth addressing).
* Use user-specified LIBS for configure tests, which is what you'd expect to
happen, and provides a way for the user to tell configure where to find
library functions which configure can't find for itself.
* INCLUDES is now deprecated in automake, so use AM_CPPFLAGS instead.
* Test coverage rules now assume lcov 1.10 which allows them to be simpler
and not to require a patched version of lcov.
* valueranges.html: Update documentation to reflect change in Xapian 1.1.2 -
DateValueRangeProcessor and StringValueRangeProcessor now support a prefix or
* Clarify that the "reverse" parameter of set_sort_by_relevance_then_value()
and set_sort_by_relevance_then_key() only affects the ordering of the
value/key part of the sort.
* docs/quickstart.html: Fix seriously outdated statement that Xapian doesn't
create the database directory - that changed in 0.7.2 (released 2003-07-11).
* HACKING: Try to make it clearer we're looking for a dual-licence on submitted
* xapian-replicate:
+ Add a --full-copy option to force a full copy to be sent. (ticket#436)
+ Add --quiet option, and be a little more verbose by default.
+ Allow files > 32G to be be copied by replication.
+ Fix "if (fd > 0)" tests in some replication code to be "if (fd >= 0)".
In practice this is unlikely to actually have caused problems since
stdin is typically still open and using fd 0.
+ Simplify how we open the .DB file on the replication slave to just call
open() once with O_CREAT, rather than once without, than stat() if that
fails, and then again with O_CREAT|O_TRUNC if stat() doesn't show an
ordinary file exists.
* quest:
+ New --flags command line option to allow setting arbitrary QueryParser
+ Align option descriptions in --help output, and make the initial letter of
such descriptions consistently lowercase.
* Fix testsuite harness to compile with GCC 4.7.
* On platforms with the F_MAXFD fcntl but without closefrom(), we were failing
to close the highest numbered open fd in our closefrom() replacement.
* Our closefrom() replacement on Linux now works around valgrind not hiding
some extra fds it has open, but then complaining if we try to close them.
+ Pass O_BINARY when opening replication related files in some cases where we
weren't before, which will probably help solve ticket #472.
* configure: socketpair() needs -lnetwork on Haiku.
* Micro-optimisation in Unicode handling - GCC doesn't currently optimise the
arithmetic shift right idiom we use, but it documents that signed right shift
does sign extension so we now just use a right shift for GCC.
debug code:
* Preserve errno over debug logging calls, so they can safely be added to code
which expects errno not to change.
Xapian-core 1.2.12 (2012-06-27):
build system:
* 1.2.11 had its library version information incorrectly set. This resulted in
the shared library having an incorrect SONAME - e.g. on Linux, instead of This release has been made to
fix this problem.
* AUTHORS: Add the GSoC students.
Xapian-core 1.2.11 (2012-06-26):
* Add new QueryParser::STEM_ALL_Z stemming strategy, which stems all terms and
adds a Z prefix. (Patch from Sehaj Singh Kalra, fixes ticket#562)
* Add TermGenerator::set_stemming_strategy() method, with strategies which
correspond to those of QueryParser. Based on patch from Sehaj Singh Kalra,
with some tweaks for adding term positions in more cases. (Fixes ticket#563)
* Correct "BM25Weight" to "TradWeight" in exception message from TradWeight.
* We were failing to call init() for user-defined Weight objects providing the
term-independent weight. These now get called with init(0.0).
* Xapian::Auto::open_stub() now throws a Xapian::DatabaseOpeningError exception
if the stub file can't be opened. Previously we failed to check for this
condition, which resulted in us treating the file as empty.
* When the testsuite is using valgrind, we used to run remote servers under
valgrind too (but with --tool=none) to get consistent behaviour as valgrind's
emulation of x87 excess precision isn't exact. Now we only do this if x87 FP
instructions are actually in use (which means x86 architecture and configure
run with --disable-sse).
* Make sure XAPIAN_MAX_CHANGESETS gets unset after replication testcases which
set it, so further testcases don't waste time generating changesets.
* Improved test coverage (including more tests for closed databases -
brass backend:
* After closing the database, methods which try to use the termlist would throw
FeatureUnavailableError with message "Database has no termlist", assuming
that the termlist table not being open meant it wasn't present. Fix to check
if the postlist_table is open to determine which case we're in.
chert backend:
* After closing the database, methods which try to use the termlist would throw
FeatureUnavailableError with message "Database has no termlist", assuming
that the termlist table not being open meant it wasn't present. Fix to check
if the postlist_table is open to determine which case we're in.
inmemory backend:
* Check if the database is closed in metadata_keys_begin() for InMemory
build system:
* xapian-config: Don't interpret a missing .la file as meaning that we only
have static libraries.
* Fix API documentation for Query constructors - both XOR and ELITE_SET can
take any number of subqueries, not only exactly two.
* Backport missing API documentation comments for operator++ and operator*
methods or PositionIterator, PostingIterator and TermGenerator.
* docs/replication.rst: Update documentation - since 1.2.5, the value of
XAPIAN_MAX_CHANGESETS determines how many changesets we keep.
* docs/admin_notes.rst: Correction - we don't "create a lock file", we "lock a
* Fix API documentation for TradWeight constructor - "k1" should be "k".
* configure: Overhaul handling of compilers which pretend to be GCC. Clang
is now detected, and we only pass it warning flags it actually understands.
And we now check for symbol visibility support with Intel's compiler.
* configure: Solaris automatically pulls in library dependencies, so set
link_all_deplibs_CXX=no there.
* configure: We now check -Bsymbolic-functions for all compilers.
* configure: Enable -Wdouble-promotion for GCC >= 4.6.
* Pass -ldl last when compiling, as that seems to be needed on
Ubuntu 12.04.
* Fix incorrect use of "delete" which should be "delete []". This is
undefined behaviour in C++, though the type is POD, so in practice this
probably worked OK on many platforms.
* In BM25Weight when k1 or b is zero (not the default), we used to multiply
an uninitialised double by zero, which is undefined behaviour, but in
practice will often give zero, leading to the desired results.
* xapian.h: Add check for Qt headers being included before us and defining
'slots' as a macro - if they are, give a clear error advising how to work
around this (previously compilation would fail with a confusing error).
Xapian-core 1.2.10 (2012-05-09):
* apitest: Extend tradweight1 to test that TradWeight(0) means that wdf and
document length don't affect the weight of a term.
* termgentest: Check that TermGenerator discards words > 64 bytes.
* Don't count unweighted subqueries of MultiAndPostList in percentage
calculations, as OP_FILTER maps to MultiAndPostList now. (ticket#590)
brass backend:
* When compacting, if the output database is empty, don't write out a metainfo
tag. Take care not to divide by zero when computing the percentage size
change for a table.
chert backend:
* When compacting, if the output database is empty, don't write out a metainfo
tag. Take care not to divide by zero when computing the percentage size
change for a table.
* API documentation:
+ Note version when Database::close() was added.
+ Fix switched lower and upper in API documentation for Weight methods
get_doclength_lower_bound() and get_doclength_upper_bound(). Correct
maximum to minimum in get_doclength_lower_bound() comment and note that this
excludes zero length documents. Fix "An lower" to "A lower".
* docs/admin_notes.html: Mention that postlist and termlist tables also hold
value info for chert. Mention that xapian-chert-update was removed in 1.3.0.
Mention that you need to use copydatabase from 1.2.x to convert flint to
* HACKING: Update section on patches to mention git (git diff and git
format-patch), and using "-r" with normal diff, and also that ptardiff offers
a nice way to diff against an unpacked tarball.
debug code:
* Fix use of AssertEq() on NULL, which doesn't compile, at least with recent
Xapian-core 1.2.9 (2012-03-08):
* QueryParser: Fix FLAG_AUTO_SYNONYMS not to enable auto multi-word synonyms
too (but in a different way to trunk so as to not break the ABI).
* Fix issue with running AND, OR and XOR queries against a database with no
documents in it - this was leading to a divide by zero, which led to
MSet::get_matches_estimated() reporting 2147483648 on i386.
build system:
* Remove configure's --with-stlport and --with-stlport-compiler options, as
they don't allow you to actually specify what you need to (at least to use
the Debian STLport package), and instead document what to pass to configure
to enable building with STLport (though it seems to no longer be actively
maintained, and the debug mode (which is probably the most interesting
feature now) doesn't seem to work on Debian stable).
* Document that OP_ELITE_SET with non-term subqueries might pick subqueries
which don't match anything. Closes ticket#49.
* Document that you can define a static operator delete method in your subclass
if deallocation needs to be handled specially. (Closes ticket#554)
* Assorted minor documentation improvements.
* Address new warnings from GCC 4.6.
* Fix argument order when linking xapian-check to fix mingw build.
* Add some missing explicit header includes to fix build with STLport.
Xapian-core 1.2.8 (2011-12-13):
* Add support to TermGenerator and QueryParser for indexing and searching CJK
text using n-grams. Currently this is only enabled when the environmental
variable XAPIAN_CJK_NGRAM is set to a non-empty value.
* Add link from index page to apidoc.pdf.
* quickstart.html: Correct link which was to but
should be to
* overview.html,quickstart.html: Fix several factual errors.
* API documentation:
+ Improve documentation comments for several methods.
+ Add documentation for function parameters which didn't have it.
+ Remove bogus paragraph in WritableDatabase::replace_document()
documentation comment which had been cut and pasted from delete_document()
documentation comment. (Fixes ticket#579)
+ Explicitly document which value slot numbers are valid. (Fixes ticket#555)
+ Escape < and > in doxygen comments so "<foo>" doesn't get eaten by doxygen.
+ Some fixes for warnings when cross-compiling to mingw.
* tests/soaktest/ With Sun's compiler, random() and srandom()
aren't in <cstdlib> so we need to use <stdlib.h> instead.
Xapian-core 1.2.7 (2011-08-10):
* Document objects now track whether any document positions have been modified
so that replacing a modified document can completely skip considering
updating positions if none have changed. Currently the flint, chert, and
brass backends implement this optimisation. A common case this speeds up is
adding and/or removing boolean filter terms to/from existing documents - for
example this gives an 18% speedup for adding tags in notmuch.
* Make sure that perftest isn't run with libeatmydata preloaded, as making
fsync() a no-op makes performance tests rather bogus.
remote backend:
* Remove unnecessary call to reopen() in the remote servers in a case where
either we had just called it or we are using a writable database and so
reopen() doesn't do anything.
build system:
* configure: -Wshadow gives bogus warnings with 4.0 (at least on Mac OS X), so
disable it for GCC < 4.1 (like the comments already said we did!)
* Improve the documentation comment for Database::close(). (ticket#504)
* Fix typo in documentation comment for Enquire constructor which reversed the
intended sense (though the text was fairly obviously wrong before).
* Improve documentation of QueryParser::add_boolean_prefix()'s exclusive
parameter to talk about terms and prefixes rather than values and fields
(which was confusing since "document value" has a particular meaning in
* docs/facets.html: Expand descriptions for indexing and finding facets.
Fix errors in example code.
* docs/index.html: Add links to Omega and bindings documentation.
* docs/remote_protocol.html: Fixed typo which reversed the intended sense.
* xapian-check --help: Document that checking a whole database performs
additional cross-checks between the tables.
* docs/admin_notes.html: Add note about xapian-chert-update.
* docs/deprecation.html: Note here that WritableDatabase::flush() is
deprecated in favour of WritableDatabase::commit().
* Fix -Wshadow warnings from GCC 4.6.
* Fix warning from GCC 3.3.
debug code:
* Fix some problems with the templates used to implement output of parameters
and return values in debug logging.
Xapian-core 1.2.6 (2011-06-12):
* QueryParser:
+ Add new set_max_wildcard_expansion() method to allow limiting the number of
terms a wildcard can expand to. (ticket#350)
+ If default_op is OP_NEAR or OP_PHRASE then disable stemming of the terms,
since we don't index positional information for stemmed terms by default.
* Spelling correction was failing to correctly handle words which had the same
trigram in an even number of times.
* We now actually include the soaktest code in the release tarballs.
* Eliminate some vector copies when handling phrase subqueries in the query
brass backend:
* Kill the child process which holds the lock with SIGKILL as that can't be
ignored, whereas SIGHUP can be in some cases.
chert backend:
* Kill the child process which holds the lock with SIGKILL as that can't be
ignored, whereas SIGHUP can be in some cases.
flint backend:
* Kill the child process which holds the lock with SIGKILL as that can't be
ignored, whereas SIGHUP can be in some cases.
* The HTML documentation is now maintained in reStructured Text format.
* docs/queryparser.html: Document the precedence order of operators.
* docs/scalability.html: Bring up-to-date.
* docs/overview.html: Document "remote" in stub databases.
* docs/postingsource.html: Add PostingSource example. (ticket#503)
* include/xapian/database.h: Add @exception InvalidArgumentError for
Database::get_document() (ticket#542).
* Ship ChangeLog.0 in the tarball.
* Assorted minor improvements.
* examples/delve: Report has_positions().
* examples/simpleindex: Add short description to usage message.
* Fix to build for mingw.
Xapian-core 1.2.5 (2011-04-04):
* Enquire::get_eset() now accepts a min_wt argument to allow the minimum wanted
weight to be specified. Default is 0, which gives the previous behaviour.
* QueryParser: Handle NEAR/<offset> and ADJ/<offset> where offset isn't an
integer the same way at the end of the query as in the middle.
* Replication:
+ Only keep $XAPIAN_MAX_CHANGESETS changeset files when generating a new one
(previously this variable only controlled if we generated changesets or
not). Closes ticket#278.
+ $XAPIAN_MAX_CHANGESETS is reread each time, rather than only when the
database is opened.
+ If you build Xapian with DANGEROUS mode enabled, changeset files now
actually have the appropriate flag set (the reader will currently throw an
exception, but that's better than quietly handling them incorrectly).
* Compaction tests which generate stub files now close them before performing
the actual compaction, to avoid issues on Microsoft Windows (ticket#525).
* Improve test coverage.
* Fix memory leak if an exception is thrown during the match.
brass backend:
* Bumped format version number (we now store the oldest revision for which we
might have a replication changeset).
* Optimise not to read the bitmaps from the base files when opening a database
for reading (cross-port of equivalent change to chert).
* Optimise not to update doclength when it hasn't changed (cross-port of
equivalent change to chert).
* If we try to delete an old base file and it isn't there, just continue rather
than throwing an exception. We wanted to get rid of it anyway, and it may be
NFS issues telling us the wrong thing. In particular, DatabaseCorruptError
was rather a pessimistic assessment.
chert backend:
* Optimise not to read the bitmaps from the base files when opening a database
for reading.
* Optimise not to update doclength when it hasn't changed.
* xapian-chert-update: Fix to handle larger databases, and databases which
have values set.
* If we try to delete an old base file and it isn't there, just continue rather
than throwing an exception. We wanted to get rid of it anyway, and it may be
NFS issues telling us the wrong thing. In particular, DatabaseCorruptError
was rather a pessimistic assessment.
flint backend:
* Optimise not to read the bitmaps from the base files when opening a database
for reading (cross-port of equivalent change to chert).
* Optimise not to update doclength when it hasn't changed (cross-port of
equivalent change to chert).
* If we try to delete an old base file and it isn't there, just continue rather
than throwing an exception. We wanted to get rid of it anyway, and it may be
NFS issues telling us the wrong thing. In particular, DatabaseCorruptError
was rather a pessimistic assessment.
remote backend:
* xapian-tcpsrv: If we can't bind to the specified port because it is a
privileged one, exit with code 77 (EX_NOPERM) to make it easier to
automatically handle failure when starting the server from a script.
build system:
* Snapshots and releases are now bootstrapped with autoconf 2.68 and libtool
* configure: -Wstrict-null-sentinel was added in GCC 4.0.1 and so doesn't work
with GCC 4.0.0. For simplicity, only enable it for GCC >= 4.1.