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Provides action to create and manipulate Neo4j databases
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Xatkit Neo4j Platform

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Create, manipulate, and store Neo4j graphs from your Xatkit execution model. This platform is not bundled with the Xatkit release.


The Neo4j platform does not define any provider.


Action Parameters Return Return Type Description
CreateNode - label(String): the label of the Node to create The created Node Node Creates a new Node in the current Neo4j graph with the provided label. If label is null the created Node will not define any label
AddProperty - node (Node): the Node to add the property to
- key (String): the key of the property to set
- value (String): the value of the property
The updated Node Node Sets a new property key to the given node with the provided value
CreateRelationship - fromNode (Node): the source node of the relationship to create
- toNode (Node): the target node of the relationship to create
- label (String): the label of the relationship to create
The created Relationship Relationship Creates a Relationship between fromNode and toNode with the provided label


The Neo4j platform supports the following configuration options

Key Values Description Constraint
xatkit.neo4j.db.path String The path of the directory to use to store/load the Neo4j database Mandatory
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