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  • why is linguist reporting HTML? Added .gitattributes and said to ignore Noda time. next time I look at this on the Desktop, run linguist.

note: April 2017

I had this set as a private repository as it's just a mess right now. But it's the only C# I really have to show other than tests and practice exercises.

By December 2016, I realised I really needed to document more of what I was doing, and so after Christmas Holidays began working on my website instead. My (self-hosted) website still needs work finishing - especially my WordPress SyntaxHighlighter plug-in. When my partner went to Egypt I took advantage of the timing to work on my home network - which again took longer than expected (problems including spanning-tree over WDS, and no SNI for server-farms ... which confused me as it seemed anti-idomatic ... I checked the SSL Extension with wireshark in the end to see for myself) ... anyway ... haven't had time to return to this yet.

I believe that where I'd got up to was implementing INotifyPropertyChanged and the way I had some core structure going on.

Not all the classes are staying (in folder serial objects) ... and I decided not to use EnhancedSerialPort.cs written by someone else.

I wanted to use reflection for loading appropriate DLLS for x86 vs Arm (Raspberry Pi).

I want to implement Google's Authenticator API for SMS.

I think I haven't included any x509 stuff here ... I was working on that initially in a separate project.

This isn't something that works yet ... needs a LOT of work! Even the formatting is all over the place on GitHub.


.Net C# intention to be cross-platform for 3G Dongle SMS (Raspberry Pi Jessie/Mono, and Windows 10 Compute Stick) - part of larger IoT plans

Specific Aims

  • run on Raspberry Pi 2 (Wheezy) and Pi 3 (Jessie)

  • run on Windows 10 desktop including Compute Sticks

  • tie in with broader IoT project (including MQTT-cross-platform, ASP.Net RESTful endpoints,
    and local 868MHz encrypted radio network/Arduino/Sensor/Actuator bridge) including possibly other serial ports using this code

  • provide means for an IoT back-up channel (if internet connectivity is lost)

    ... loading assembly for Windows Management Query - entities for example, to find COM ports with specific devices, ... or look at UDev on the Pi to find specific device file paths

  • provide a common interface for bespoke implementation serial-port classes, suitable for dependancy injection:

    • WriteAT e.g. GSM, or other serial port for IoT device comms
    • ReceiveAT
    • SendData
    • ReceiveData e.g. ASCII SMS for short IoT messages only
    • EventHandler e.g. received SMS, error-sending-SMS etc.
  • eventually make robust e.g. gracefully deal with lost/intermittent resources e.g. USB device removed, lost signals etc.

  • provide a preshared-key-generated-token for SMS messages e.g. intention to make a simple Xamarin Android app initially to test secure SMS

    • e.g. think Google Authenticator - app generates the code and adds to SMS message sent
    • requires common time-reference either end (Raspberry Pi doesn't have a Real Time Clock - I'm thinking about it - might add one)
    • will have test actuator code e.g. relay on/off, on the Pi

This is my first .Net project, trying to put into practice what I've been teaching myself in recent months, so development might be a little slow and jerky with plenty of design mistakes/corrections along the way. Very iterative. Better use of threading/Async/Task etc. and attributes as I become more familiar in those topics. Edges of this sub-project might overlap with larger project as I feel my way.

Planning to blog at including installing Debian later release of Mono on Raspbian-Jessie, and hardware used. Contact:


.Net C# intention to be cross-platform for 3G Dongle SMS (Raspberry Pi Jessie/Mono, and Windows 10 Compute Stick) - part of larger IoT plans




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