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@@echo "Since the whole script is in, there is nothing to build."
@@echo "If you want to try the script on the example data, run 'make example'."
@@echo "Removing example."
@@rm -rf example/output
@@echo "Finished removing example."
@@echo "Run 'make example' to rebuild it."
example: example/output
@@echo "Building example."
@@mkdir -p example/output
@@${shell echo -e ./ -l js example/input} > example/output/js-object.js
@@${shell echo -e ./ -l js -k 0 example/input} > example/output/js-array.js
@@${shell echo -e ./ -l php example/input} > example/output/php-associative-array.js
@@${shell echo -e ./ -l php -k 0 example/input} > example/output/php-indexed-array.js
@@echo "Finished building example."
@@echo "Run 'make clean' to remove it."