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Reconstitute an entry document from the output of the Universal Feed Parser.
The main entry point is called 'reconstitute'. Input parameters are:
results: this is the entire hash table return by the UFP
entry: this is the entry in the hash that you want reconstituted
The value returned is an XML DOM. Every effort is made to convert
everything to unicode, and text fields into either plain text or
well formed XHTML.
* extension elements
import re, time, md5, sgmllib
from xml.sax.saxutils import escape
from xml.dom import minidom, Node
from html5lib import liberalxmlparser
from html5lib.treebuilders import dom
import planet, config
illegal_xml_chars = re.compile("[\x01-\x08\x0B\x0C\x0E-\x1F]")
def createTextElement(parent, name, value):
""" utility function to create a child element with the specified text"""
if not value: return
if isinstance(value,str):
xdoc = parent.ownerDocument
xelement = xdoc.createElement(name)
return xelement
def invalidate(c):
""" replace invalid characters """
return '<acronym title="U+%s">\xef\xbf\xbd</acronym>' % \
('000' + hex(ord([2:])[-4:]
def ncr2c(value):
""" convert numeric character references to characters """
if value.startswith('x'):
return value
def cssid(name):
""" generate a css id from a name """
name = nonalpha.sub('-',name.decode('utf-8')).lower().encode('utf-8')
name = nonalpha.sub('-',name).lower()
return name.strip('-')
def id(xentry, entry):
""" copy or compute an id for the entry """
if entry.has_key("id") and
entry_id =
elif entry.has_key("link") and
entry_id =
elif entry.has_key("title") and entry.title:
entry_id = (entry.title_detail.base + "/" +
elif entry.has_key("summary") and entry.summary:
entry_id = (entry.summary_detail.base + "/" +
elif entry.has_key("content") and entry.content:
entry_id = (entry.content[0].base + "/" +[0].value).hexdigest())
if xentry: createTextElement(xentry, 'id', entry_id)
return entry_id
def links(xentry, entry):
""" copy links to the entry """
if not entry.has_key('links'):
entry['links'] = []
if entry.has_key('link'):
entry['links'].append({'rel':'alternate', 'href'})
xdoc = xentry.ownerDocument
for link in entry['links']:
if not 'href' in link.keys(): continue
xlink = xdoc.createElement('link')
xlink.setAttribute('href', link.get('href'))
if link.has_key('type'):
xlink.setAttribute('type', link.get('type'))
if link.has_key('rel'):
xlink.setAttribute('rel', link.get('rel',None))
if link.has_key('length'):
xlink.setAttribute('length', link.get('length'))
def date(xentry, name, parsed):
""" insert a date-formated element into the entry """
if not parsed: return
formatted = time.strftime("%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ", parsed)
xdate = createTextElement(xentry, name, formatted)
formatted = time.strftime(config.date_format(), parsed)
xdate.setAttribute('planet:format', formatted.decode('utf-8'))
def category(xentry, tag):
xtag = xentry.ownerDocument.createElement('category')
if not tag.has_key('term') or not tag.term: return
xtag.setAttribute('term', tag.get('term'))
if tag.has_key('scheme') and tag.scheme:
xtag.setAttribute('scheme', tag.get('scheme'))
if tag.has_key('label') and tag.label:
xtag.setAttribute('label', tag.get('label'))
def author(xentry, name, detail):
""" insert an author-like element into the entry """
if not detail: return
xdoc = xentry.ownerDocument
xauthor = xdoc.createElement(name)
if detail.get('name', None):
createTextElement(xauthor, 'name', detail.get('name'))
createTextElement(xauthor, 'email', detail.get('email', None))
createTextElement(xauthor, 'uri', detail.get('href', None))
def content(xentry, name, detail, bozo):
""" insert a content-like element into the entry """
if not detail or not detail.value: return
data = None
xdiv = '<div xmlns="">%s</div>'
xdoc = xentry.ownerDocument
xcontent = xdoc.createElement(name)
if isinstance(detail.value,unicode):
if not detail.has_key('type') or detail.type.lower().find('html')<0:
detail['value'] = escape(detail.value)
detail['type'] = 'text/html'
if detail.type.find('xhtml')>=0 and not bozo:
data = minidom.parseString(xdiv % detail.value).documentElement
xcontent.setAttribute('type', 'xhtml')
parser = liberalxmlparser.XHTMLParser(tree=dom.TreeBuilder)
html = parser.parse(xdiv % detail.value, encoding="utf-8")
for body in html.documentElement.childNodes:
if body.nodeType != Node.ELEMENT_NODE: continue
if body.nodeName != 'body': continue
for div in body.childNodes:
if div.nodeType != Node.ELEMENT_NODE: continue
if div.nodeName != 'div': continue
if len(div.childNodes) == 1 and \
div.firstChild.nodeType == Node.TEXT_NODE:
data = div.firstChild
data = div
xcontent.setAttribute('type', 'xhtml')
# in extremely nested cases, the Python runtime decides
# that normalize() must be in an infinite loop; mark
# the content as escaped html and proceed on...
xcontent.setAttribute('type', 'html')
data = xdoc.createTextNode(detail.value.decode('utf-8'))
if data: xcontent.appendChild(data)
if detail.get("language"):
xcontent.setAttribute('xml:lang', detail.language)
def source(xsource, source, bozo, format):
""" copy source information to the entry """
xdoc = xsource.ownerDocument
createTextElement(xsource, 'id', source.get('id', source.get('link',None)))
createTextElement(xsource, 'icon', source.get('icon', None))
createTextElement(xsource, 'logo', source.get('logo', None))
if not source.has_key('logo') and source.has_key('image'):
createTextElement(xsource, 'logo', source.image.get('href',None))
for tag in source.get('tags',[]):
category(xsource, tag)
author(xsource, 'author', source.get('author_detail',{}))
for contributor in source.get('contributors',[]):
author(xsource, 'contributor', contributor)
links(xsource, source)
content(xsource, 'rights', source.get('rights_detail',None), bozo)
content(xsource, 'subtitle', source.get('subtitle_detail',None), bozo)
content(xsource, 'title', source.get('title_detail',None), bozo)
date(xsource, 'updated', source.get('updated_parsed',time.gmtime()))
if format: source['planet_format'] = format
if not bozo == None: source['planet_bozo'] = bozo and 'true' or 'false'
# propagate planet inserted information
if source.has_key('planet_name') and not source.has_key('planet_css-id'):
source['planet_css-id'] = cssid(source['planet_name'])
for key, value in source.items():
if key.startswith('planet_'):
createTextElement(xsource, key.replace('_',':',1), value)
def reconstitute(feed, entry):
""" create an entry document from a parsed feed """
xdoc=minidom.parseString('<entry xmlns=""/>\n')
if entry.has_key('language'):
xentry.setAttribute('xml:lang', entry.language)
elif feed.feed.has_key('language'):
xentry.setAttribute('xml:lang', feed.feed.language)
id(xentry, entry)
links(xentry, entry)
bozo = feed.bozo
if not entry.has_key('title') or not entry.title:
content(xentry, 'title', entry.get('title_detail',None), bozo)
content(xentry, 'summary', entry.get('summary_detail',None), bozo)
content(xentry, 'content', entry.get('content',[None])[0], bozo)
content(xentry, 'rights', entry.get('rights_detail',None), bozo)
date(xentry, 'updated', entry_updated(feed.feed, entry, time.gmtime()))
date(xentry, 'published', entry.get('published_parsed',None))
for tag in entry.get('tags',[]):
category(xentry, tag)
# known, simple text extensions
for ns,name in [('feedburner','origlink')]:
if entry.has_key('%s_%s' % (ns,name)) and \
xoriglink = createTextElement(xentry, '%s:%s' % (ns,name),
entry['%s_%s' % (ns,name)])
xoriglink.setAttribute('xmlns:%s' % ns, feed.namespaces[ns])
# author / contributor
author_detail = entry.get('author_detail',{})
if author_detail and not author_detail.has_key('name') and \
author_detail['name'] = feed.feed['planet_name']
author(xentry, 'author', author_detail)
for contributor in entry.get('contributors',[]):
author(xentry, 'contributor', contributor)
# merge in planet:* from feed (or simply use the feed if no source)
src = entry.get('source')
if src:
for name,value in feed.feed.items():
if name.startswith('planet_'): src[name]=value
if feed.feed.has_key('id'):
src['planet_id'] =
src = feed.feed
# source:author
src_author = src.get('author_detail',{})
if (not author_detail or not author_detail.has_key('name')) and \
not src_author.has_key('name') and feed.feed.has_key('planet_name'):
if src_author: src_author = src_author.__class__(src_author.copy())
src['author_detail'] = src_author
src_author['name'] = feed.feed['planet_name']
# source
xsource = xdoc.createElement('source')
source(xsource, src, bozo, feed.version)
return xdoc
def entry_updated(feed, entry, default = None):
chks = ((entry, 'updated_parsed'),
(entry, 'published_parsed'),
(feed, 'updated_parsed'),)
for node, field in chks:
if node.has_key(field) and node[field]:
return node[field]
return default