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Xaya port of Electrum client.
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Electrum-CHI - Lightweight Xaya client

Licence: GNU GPLv3+ for Electrum-DOGE components; CC BY 4.0 for Namecoin logo, MIT Licence for all other components
Author: The Xaya developers; based on Electrum by Thomas Voegtlin, Electrum-DOGE by The Electrum-DOGE contributors and Electrum-NMC by the Namecoin developers
Language: Python (>= 3.6)
Homepage: ; original Electrum Homepage at
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Getting started

Electrum-CHI is a pure python application. If you want to use the Qt interface, install the Qt dependencies:

sudo apt-get install python3-pyqt5

If you downloaded the official package (tar.gz), you can run Electrum-CHI from its root directory without installing it on your system; all the python dependencies are included in the 'packages' directory. To run Electrum-CHI from its root directory, just do:


You can also install Electrum-CHI on your system, by running this command:

sudo apt-get install python3-setuptools
python3 -m pip install .[fast]

This will download and install the Python dependencies used by Electrum-CHI instead of using the 'packages' directory. The 'fast' extra contains some optional dependencies that we think are often useful but they are not strictly needed.

If you cloned the git repository, you need to compile extra files before you can run Electrum-CHI. Read the next section, "Development Version".

Development version

Check out the code from GitHub:

git clone git://
cd electrum-chi

Run install (this should install dependencies):

python3 -m pip install .[fast]

Compile the protobuf description file:

sudo apt-get install protobuf-compiler
protoc --proto_path=electrum_chi/electrum --python_out=electrum_chi/electrum electrum_chi/electrum/paymentrequest.proto

Create translations (optional):

sudo apt-get install python-requests gettext

Creating Binaries

Linux (tarball)

See contrib/build-linux/

Linux (AppImage)

See contrib/build-linux/appimage/

Mac OS X / macOS

See contrib/osx/


See contrib/build-wine/


See electrum_chi/electrum/gui/kivy/

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