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capture WiFi via ESP32
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Wi-Fi Sniffer

Support 2.4GHz Based on ESP32

Wi-Fi Sniffer Mode


  • 802.11 b/g/n

  • 1600 bytes hardware buffer to Rx MPDU

  • 802.11 Management frame

  • 802.11 Data frame, including MPDU, AMPDU, AMSDU, etc.

  • 802.11 MIMO frame, for MIMO frame, the sniffer only dumps the length of the frame

Don't support

  • 802.11 Control frame
  • 802.11 error frame, such as the frame with a CRC error, etc

How to use

file '' - receive raw stream from esp32 via uart. Save 802.11 packet to *.pcap file file '' - test functionality to send settings from PC to esp32

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