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Camlidl is a stub code generator for Objective Caml.  It generates
stub code for interfacing Caml with C from an IDL description of the C
functions.  Thus, Camlidl automates the most tedious task in
interfacing C libraries with Caml programs.  It can also be used to
interface Caml programs with other languages, as long as those
languages have a well-defined C interface.

In addition, Camlidl provides basic support for COM interfaces and
components under MS Windows.  It supports both using COM components
(usually written in C++ or C) from Caml programs, and packaging Caml
objects as COM components that can then be used from C++ or C.


All files marked "Copyright INRIA" in this distribution are copyright
Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique (INRIA)
and distributed under the conditions stated in file LICENSE.  
For members of the Caml Consortium, the special Consortium license
applies to this distribution.


Camlidl requires Objective Caml 4.03 or later.

Under MS Windows, you must use the MSVC port of Objective Caml.


- Under Unix, copy config/Makefile.unix to config/Makefile.
  Under Windows, copy config/Makefile.win32 to config/Makefile.

- Edit config/Makefile to set configuration options, following the
  comments in that file.  You must set the OCAMLLIB and BINDIR variables
  to reflect the location of your OCaml installation.  Other variables
  have reasonable defaults.

- Do "make all".

- Become super-user if necessary and do "make install".


- The doc/ subdirectory contains the user's manual in HTML and in Postscript.

- Several examples are provided in the directories tests/ and tests/comp/.


- Please use the Github bug tracker and pull request manager at