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Commits on Apr 16, 2015
  1. @gaelian
  2. @gaelian

    Switched to OmniAuth for authentication.

    gaelian authored
    The open_id_authentication gem is no longer used. This commit includes a
    migration that removes the two tables used by the open_id_authentication
    gem (i.e. the open_id_authentication_nonces and
    open_id_authentication_associations tables).
    Enki now supports Google OpenID Connect (OAuth 2.0 for Login) and OpenID
    2.0 by default. But further OmniAuth strategies can be added if desired.
    Closes #97.
Commits on Jul 22, 2013
  1. @joneslee85

    Bump to Rails 4.

    joneslee85 authored
    [Closes #83]
Commits on Apr 15, 2013
  1. Track db/schema.rb in version control

    Marcel M. Cary authored
    Rails best practice is to track db/schema.rb in version control, but
    Enki does not track it.  Generally, version control best practices
    dictate that generated files are not tracked, and db/schema.rb is
    a generated file in some sense.  But the default Rails .gitignore does
    not exclude it because:
        Migrations, mighty as they may be, are not the authoritative source
        for your database schema. That role falls to either db/schema.rb or
        an SQL file which Active Record generates...
    Remove db/schema.rb from .gitignore and add it to Git version control.
    This version of db/schema.rb was generated by running the current set of
    migrations (which also regenerates db/schema.rb).
Commits on Aug 25, 2012
  1. @joneslee85

    Refactor migrations:

    joneslee85 authored
    * Remove self from up and down method
    * Use add_index helper to create index
    * Use symbol everywhere
Commits on Jul 9, 2011
Commits on Nov 13, 2010
  1. @jasoncheow

    Upgrade to Rails 3 by replacing default Rails generated files where a…

    jasoncheow authored
    …pplicable and modifying as needed. Also upgrade gems and plugins.
Commits on Mar 17, 2009
  1. @akitaonrails


    akitaonrails authored
    - Removed all vendored gems and added proper config.gem entries in the environment file
    - Refactored configurations to proper locations such as config/session_store.rb
    - Upgraded Rspec, Rspec Rails and Cucumber and fixed tests to make them pass
    - CommentsController is missing index.atom.builder - removed until properly implemented
    - Upgraded open_id_authentication plugin
    - Run rake gems:unpack if you want to vendorize the gems again
Commits on Dec 24, 2008
  1. Remove OpenID authority field from comments

    This is not supported by the openid plugin, and is kinda useless info anyway
Commits on Sep 19, 2008
  1. Add default value for edited_at column

    Mark Gulbrandsen authored committed
    Without this, a clean clone doesn't migrate on VERSION=8.
    I'm not sure this is the proper solution, but it seems ok,
    especially since the next command sets all of these values
    equal to updated_at.
    I wonder if there's a better way to do this, but I don't
    understand migrations as well as I should.
Commits on Apr 21, 2008
Commits on Apr 19, 2008
Commits on Apr 12, 2008
Commits on Feb 21, 2008
  1. Schema for sessions table

  2. @chrislloyd

    Converted to ActiveRecord sessions store.

    chrislloyd authored committed
Commits on Feb 9, 2008
  1. Some indexes

Commits on Jan 16, 2008
Commits on Jan 9, 2008
Commits on Jan 6, 2008
  1. .gitignore updates

Commits on Jan 4, 2008
  1. basic search

    Xavier Shay authored
Commits on Jan 2, 2008
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