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Autohotkey (windows) and Autokey (linux) configurations for CapsLock remapping
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CapsLock configuration files

Autohotkey (windows) and Autokey (linux) configuration files for CapsLock remapping, inspired by a blog post by Nikitonsky.


  • Use capslock + j/l/k/i instead of arrow keys without moving your hands from the default position
  • capslock + h as a backspace
  • capslock + a/d/s/w as home/end, page up/page down keys
  • capslock + [, capslock + ] to decrease and increase the sound volume

On Linux

This is tested on Ubuntu (gnome). The Autokey configuration tool doesn't seem to work with CapsLock key directly, so I had to map CapsLock to "additional Hyper" first:

  • Tweaks -> keyboard & mouse -> additional layout options
  • Caps lock behavior
  • Make Caps Lock an additional Hyper

You're free to choose any other key instead of Hyper, but then the Autokey configuration files must also be updated.


  • Install Autokey
  • Copy the autokey directory to ~/.config/autokey/data
  • Run Autokey

On Windows

  • Install Autohotkey
  • Execute autohotkey/capslock.ahk

Add to autoload:

  • Win + R, %appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup, enter
  • Right-click -> New -> Shortcut
  • Enter the full path to capslock.ahk file
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