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@xavier150 xavier150 released this Mar 2, 2019 · 78 commits to master since this release

  • New: Updated for Blender 2.8
  • New: You can now manage lod (LevelOfDetail) directly in blender (StaticMesh only for the moment)
  • New: You can now export NAL animations
  • New: Two buttons to copy the command for importing assets and sequencer in unreal
  • New: You can now create sockets for SkeletalMesh directly in Blender
  • New: select button for potential error report. It is possible to directly select the object or vertices incriminated
  • New: The all skeletal mesh are exported with the root joint named as Armature for be skiped in Unreal
  • New: For the sequencer the camera visibility (Eye Symbol in blender) will be used for spawned value in sequencer
  • New: Now in Unreal with the serquencer a CameraCut will be created automatically with the active camera the Blender scene does not contain Marker
  • New: it is possible to change the name of the import script for unreal
  • New: Import script updated for 4.21
  • New: choose version value removed (is now automatic)
  • New: You can chose bAutoGenerateCollision for Import Script
  • Change: It is now no longer necessary to create a new sequencer in Unreal Engine for import from Blender, the script will create it itself
  • Change: The potential error report contains more detail to correct the errors
  • Change: new potential errors will be detected in the potential error report(marker)
  • Change: Show assets (s) button report contains more information and is clearer
  • Change: In the Export log the NLA types, poses and action, are indicated as animations
  • Change: export_pose check mark removed (now only one check mark for all animation types)
  • Change: Hierarchy names are automatically updated with each collisions conversion
  • Fixed: Export action doesn't work with NLA Change
  • Fixed: Unable to fix the object that are not in visible layer
  • Fixed: The potential error display some errors in duplicate
  • Fixed: reload importlib did not work good
  • Fixed: the generated sequencer sections are sometimes offset by one frame
  • Fixed: Some files with special names do not work with unreal import so the name is now correcting directly at blender export
  • Fixed: The camera cut sections are too long of 0.0001 frames
  • Fixed: UpdateNameHierarchy make bad parent_set with the ConvertToUe4SubObj function
  • Fixed: ResetArmaturePose function doesn't work with rotation mode Euler
  • Temporary problem: Currently on Blender 2.8 the hidden objects will not be exported, use Shift+H for unhide all objects
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