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This mods adds ships to Factorio.
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This mods adds ships to Factorio.

Drivable ships to sail across the oceans. You can even use landfill from within a ship!


  • Side Cannons On Frigates
  • Docks - Can take inserters, boat stays near, player deposited in same location
  • Paths between docks. - sounds hard - maybe with invisible rails ;)
  • Quays to moor boats
  • Add Oceans + large interconnected lakes
  • Drifting of boats that aren't moored - to do with wind/tides
  • Can equip a lifejacket to swim to a boat or get out at sea
  • New types of fish eg sharks
  • Whirlpools
  • Separate config mod
  • Buoys - These can be rotated and have an arrow associated with them. When a ship reaches them, it's orientation will be changed to face the direction of the arrow and it will accelerate . Shouldn't work with sailing boats. Need to burn fuel though, so minimise the number. Can make sure it only occurs once by recalling the position of the last
  • Stopping buoys - When a ship hits one of these it will face the direction of the arrow and stop. Can be started again with a circuit network? Ships need to remember their last buoy and not get stopped by it so that they can leave again
  • Stopping buoy that gives speed - Gives a burst of speed when the boat's inventory has been emptied.
  • Diagonal Buoys and stopping buoys.
  • Unloading stations? Ship goes in one arrow, slowly unloaded, out another side? Can you just put a stopping buoy by the shore and unload from that?
  • Separate pipes so that I don't mess with vanilla ones. Could build out of vanilla ones, but have perks: placable over water, higher throughput, player can go through them
  • Ejecting tile which ejects passengers by setting vehicle.passenger to nil
  • Tiles cost Fuel
  • Dredging boat - Driving gives sand which can be crafted into stone (or driving gives stone).
  • Fishing boat - Driving gives fish, need to add some uses for fish.
  • Special, configurable ocean biters.
  • Oil tanker - essential container-ship but for fluid. Maybe an oil tanker can be combined with a cargo ship for the ultimate transport boat.
  • Wind slightly affects all ships
  • Undersea ore deposits - normal ore with a more submerged picture and a new means of harvesting.
  • Harvesters which autonomously gather sea oil/minerals. (See Red Alert Harvesters).

Current TODO

  • Faster Ironclad cannon shots
  • Remove Raft Fuel requirements
  • Turret Parallax
  • Sea oil configurable at new game screen - currently uses regular oil config.
  • Dock functionality - pulls in ships when player gets out nearby
  • Dock + ship + rig + power pole textures
  • New type of self-sufficient offshore pumps (takes accumlators and solar panels in the crafting)?
  • Change sea-oil collision_mask to avoid ships - Potentially not possible since both ships and this need "ground-tile" collisions
  • Fix resources with angels spawning on water - haven't reproduced yet.
  • Deep water - way to use water_tile in its mask and still spawn oil.
  • Really cheap yacht, costs a bit of wood and some iron.
  • Ironclads and paddle steamers cost electric engines
  • Life-vest graphics when swimming
  • Move entities to their own files, eg oil-pumps.lua with the current oil-rig and the new self-sufficient pump.
  • Biter bases spawning with RSO, No oil with RSO
  • Separate Mod that just offers swimming
  • Tanker ships based on railtanker - could fill from an ocean tank.
  • On character created, make sure the player isn't on water.
  • Fix gitignore
  • Add config option to receive ammo from fish


  • Can layer-11 etc be used to fix ghost collisions? Almost certainly, yay!
  • Loading an older world - detected modifications to global table or similar.
  • Change the is_water_tile etc functions to call an "is_x(array)" function that takes an array. Then values only need to be in an array.
  • Tile graphics with shoreline
  • Fuel cost - could be configurable

Needed Graphics

  • All item textures and icons
  • Animations for swimming in water


  • Download as a zip and make sure to save it as 'OceanLiner_x.x.x'
  • Put the zip in your mods folder!
  • For Windows: run -> %appdata% -> .roaming/factorio
  • Ubuntu: ~/.factorio


  • 0.2.2 - Improved pumpjack speeds by 10x to accommodate for changes to Vanilla. Added deletion of new Vanilla decorative non-entities if they spawn over water. Add config option for Biter bases on Water.

  • 0.2.1 - Fixed issue with pumpjacks not connecting to pipes, added compatability for helicopter mod. Improved boat collisions with objects on the water.

  • 0.2.0 - Sea oil no longer can be spawned atop other resources, added special tiles to automate ship travel. Fixed compatibility issues with the Aircraft mod. This version may require a new game to function properly. Cars can no longer be placed over deep sea and the player can't swim on it when swimming is disabled. Added amphibious cars and container ships. Explosives can now be used to create water (it takes a lot of skill and patience though to get it right). More config options have been added. A new world is recommended. Version targets Factorio 0.15.

  • 0.1.8 - Breaking a raft now correctly gives a raft. Pipes once again can be placed over water.

  • 0.1.7 - Fixed issues with cars not driving through gates, added a sailing raft, made oil-rigs only place-able on the ocean, tidied up recipes, added descriptions

  • 0.1.6 - Fixed issues with disconnected players in multiplayer. Stopped docks producing oil. Added config for swimming

  • 0.1.5 - Fixed issues with cars being able to drive onto water. Made rails place-able over water. Fixed issues with biter attacks across ocean and added it as a config option

  • 0.1.4 - Fixed issue with player collisions

  • 0.1.3 - Increased sea-oil size on map, stopped sea-oil spawning too close together, adding swimming to the mod, numerous other small fixes

  • 0.1.2 - Removed git files to significantly reduce size

  • 0.1.1 - Fixed issues with decorative shrubs being placed on water

  • 0.1.0 - Initial release


  • Deep sea isn't formally a water tile at the moment so that resources (sea oil) can spawn on it. This should be unnoticable in general, but lets you do some odd things like placing a car onto it, etc.
  • Car can't pass through ghost entities. I had to do this to allow gates to stop them, but let the player through.


  • Should oil rigs be placable only over the ocean?
  • Should players be able to walk through all kinds of pipes? Would be very convenient when at sea and driving across pipes.

To Check

Development Guide

  • Project structure should be something like :
    %appdata%---factorio---mod---ocean_liners_x.x.x (develop in this folder)
    ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''\---git repo (save changes here) (TODO add .bat file to copy all changes from "ocean_liners*" in the mod folder to override git repo folder).

  • Test items using "/c game.player.insert{name="item", count=5}"

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