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Develop Roseapple Pi to Snappy 16 Snappy Ubuntu Core


builder: build Snappy via makefiles, and that includes Gadget snap and Kernel snap.


Make sure your build environment is based on Ubuntu 16.04 or later. Then, you need to install snappy tools, for creating image.

To build all parts, a couple of dependencies are required. On Ubuntu you can install all build dependencies with the following commands.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y build-essential u-boot-tools lzop debootstrap gcc-4.8-arm-linux-gnueabihf device-tree-compiler
sudo apt-get install -y ubuntu-snappy snapcraft pxz
sudo apt-get install -y snap
sudo snap install --beta --classic ubuntu-image


xapp-le kernel can't be cross compiled by gcc 5+ arm-linux-gnueabihf, so you have to make soft link to gcc 4.8 related toolchain.

Generate ssh key-pair if you did not have one

ssh-keygen -t rsa

Quick Build

Build an image by fetching essential snaps from Ubuntu store


Build from scratch

A Makefile is provided to build Snappy, Gadget snap, U-Boot, Kernel snap from source. The sources will be cloned into local folders if not there already.

To build it all, just run make snappy. This will produce a Snappy image, a gadget snap roseapple-pi_x.y_all.snap and a kernel snap roseapple-pi-kernel_x.y.z.snap for device part, which can be used to build your own Snappy image.

Custom Image

If you want to build the speical version with including the snap you'd like to install from ubuntu store, you can modify the to reach it. For example:

sudo /snap/bin/ubuntu-image \
	--channel $CHANNEL \
	--image-size 4G \
	--extra-snaps snapweb \
	--extra-snaps bluez \
	--extra-snaps modem-manager \
	--extra-snaps network-manager \
	--extra-snaps roseapple-pi_x.y_all.snap \
	--extra-snaps roseapple-pi-kernel_x.y.z.snap \
	-o uc16-roseapple-pi.img \

Build U-boot

make u-boot

Build Gadget snap

make gadget

Build Kernel snap

make kernelsnap

Rebuild a snappy

To rebuild the snappy or other parts, just type make clean or make clean-{prefix}. The prefix will be u-boot, gadget, kernelsnap, etc.

Flash to SD card

Before dd, we suggest the SD card storage should be umounted to safely clean up.

xzcat ${image} | pv | sudo dd of=/dev/${device} bs=32M ; sync


Before snapcraft begins to compile the snap, it may pop up an error as below:

No valid credentials found. Have you run "snapcraft login"?

First, make sure you have Ubuntu One SSO and ability to get 2nd factor from Authenticator, then execute the following command:

snapcraft login