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KSSU Split Timer

Spent an hour or two whipping something up for KSSU Splits Timer GUI Challenge. I have no idea if this is how you're supposed to React or not.

I believe this demonstrates most of the Technial Requirements from the challenge. The exceptions are a result of laziness and an arbitrary timebox rather than fundamental to the architecture. Commentary on these points are in the code.

Open Questions

  • What's the best way to handle navigation states? I'm using an enum but feels a little weird. Not sure about the if clauses in sub-components.
  • Currently just uses integer time values. Parsing/formatting are extracted so should be trivial to sub in real implementations.
  • UI is designed to be operable one-handed from the numpad. Any new parsing logic should take this into account. Specifically, don't require : character for time input.
  • Need to implement the "first 6 random" boss logic.
  • My CSS is terrible. #dealwithit
  • The reset button spacing is wrong but am not sure why.


Standard React (npm start etc).


It's deployed on Heroku using the create-react-app buildpack.