4. Creating a Web Interface

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Find a JSON, XML or CSV API endpoint you need on the internet. It should be well formatted and follow common conventions. Read up on how to connect with it. Get your authentication token or whatever is needed. Read up on the structure of the response.

Create a Web Interface on xapix.io by filling out the form accordingly:

  • Picking a Type may change the fields displayed to you.
  • Authentication Set is credentials required by some APIs, sometimes combined with a reauthentication mechanism that we have to build (please file a GitHub Issue if you need a specific one). It's reusable across multiple endpoints usually of the same data source API.
  • URL can be submitted plain, but also accepts placeholders to pass parameters. They become 'required parameters' and Attributes then in each Resource Class you map to this Web Interface. Please consider this when naming those placeholders. You would also need to provide valid Sample parameters so we can fetch a data sample.
  • Sample parameters need to be provided if there are placeholders in URL. Use a flat JSON Object here.
  • Path to resource collection need to be provided on any nested response structure such as XML and JSON. Use XPath style here, a slash separated path.

When submitting the form was successful, you'll see one single item of the list as the data sample on the Web Interface show view after creation.