Beautiful responsive Hugo blog theme with many extra features including presentations, math typesetting, and search.
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Story is a beautiful Hugo theme for showcasing your writing and presentations. There's a demo site where you can see its features in action and learn more. You can also see it in use on a real site by Baron Schwartz.

Story screenshot

Story is targeted to technical writers and speakers: people such as software engineers and open source developers, who want a website for their technical work, such as blogging about software engineering. It's a great way to share your writing and speaking with the world.

It has a lot of features for people who invest effort in their websites and blogs!

  • Beautiful, responsive typography for long-form content on screen and in print, including blogs and single pages.
  • Support for RemarkJS slides.
  • LaTeX math typesetting with KaTeX
  • A built-in search page with LunrJS.

This is just a fraction of Story's feature set, see the demo site for much more documentation and screenshots.