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The drop wizard example application was developed to, as its name implies, provide examples of some of the features present in drop wizard.


Included with this application is an example of the optional db API module. The examples provided illustrate a few of the features available in (JDBI)[http://jdbi.org], along with demonstrating how these are used from within dropwizard.

This database example is comprised of the following classes.

  • The PersonDAO illustrates using the SQL Object Queries and string template features in JDBI.

  • The PeopleDAO.sql.stg stores all the SQL statements for use in the PersonDAO, note this is located in the src/resources under the same path as the PersonDAO class file.

  • The SetupDatabaseCommand illustrates building a "setup" command which can create your database prior to running dropwizard your application for the first time.

  • The PersonResource and PeopleResource are the REST resource which use the PersonDAO to retrieve data from the database, note the injection of the PersonDAO in their constructors.

As with all the modules the db example is wired up in the initialize function of the HelloWorldService.

Running The Application

To test the example application run the following commands.

  • To package the example run.

      mvn package
  • To setup the h2 database run.

      java -jar target/dropwizard-example-0.3.0-SNAPSHOT.jar setup example.yml
  • To run the server run.

      java -jar target/dropwizard-example-0.3.0-SNAPSHOT.jar server example.yml