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  • read Proposal Guidelines
  • study existing proposals
  • test the grounds: ask for general sentiment about your idea in chats (Matrix, Discord, Slack, etc) or on Reddit
  • in case of a complex domain-specific topic that was not previously voted or heavily discussed by the community, consider running a ~2 week educational Q&A campaign hosted by proposal owners and coordinators before putting the proposal to a vote

draft, feedback, promotion and vote

  • write proposal draft in Markdown and post it as gist (gist help)
    • for RFP-like proposals, include a deadline for participants to make their submissions and also any rules that they must adhere to
  • share the draft link in #proposals room
  • never assume that a lot of people read chats
  • minimize initial review round, minimize discussion not recorded on Politeia
    • people who commented on chat/Reddit are unlikely to re-post their comments on Politeia
  • publish the proposal on Politeia
    • try to include any useful info generated during draft discussion outside Politeia
  • promote pre-vote:
    • submit proposal link to r/decred
    • post in #proposals room
    • post in rooms relevant to the domain of the proposal (e.g. #marketing, #dev)
    • tweet from your twitter account and ask in #social_media or #proposals to retweet
    • find a good balance between being too annoying and too shy
    • Remember: if you don't promote your proposal, it may happen that nobody will!
  • let it hang on Politeia long enough to collect feedback
    • I recommend 2 weeks
    • even longer for bigger budgets and bigger impact
  • edit the proposal in response to feedback, all edits will be recorded on Politeia
  • promote again after you authorized vote
  • promote mid vote or 1-2 days before finish

if the vote failed

  • talk to people, study why it failed
  • look at vote counts
    • if it's like 95% No then the idea is really bad and needs to be entirely reconsidered or abandoned
    • but if it's like 40% Yes it's actually a good result that means thousands of tickets supported the idea and it could pass after adjustment
  • consider adjusting the proposal and trying another vote

if the vote passed

  • keep the community updated on how the work is progressing
    • immediately after the vote passed, post a short update noting when the work will begin and when first results are expected
    • post progress updates periodically, say every 2-4 weeks
    • long tedious reports are often not necessary, but a few words every couple weeks is so much better than silence
    • check how Ditto reported for a good example
  • make sure to submit monthly invoices before ~10th for work performed in previous month
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