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Generate an excerpt from either the summary or a content of an entry.
width: maximum number of characters in the excerpt. Default: 500
omit: whitespace delimited list of html tags to remove. Default: none
target: name of element created. Default: planet:excerpt
* if 'img' is in the list of tags to be omitted <img> tags are replaced with
hypertext links associated with the value of the 'alt' attribute. If there
is no alt attribute value, <img> is used instead. If the parent element
of the img tag is already an <a> tag, no additional hypertext links are
import sys, xml.dom.minidom, textwrap
from xml.dom import Node, minidom
atomNS = ''
planetNS = ''
args = dict(zip([name.lstrip('-') for name in sys.argv[1::2]], sys.argv[2::2]))
wrapper = textwrap.TextWrapper(width=int(args.get('width','500')))
omit = args.get('omit', '').split()
target = args.get('target', 'planet:excerpt')
class copy:
""" recursively copy a source to a target, up to a given width """
def __init__(self, dom, source, target):
self.dom = dom
self.full = False
self.text = []
self.textlen = 0
self.copyChildren(source, target)
def copyChildren(self, source, target):
""" copy child nodes of a source to the target """
for child in source.childNodes:
if child.nodeType == Node.ELEMENT_NODE:
self.copyElement(child, target)
elif child.nodeType == Node.TEXT_NODE:
self.copyText(, target)
if self.full: break
def copyElement(self, source, target):
""" copy source element to the target """
# check the omit list
if source.nodeName in omit:
if source.nodeName == 'img':
return self.elideImage(source, target)
return self.copyChildren(source, target)
# copy element, attributes, and children
child = self.dom.createElementNS(source.namespaceURI, source.nodeName)
for i in range(0, source.attributes.length):
attr = source.attributes.item(i)
child.setAttributeNS(attr.namespaceURI,, attr.value)
self.copyChildren(source, child)
def elideImage(self, source, target):
""" copy an elided form of the image element to the target """
alt = source.getAttribute('alt') or '<img>'
src = source.getAttribute('src')
if target.nodeName == 'a' or not src:
self.copyText(alt, target)
child = self.dom.createElement('a')
child.setAttribute('href', src)
self.copyText(alt, child)
def copyText(self, source, target):
""" copy text to the target, until the point where it would wrap """
if not source.isspace() and source.strip():
lines = wrapper.wrap(' '.join(self.text))
if len(lines) == 1:
self.textlen = len(lines[0])
elif lines:
excerpt = source[:len(lines[0])-self.textlen] + u' \u2026'
self.full = True
# select summary or content element
dom = minidom.parse(sys.stdin)
source = dom.getElementsByTagNameNS(atomNS, 'summary')
if not source:
source = dom.getElementsByTagNameNS(atomNS, 'content')
# if present, recursively copy it to a planet:excerpt element
if source:
if target.startswith('planet:'):
dom.documentElement.setAttribute('xmlns:planet', planetNS)
if target.startswith('atom:'): target = target.split(':',1)[1]
excerpt = dom.createElementNS(planetNS, target)
copy(dom, source[0], excerpt)
if source[0].nodeName == excerpt.nodeName:
# print out results
print dom.toxml('utf-8')