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Xaya Game Library

libxayagame is a C++ library that makes it easy to implement games on the Xaya platform. It takes care of the interaction with the Xaya Core daemon, so that game developers only have to implement the rules of their game.

mover is a simple game using this library, where players can move around an infinite plane. It is fully functional, although mainly meant as example and/or basis for more complex games.

Similarly, nonfungible is a simple implementation of non-fungible assets on the Xaya platform. It is useful as another example (of using the SQLite integration), for testing Democrit but also as an actual application on Xaya for issuing and trading fungible and non-fungible tokens.

This repository also contains a framework for game channels as well as Xayaships, which is an example game for channels.


To build libxayagame and the example mover game, use the standard routine for building autotools-based software: && ./configure && make

After a successful build, you can optionally run make check and/or make install to run tests and install the library and moverd on your system, respectively.


libxayagame has a couple of dependencies which need to be installed for the configuration and/or build to be successful:

  • libjsoncpp: The Debian package libjsoncpp-dev can be used.
  • jsonrpccpp: For Debian, the packages libjsonrpccpp-dev and libjsonrpccpp-tools are not fresh enough. They need to be built from source; in particular, it must be a version that includes the commit 4f24acaf4c6737cd07d40a02edad0a56147e0713.
  • ZeroMQ with C++ bindings: Core ZeroMQ is available in the Debian package libzmq3-dev. The C++ bindings need to be installed from the source repository, as the version in the Debian package (at least for Debain 10 "Buster") is too old.
  • zlib: Available in Debian as zlib1g-dev.
  • SQLite3 with the session extension. In Debian, the libsqlite3-dev package can be installed. Alternatively, build from source and configure with --enable-session.
  • LMDB: Available for Debian in the liblmdb-dev package.
  • glog: Available for Debian as libgoogle-glog-dev.
  • gflags: The package (libgflags-dev) included with Debian can be used.
  • [Protocol buffers](( are used both in C++ and Python. On Debian, the packages libprotobuf-dev, protobuf-compiler and python-protobuf can be used.

For the unit tests, also the Google test framework is needed. The package included with Debian 10 "Buster" is not fresh enough, it should be built and installed from source instead.

For running the integration tests based on Python, install Python3 and the jsonrpclib library. On Debian, this is python3-jsonrpclib-pelix.

Docker Image

We also provide a Dockerfile, which can be used to build an image based on Debian that has all dependencies and libxayagame itself prebuilt and installed. (Hint: The file can also just serve as documentation for how to get all dependencies and build libxayagame yourself on a Debian system.)

Builds of this image are also published on Docker Hub.


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