9. Configuring Attributes of a Resource Class

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Resource Class Attributes are by far best created from the respective Resource Class Dashboard. You can quickly create a couple of them at once.

If you want to use more advanced functions on the Resource Class such as filtering, sorting and adding relationships, you need to do some configuration on the Attribute level:

  • "Type" is the output data type. If the Web Interface data set is providing the value in a different data type, XapiX will attempt a Ruby type conversion
  • "Attribute Standard" makes a lot of sense if you plan to connect your Resource Class with other Resource Classes within XapiX, even from other API Projects that you have access to
  • "Allow null" is per default set to nullable. If you opt for "obligatory", XapiX will kick out all data sets that map to a null value on this Attribute
  • "Allow filter" is set to no by default. Setting this to filterable will allow you to use a value filter on this Attribute like filter[city]=Berlin