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A Puppet package provider for FreeBSD's PkgNG package manager.
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A package provider for FreeBSD's PkgNG package manager.

This module contains the provider as well as some implementation around configuring the pkg.conf file. If you are building your own PkgNG packages, you may also want to look at my poudriere module.


The easiest way to install is to install from the forge.

puppet module install xaque208/pkgng

Then to configure your system to use a PkgNG, use something like the following.

class { "pkgng":
  packagesite => '';

You can also clone this repo to somewhere in your modulepath, or use something like r10k to deploy your modules. R10k is sweet. For those not familiar, check out Finch's blog post about it.

Once you have the module installed, you can use it by simply adding a site default in site.pp that looks like this.

Package {
  provider => pkgng

Now every package that you install will use the PkgNG provider.

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