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A small tool capable of estimating the size of the tls encrypted data in a pcap record, used in order to determinate which archlinux package was downloaded during a pacman session.
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Pacstalker is a simple tool capable of determinating a estimated size of the data transferred during a tls/ssl session which was recorded on a pcap file. This repository also provide a python script that is actually a wrapper around the C-written binary, this script aims at determinating which archlinux package was downloaded during a recorded tls/ssl session.

How to


In order to build the binary, please just run make. You can of course clean the produced files afterward (and delete the binary) by using make clean.

Run the script

I used pipenv for the python script dependencies, to install the python packages needed by just run pipenv install and then pipenv shell will bring you to the virtual env allowing you to use the script without problems.


If you just want to use the C-binary to determinate the a estimated size of encrypted data transferred on a record, type : bin/pacstalker <yourpcap>.

If you want to guess which archlinux-package was downloaded from a pcap file, you will first have to get to the pipenv shell and then run python <yourpcap>. Some options are available, please use the --help option to learn about them.

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