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desc "Print out all the answers"
task :answers do
%w(mark_i mark_ii mark_iv cracker).each {|x| require x }
require 'pp'
puts"Strong NE Winds!", 6).inspect
puts'The Desert Fox will move 30 tanks to Calais at dawn', 9, 3).inspect
puts'The white cliffs of Alghero are visible at night', 4, 7).inspect
puts{WZyDsL3u'0TfxP06RtSSF 'DbzhdyFIAu2 zF f5KE"SOQTNA8A"NCKPOKG5D9GSQE'M86IGFMKE6'K4pEVPK!bv83I}, 7, 2).inspect
result ={QT4e8MJYVhkls.27BL9,.MSqYSi'IUpAJKWg9Ul9p4o8oUoGy'ITd4d0AJVsLQp4kKJB2rz4dxfahwUa"Wa.MS!k4hs2yY3k8ymnla.MOTxJ6wBM7sC0srXmyAAMl9t"Wk4hs2yYTtH0vwUZp4a"WhB2u,o6.!8Zt"Wf,,eh5tk8WXv9UoM99w2Vr4!.xqA,5MSpWl9p4kJ2oUg'6evkEiQhC'd5d4k0qA'24nEqhtAQmy37il9p4o8vdoVr!xWSkEDn?,iZpw24kF"fhGJZMI8nkI}, %w(FURLIN BUNKER))
puts result.first[:message]
puts {|x| x[:positions].join(", ") }