A listing of tools that are made freely available to Microsoft MVP's.
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MVP Perks

A listing of tools & services freely available to Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) at http://xavierdecoster.github.io/mvpperks.

Note: Most of these offers are also available to Microsoft Regional Directors (MS RDs).

How to Add a Perk

  • Fork the repository
  • Use the following YAML template to create an additional perk.
  #name of the company & the uri to apply for an MVP license
- company: "Microsoft"
  uri: "http://mvp.microsoft.com/"
  #product/service description
  description: "MSDN Enterprise Subscription"
  #the products/services offered to MVPs
  products: ["Visual Studio", "Microsoft Azure Subscription"]
  • Add the entry to the collection in _data\perks.yml.
  • Submit a pull request


  • Try to use {URL to Product/Service Page} that points to information about what is needed to qualify for the MVP license.
  • products: is a list of tools provided by the company like Visual Studio or Microsoft Azure.
    • If the company offers licenses to any tool of choice, enter Any.
    • Do not submit freeware or shareware to be listed, those aren't really perks 😉

About mvpperks

This is a fork of http://ossperks.com. The long term plan is to build something big and beautiful that provides value for any developer community, whether open source, Microsoft MVP, user group sponsoring offers, etc. But for starters we're keeping it simple while taking the pulse of the community. Is there any interest? What are the needs?