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  • The Xws_Content joomla module is brought to you by Xws-Joomla a brand new startup from Dakar Senegal in West Africa.

Why another content display module

There are tons of modules used to display joomla articles, but xws_content takes a different approach. We use jQuery & jQuery Ui to give your website visitors a great user experience.

Module functionality

As of this writing the module has include the two jQuery Ui widgets:

  • tabs
  • accordion
  • scrollable The module is under nigthtly development so we expect to add more widgets

Theming the module

  • jQuery Ui is a great javascript library with interesting effects & widgets. It supports also theming user interfaces.
  • The Xws_Content module come bundled with dozens of jQuery Ui themes. Feel free to pick the desired theme in the module administration section.
  • If the bundled themes doesn't match with your site's design your can roll your own easily with jQuery Ui theme roller web application.
  • Theming is the main advantage of using jQuery Ui for our module functionality as there is no additional css overrides required to style module according to your site design. Just pick the right theme & it's production ready!

Production Ready: YES!

  • The Xws_Content joomla module is optimized for production websites as it can load all javascript(jQuery & jQuery-ui) & css(jQuery-ui) from google ajax librairies.
  • This can speed up response times as google's servers are more optimized for serving static assets than your shared hosting server
  • Static assets are served from multiple hosts.