THack 2016

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#THack ITB Hackathon @ Betahaus Berlin

Here you'll learn how to rapidly get setup and hacking and find all related resources. We've created a wizard to give you fast, easy access to the Homeaway and Skyscanner API environments (Please note that access to real booking and accounts is not supported for this Hackathon- but your can mock these on XapiX if you like;).

There will be:

  • workshops for backend devs (max 5 devs/time slot)
  • one-on-one support (one dev/time slot)

Please click here to reserve your timeslot

Workshops/support meetings only take place when there's a reservation. We are also available anytime we are not in a scheduled meeting, just approach us.

Get on-site technical support from Oliver and raise questions.

Getting Started

  1. Ensure that you are logged in to your Github account, then create a XapiX account (just open an account, no need to create a project yet- the wizard of step 2 will create one for you).
  2. Ensure that you are logged in to XapiX and then go to XapiX Hackathon Setup Wizard. Choose a Project name and fill out the sponsor API credentials and add your team mates with GitHub accounts.

Start hacking! :)

The simplest way to inspect the sponsor API data is to go to your Project dashboard and "Toggle" in the 2nd panel called "Test Output Endpoints". This will give you a handy interface to the XapiX Web CLI which lets you inspect all data of the preconfigured resources. As well you will see the generated URLs and HTTP headers you could simply C&P into Postman or your app code. The Web CLI is a simple yet powerfull tool always present as an input field on the top navigation bar. Enter 'help' to see the manual.

To unleash the full Hypermedia power of XapiX pick the json:api output format and a Client library. If you feel uncomfortable with that, pick a simpler output format like JSON, CSV or XML, and do casual HTTP requests.

You might want to take a look around the XapiX platform and inspect all the resources and menus. It's not possible to change preconfigured resources, but you can consume them without limitations.

<a href="" target="_blank") Here's a Technology Overview

Creating own XapiX Resources in addition that are 100% interoperable with the preconfigured ones is easy. A common use case is to make up data sources you are missing, learn How To. Find us at the Helpdesk to find support.