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  • Add streaming batch support for adding elements to a batch one at a time rather than all at once.


  • Completely switch to connection_pool for Redis backend. The Redis store no longer connects for you automatically, so it's mandatory to use connection_pool.


  • Refactor thread usage so Queues can be properly shutdown and GC'd [GH-30]
  • Use WeakRefs instead of ObjectSpace, as that plays better on JRuby.
  • Can now pass a connection_pool in as a Redis instance.
  • Switch Redis.new to Redis.connect so a :url option can be passed in. Nice for using on Heroku with Redis To Go.
  • Allow stacking of error handlers, fixes GH-11


  • You can now pass in an existing Redis instance - :store_config => [{ :redis => $redis }]


  • Fix runtime error introduced in last release when running in Rails development environment


  • Remove use of weakrefs to track queue instances, use ObjectSpace instead.
  • Add support for Batch operations, providing an easy way to fan out operations and then collect results when completed.
  • Added WorkQueue.immediate! and WorkQueue.queue! to switch background processing off and back on respectively. Nice to use when testing. (jc00ke, ryanlecompte)
  • Added some ajax updates to the girl_friday status server. (jc00ke)


  • Lazy initialize the worker actors to avoid dead thread problems with Unicorn forking processes.
  • Add initial pass at girl_friday Rack server (see wiki). It's awful looking, trust me, help wanted.


  • Initial release