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Taurion - A Fully Decentralised MMO built for the Xaya Platform.
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Taurion - A Fully Decentralised MMO built for the Xaya platform.

This is the Game State Processor (GSP) - it computes the game world each block and provides an rpc interface to get the state of the game each block.

To build you will need to install libxayagame - check the tutorials for building on linux and windows

Once you have installed libxayagame you can clone this repository and build:

you will need the region and obstacle layer data. Download these and put them in the data folder (or mapdata if the symlinks do not work for you)





To run this GSP (so you can access the rpc interface) you can do so like:

./shipsd --xaya_rpc_url="http://user:password@localhost:8396" --game_rpc_port=8200 --datadir="somepath" -alsologtostderr

replace user and password with your Xayad's rpcuser and rpcpassword

Xayad needs to be run with this as an option or in xaya.conf


If you use the Electron Wallet on windows then this is already set.

This readme will be expanded at a future time

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