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; A basic lisp interpreter, based on SICP chapter 4.
; See tests at bottom of file for usage.
(ns lisptwo
(:use clojure.test))
; Forward declarations
(declare env-get env-set env-extend seq-to-map)
(declare context context-exp context-env)
(declare self-eval? if-eval seq-eval map-eval)
(declare do-apply primitive-fn? primitive-fns fn-apply pr-apply)
(declare make-fn fn-args fn-body)
(defmacro def-context-fn
"Defines a fn that takes as its sole argument a context, and creates bindings
`c`, `exp` and `env` from that context for use in the fn."
[name arg-names & body]
(let [c# (nth arg-names 0)
exp# (nth arg-names 1)
env# (nth arg-names 2)]
`(defn ~name [~c#]
(let [~exp# (context-exp ~c#)
~env# (context-env ~c#)]
(def-context-fn do-eval [c exp env]; "Main eval loop"
(let [tagged? #(= % (first exp))]
(cond (self-eval? exp) c
(symbol? exp) (context (env-get env exp) env)
(tagged? 'set) (context (last exp) (env-set env (seq-to-map (rest exp))))
(tagged? 'if) (if-eval c)
(tagged? 'fn) (context (make-fn c) env)
(tagged? 'begin) (seq-eval (context (rest exp) env))
(list? exp) (do-apply c)
:else (context 'fail env))))
(def-context-fn do-apply [c exp env] ; "Main apply function"
(let [f (first exp)
args-context (map-eval (context (rest exp) env))
args (context-exp args-context)
env (context-env args-context)
applier (if (primitive-fn? f) pr-apply fn-apply)]
(context (applier env f args) env)))
(defn pr-apply [env f args]
(apply (primitive-fns f) args))
(defn fn-apply [env f args]
(let [env (env-extend env (fn-args f) args)]
(-> (do-eval (context (fn-body f) env)) context-exp)))
(defn context [exp env] {'exp exp, 'env env})
(defn context-exp [c] (c 'exp))
(defn context-env [c] (c 'env))
(def-context-fn make-fn [c exp env]
(list 'procedure (nth exp 1) (nth exp 2) env))
(defn fn-args [f] (nth f 1))
(defn fn-body [f] (nth f 2))
(defn detect [f coll]
(first (filter f coll)))
(defn env-set [env pair]
(concat [(merge (first env) pair)] (rest env)))
(defn env-get [env label]
(let [matching-env (detect #(contains? % label) env)]
(if (nil? matching-env)
(matching-env label))))
(defn env-extend [env labels values]
(concat [(apply array-map (interleave labels values))] env))
(defn seq-to-map [seq]
(apply array-map seq))
(def primitive-fns {
'+ +
'- -
'* *
'/ /
'println println
(defn primitive-fn? [f]
(contains? primitive-fns f))
(defn self-eval? [exp]
(cond (number? exp) true
(string? exp) true
(instance? Boolean exp) true
:else false))
(def-context-fn if-eval [c exp env]
(let [predicate (nth exp 1)
consequent (nth exp 2)
alternative (if (= 4 (count exp)) (nth exp 3) false)
predicate-context (do-eval (context predicate env))
predicate-result (context-exp predicate-context)
env (context-env predicate-context)]
(do-eval (if predicate-result
(context consequent env)
(context alternative env)))))
(defn map-reducer [a x]
(let [result (do-eval (context x (context-env a)))]
(context (conj (context-exp a) (context-exp result)) (context-env result))))
(defn last-exp-reducer [a x]
(do-eval (context x (context-env a))))
(def-context-fn seq-eval [c exp env]
(reduce last-exp-reducer (context nil env) exp))
(def-context-fn map-eval [c exp env]
(reduce map-reducer (context [] env) exp))
; Tests
(defn run [exp env]
(do-eval (context exp env)))
(defn run-val
([exp] (run-val exp {}))
([exp env] (-> (run exp [env]) context-exp))
(defn run-env
([exp] (run-env exp {}))
([exp env] (-> (run exp [env]) context-env first))
(deftest evaluator-tests
(is (= 1 (run-val 1)))
(is (= "1" (run-val "1")))
(is (= false (run-val false)))
(is (= 2 (run-val '(begin 1 2))))
(is (= 1 (run-val 'x {'x 1})))
(is (= 1 (run-val '(begin x) {'x 1})))
(is (= 1 (run-val '(begin (set x 1) x))))
(is (= 1 (run-val '((fn [] 1)))))
(is (= 1 (run-val '((fn [] x)) {'x 1})))
(is (= 1 (run-val '((fn [x] x) 1) {'x 2})))
(is (= 2 (run-val '((fn [y] x) (set x 2)) {'x 1})))
(is (= 2 (run-val '(begin ((fn [x] x) 1) x) {'x 2})))
(is (= false (run-val '(if false 1))))
(is (= 1 (run-val '(if true 1 2))))
(is (= 2 (run-val '(if false 1 2))))
(is (= 1 (run-val '(if (set x 1) x))))
(is (= 3 (run-val '(+ 1 (+ 1 1)))))
(is (= 3 (run-val '(+ 1 2))))
(is (= 3 (run-val '(- 5 2))))
(is (= 6 (run-val '(* 3 2))))
(is (= 3 (run-val '(/ 6 2))))
(is (= {'x 1} (run-env '(set x 1))))
(is (= {'x 1} (run-env '(+ (set x 1)))))