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Some R scripts to get some visualization out of mushroom locations
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Some R scripts to get some visualization out of mushroom locations out of information collected through Android based devices with Zamiadroid (Google Play, Researchgate, Website.)

Zamiadroid Designing Project Taking data Viewing data
Start screen in Zamiadroid on an Android powered-smartphone Once you create a new project, you can define the fields you want to fill in and record for each citation You can take as many geolocated citations (with picture/s) as you wish You can view your geolocated citations there from the smartphone itself

But then you might want to keep it elsewhere available online through a web browserm aggregating info from the citations you recorded across years & smartphones (& different peoplem eventually), while also adding extra info to the database such as elevation over the sea level, nearest city/village name, nearest meteorological station (in case you wonder how much did it rain in that area beforehand that day in which I did find so little - or so many - mushrooms in that location ), etc.

All these data management ad enrichment is done in this project through R.

See some example graphs produced out of it.

Basic leaflet map with different base maps and different circle color and size depending on different criteria:

Road map National Geographic Satellite

Example citation view using as a base map:

National Geographic Satellite

Some pivottable to query the dataset in realtime and make heatmap-like aggregation tables through the internet browser itself:

First attempt to use Crosstalk package (instead of Shiny) to display map and table in Sync (failed, so far ;-)

If you want, comment, clone or fork and Enjoy! :-)

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